1219 nonsense red building

1. I watched “Fanghua” last night and saw Liu Feng, the hero of the inside, suddenly understood the situation of Xue Baozhen.

2. When a person “altru” has become a “living Lei Feng”, becoming a “sage”, or even sanctified into a Buddha, even if he has a little bit of lust, a little bit of self-interest, a little prejudice and personal emotions, it seems so Dark, wretched, incredible.

3. However, is passion, egoism, and personal emotions not the root cause of our personal class?

4. Xue Auntie is a “Buddha aunt”, and Jiamu is not a “Buddha grandmother”.

5. “Buddha” is a powerless force. I can’t do anything about the meaning of the Son of Heaven, and I can’t do anything about God’s will. For this family that is nominally “speaking” by her, there is nothing that can be done.

6. A few days ago, I discussed whether Jiamu intended to let Daiyu marry Baoyu. I feel that even if she is “intentional”, this willingness is also very “Buddha”. Jiamu does not know, as long as she expresses her attitude, Baoyu’s marriage will be very biased. But she did not say anything.

7. What is she saying? What can I do as she wishes? Her most loved daughter, Jia Min, Jin Zunyu loved it and gave her the perfect husband–what? Her most proud grandmother, she broke into and died, but in a few short years. Not to mention that the daughter-in-law came in and died; the grandmother of Ningfu came in and died; the long-term grandson, died; the second-grandson, died. The four sisters of Jia Min’s generation died. How much of this is her pleasing to the heart like a pearl? How many more marriages did she have in her heart? “Long standby” is not necessarily a cruelty for her.

8. For Jia Mu, there are too many “follow-ups” in this world. When the piano comes, it is the fate; Baoqin has a marriage contract, can not marry Baoyu, that is, the fate is too shallow. Of course, she does not know that there is a kind of fate in the world called “Woodstone League”, and you can’t ask her to know.

9. I sometimes feel that it is too much to stand up for the “Golden Jade”, telling Xue that there must be a jade to match, and that is, letting Yu Yu “everyone who is a family member, will not see” – – They are not afraid of Jia Min and Lin Ruhai as they do!

10. In the years before and after the birth of Baoyu, the Shantou monk Jane was stuck at the place, saying that Xiangling “had no life”, so that Yuyu could not see anyone, and suddenly Yumiao became a monk. It is also a little friendly to the Xuejia interface, and gave the prescription. I don’t know when Xiang Yun was born, did he also go to the historian to say: “This is bad luck, born aunt, married husband!”

11. But even if you are embarrassed, no one knows.