11 ways to effectively improve work efficiency

I always feel that my work is much better, my time is better, I can’t finish it all the time? In fact, grasping the work and improving the efficiency can make things more effective, such as the method of effectively clearing emails in one go, five good habits to improve work efficiency, and the quick work method of completing one-day work in three hours in the morning. Do more things at the same time, be a happy worker!

The designer is a bloody occupation, and probably few people will have objections, but Canadian designer Paul Jarvis
I often receive praise from customers, can complete many jobs or small projects in a short period of time, and there are plenty of leisure activities. He has compiled his own experience of improving work efficiency. 1 Whether it is a designer or not, it can be used as a reference. Of course, not everyone is applicable to every point. You are welcome to provide more opinions.

For newsletters that do not require reading immediately, please unsubscribe. Previously, we have written about the benefits of mailbox cleaning. Finding time to empty the mailbox and canceling the useless e-newsletter can save a lot of finishing time, and will not be annoyed by unwanted emails in the future. (Recommended reading: The supervisor does not say, but you must understand things: the e-mail subject is clear)

Please do not need to reply or perform any action emails, please archive. The empty mailbox is refreshing, and the e-mail is transformed into a proxy list. Mailbox is the concept.

Only do one thing at a time. “Multitasking” actually makes you distracted from time to time, and the task is even more protracted.

Turn off all push notifications. Letters, praises, or friends who mention you in a certain post, all push notifications are closed.

After 35-40 minutes of concentration, stretch out, go to the bathroom, drink water, look out the window, look at Facebook, let yourself rest for a minute or two, then regroup and return to work.

If you encounter setbacks, breathe fresh air, eat some snacks, meditate for 10 minutes, wash your frustrations and return to your post. Donate the TV, and then stop watching the boring show, and suddenly there will be a lot of time.

Recording diet and feelings, the impact of food on the state of mind is beyond our imagination. Eating the wrong things can lead to exhaustion, excitement, and inability to concentrate. This can be a bit of a hassle. Paul Jarvis’s approach is to simply write down the ingredients and the changes in the stomach, head, and spirit after eating.

Don’t track too many people on social networking sites. Its function is to connect relationships and enhance value. The number of people is not that important. (Maybe you can also look at the ten qualities that a community manager must have)

Working at the peak, everyone has the most energetic and most focused time at work. During this time, turn off the phone, don’t receive emails, don’t arrange any inconsequential meetings or appointments, remove all that might make you Distracted things.

Turn off email notifications on social networking sites, and it’s meaningless to know who added their friends and who replied to them in seconds.

Paul Jarvis 「 Don’t
“Work hard, work better.”

Emphasizing that busyness is not equal to productivity, less time spent on work, we can discover or achieve more and better things,

Change your life efficiently, give it a try!

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