0: Some introductions about this column

The first time I opened the column, I couldn’t find the classification of mathematics under the column classification. So this column was classified into the natural sciences. It is also a good thing for the blogians to know more about mathematics.

The main content of this column is the consolidation of Zhou Mengqiang in the above picture, because the pits that are dug are relatively more frequent, so I remember some of the supplementary notes on this book to make a note, because Everyone’s embarrassment, so I opened a column for the first time to share these notes. Of course, the original text was written in English, but I will rewrite it in Chinese in this column. I am used to knowing the typesetting method. Of course, if it is not easy to use Change back to the map.

My public number is already updating this content, and interested friends can go to my public number~

The introduction of this column ends here, above, hehe.

The picture seems to hang, re-post the picture once