“2015 Night 929”

Reply:If an alien spacecraft is detected worldwide and will crash on Earth, what kind of actions will governments around the world take?

Still so familiar with the opening, a dazzling fireball, snoring to cut through the sky, a large black mushroom cloud on the ground, the night is as bright as white. As early as seven months ago, we have locked this ruined crater, which galaxies and planets are unknown, but it is said that this time it is very likely to land in Tibet, and some fragments may be found in India. there. Zf is highly nervous this time, otherwise it will not send us any action. The country has been eager to participate in this operation, and has been rejected by our boss. It is said that the country will only be scared. They set fire to the whole world, fearing that this time they will come to fight with aliens. The Russian side is on the border, and if they need to come and support, Mi Di stays behind the last line of defense. The pterosaur drone has already flown over and is collecting data. The domestic AR holographic glasses that I wear have begun to draw the three-dimensional terrain of the impact point. The outline of the spacecraft has been displayed. It is very old, and the alien technology is really strong. The violent impact on the spacecraft was not cut off, but it was actually inserted on the ground. The most tense thing about this zf is that the technology of the alien spacecraft may lead the human race for N million years, or there are terrible weapons that require us to fall into the hands of the enemy. If survivors need to be transported by air to the biochemical isolation zone in Lop Nur. Our team is about 2 kilometers away from the impact point. I can clearly hear my breathing sound. The gas mask is getting hotter and hotter. My eyes can’t see the terrain. Now the data collected by the pterosaur is drawn in real time. Terrain, then AR glasses for real-time display. The glasses also started to heat up. My biggest worry was that I was afraid that the battery could not hold back. Everyone was embarrassed.

Our fleet has about 50 cars, there are 24 tanks, 歼20 30, the second gun full fire cover the impact point, the nuclear bomb is also ready, if it fails, we intend to sacrifice the country. In fact, these are not for the alien spaceship but to prevent the enemy from robbing, and there are many third-world countries eager to try. The most terrible are the first-class mercenaries.

The Air Force and the engineering team had arrived first, and the engineering team quickly found the water source and drilled the well. The spacecraft is being used to cool the spacecraft by helicopter. What kind of ghost are we?
The army is not under our control. We are the full name of China’s CEA China Earthquake Administration, a sub-unit of the China Earthquake Administration, and a special incident emergency response team. We have a total of six people, mainly responsible for disaster analysis, decision making, rescue and support. It’s said that there are so many eggs, because we have found the door to the spacecraft. The leader of the group, Zhang Tie, ordered it. First, he sent the Lei Jian five generations. This cargo was so efficient that he immediately cut a hole in the hatch and drilled it in. I started scanning the entire spacecraft. At this time, the gunshots began, and there may be enemy mercenaries who have sneaked into the impact point. The team leader ordered the ship to enter the spacecraft and weld the door. I was the last one to go in, and there was already a explosion of the rocket launcher outside. Why is the spacecraft cut off so easily? Because the fifth generation of Lei Jian is equipped with a small version of “Low Guard”, mainly used for mine clearance, is now used for cutting. After entering the spaceship, I rushed to throw the communication module. This stuff is about the same size as the orchids I eat when I was a child. I used p2p and CDN integration networking technology to build a small communication network on site, but I can’t wear this big iron ship. We lost contact with the outside.
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National Day Special Update:
When we entered the six people, we found that it was so dark. Wang Er took out a small led lamp and sprinkled a few. Why not use the lighting stick, the lighting rod is too low, not enough to dazzle, in fact, it is not smart enough, this kind of throwing type led light Integrating various sensors can collect various data on site and can be controlled by mobile phone, such as turning on electromagnetic interference mode. Aerial lighting has drone support. The problem now is that the spacecraft is a cigar-type obliquely inserted on the ground. We want to go to the cockpit is more difficult, rock climbing style. Bio-supported Li Nuo began to speak. “I found that the spaceline and container layout of the spacecraft is most likely a biological test spacecraft.”

Leader Li Tie: “Do you mean this is an aerial test site for aliens?”
Li Nuo: “They may conduct illegal biological tests on the spacecraft.”
Engineering support Wang Er: “Our oxygen is enough to support 12 hours, the sensor shows that it is all nitrogen.”
Li Tie: “Is there any signs of life here?”
Wang Er: “The infrared life detector did not find signs of life.”
Li Tie: “License, do you want to analyze if you want to advance?”
I calculated: “From the facilities and equipment analysis, the life on this spacecraft may be silicon-based life, the purpose of the test is very likely to carbonize themselves, the earth may be their test site, the worst possible type on this spacecraft Filled with their test organisms. May wait for the trial activation command.”
Li Tie: “The armed group is moving forward, paying attention to safety and verifying information.”
Zhang Wang and Zhang Kang are armed groups responsible for safety and fire support.
Li Nuo: “If you notice a large transparent container or a closed spherical container, please notify me.”
Li Tie: “Wang Er will get in touch with the outside and report the information as soon as possible.”