【Makeup Tips】 Is lotion and toner the same function?

Many sisters’ papers are difficult to distinguish between what is a lotion, what is a lotion, what is astringent, what is a moisturizer, and so on. Where is the difference?Is lotion and toner the same function?? what differences are there?

Make-up water is the collective name for these waters. Because the earliest skin care products appear to be lotion, use it before makeup. The skin that is coated with water and milk is more moist and elastic, and it is better to adhere to liquid foundation and powder. It is easier to apply makeup and maintain makeup lasting.

With the higher demand for beauty skins from sister papers, in order to achieve different maintenance effects, derived after the skin toner, toner, astringent, nourishing water and so on. They are configured for different skin types.

such as Toner, Firming and Convergent Water The difference is not large. It contains salicylic acid (salicylic acid cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect is good, but it is irritant, not suitable for sensitive muscles) or trace alcohol, suitable for acne people and big oil fields. Applicable to oily skin or mixed oil type skin and Nourishing water, skin toner , nutritious, mild texture, most do not contain more irritating alcohol, salicylic acid, etc. More suitable for dry skin However, sensitive skin needs careful care, naturally requiring no added ingredients and less functional cosmetic moisturizers.

Therefore, the difference between lotion and toner is not great, but the toner is more specific to a certain type of skin.

The main role of various water preparations lies in : Cleanse again to restore the pH value of the skin surface, and conditioning the stratum corneum, so that the skin can better absorb and prepare for the use of skin care products.

So, for parents, for different water preparations, it is necessary to first understand their own skin condition and choose their own products.

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