2016-17 season Liaoning VS Shanghai second round analysis

After the game was over, I finally lost to the Shanghai team, and I regretted losing to the Shanghai men’s basketball team again. I left the referee group led by Qiao Longsheng to continue to be (xia) disabled (me) Zhi (hu) Jian (yan) did not speak, in fact, the game The process has a lot of content worthy of our careful study. I think this game is the first game I played in Liao this season and I can find the problem. Let me take some representative offensive and defensive rounds to analyze the tactical arrangements of the two sides.

PS. Of course, after watching the game last night, I was honest. I was so angry that my brain was so painful. I got up this morning and ran for five kilometers and realized it. As a Liaoning fan, what is this whistle? We are a team that has experienced a black whistle such as lore, six throws, and body hair out of bounds. Even if this whistle is angry, it is too bad. All Liaoning fans should reflect on it and reflect it. Fans, how can you still be so unsettled? The fight!

To sum up, I will roughly divide the game into three phases:

  1. Opening – Frey injured and left
  2. Frey injured and left the scene – I am in the Liao Shangwei Meng + Han Dejun Twin Towers
  3. My Liao twin tower – the end of the game

In the first stage, I took the defensive thinking of the double-zone double-team in the pick-and-roll after the pick-and-roll, and the other people quickly rotated the cut-off to cut the pass route.

In the second stage, I continued this idea. However, since the Shanghai team Frey was not on the court, the actual tactical focus shifted to Yabsele, so this defensive idea was solved by Shanghai’s self-attack with Yabsele.

In the third stage, I made changes based on the second phase of Shanghai’s transformation. The two towers contracted the inside line at the same time and restricted Yabose. As a result, Shanghai returned to the first stage of the tactical routine, and the attack originated back to defender Liu Xiaoyu. However, the speed of the two towers in my Liao is not enough, the rotation is not enough in time, and the position of Wei Meng is too bad, which led Liu Xiaoyu to play the key man at the crucial moment.

The following is a representative offensive screenshot and analysis of my excerpt:

  • The first stage is more exciting and more content

Look at this round first, Zeng Wending gave Frey a pick-and-roll and went down. At this time, my Liao’s defense was decisively let go of Zeng Wending, and Lao Ha and Lian Ming carried out double-teaming, but because of the slowness of the package, it leaked out. A passing route, Frey sent a pass to Zeng Wending, and from then on it was the rapid rotation of my Liao played a role.

First of all, we see that when Zeng Wending broke the ball, the small squad turned to complement the defensive. At this time, the Korean one defended the two, and prepared to supplement Zeng Wending while paying attention to the movement of Zhang Zhaoxu, while the defender of Xiao Cong was taken care of by Allen; Next, Zeng Wending took a step and then gave the ball to the 22nd player who pulled the bottom line. Xiao Cong continued to make a round of rotation. At this time, Lian Ming took turns back to protect the basket. Finally, the 22nd fake shot suddenly hit the face and the defense was in place. In my arms, I was defensively successful.

In this round, I did not do the Liao’s double-team after the pick-and-roll, but the follow-up team’s rotation was very successful.

This is the first time that Frey’s first comfortable three-point mobile phone conference. At this time, the cheap and fierce attack caused too much foul trouble. I had to go to the Twin Towers. I personally think that the responsibility is in Wei, his footsteps. Relatively cheap and slow, unable to throw out the pass line, and he subconsciously still habitually stand back and prepare to protect the basket.

We look at the first picture. In fact, when Frey is ready to go out to catch the ball, Wei Wei’s position should be more external, rather than standing completely behind Zeng Wending. This ball looks like Zeng Wending only consciously blocked the old. Ha, but in fact, he stood still and blocked Wei Meng. When Lao Ha was ready to grab the sneak from Zhang Zhaoxu and Zeng Wending’s people, Fred moved laterally. Zhang Zhaoxu was a pick-and-roll and blocked. Lao Ha, created a three-point opportunity for Frey.

And if you can rely on the outside position from the beginning, his wingspan can interfere with Liu Xiaoyu’s passing route, at least to force the position of Frey catching the ball a little further from the three-point line, and also for the old squeezing After the pick-and-roll, create some time.

PS. Shanghai this ball is a bit of the meaning of the Warriors last season, high step ladder double cover, Zhang Zhaoxu is simply a replica of Bogut. . .

Next round, it was a bad position for Wei Meng to give Zeng Wending a three-pointer.

Shanghai pushes a quick counterattack. My Liao’s position is very timely. Dahan has been in the three-second zone. After Zhang Zhaoxu came back, he took advantage of the opportunity to give Xiaoyu a pick-and-roll, and then cut it in. In fact, Wei Meng should not care about Zhang Zhaoxu at this time because There is already a big man in the back, but he was still brought in by Zhang Zhaoxu. At this time, Zeng Wending’s person who was in the arc of the top guards and responded to him should be Zeng Wending, and it’s too late to fix it.

This ball is still a problem of Wei Meng, the sense of position is not enough, the rotation of the rotation can not keep up with the rhythm of the whole team, resulting in a three-pointer to Shanghai.

First of all, Liu Xiaoyu had a pick-and-roll on Shanghai No. 9 when he was carrying the ball. This led to a slower pace. At this time, Wei Meng’s position was reasonable. In order to prevent Liu Xiaoyu from directly breaking the score, he did not take it when he was in place. Need to stand so far, he should go to protect the basket, if he can come back in time, then Bailan does not need to stand so deep, it should be Bailan instead of Allen if you rush out to fill the Abu Sele, if the defense Abu Sele’s is the timely and successful time for the Abu Sele’s fake squad to break into the squad of the violent and back-protected Bailan, without vacating the weak side corner three-pointer. So the ball is the whole team and then Wei Wei is a person who wipes his butt.

At this time, Guo Dao discovered Wei Meng’s struggle under the fast-turning defensive system of the man-to-man, calling for a change in the defensive thinking after the suspension, and turning into a three-two defense, attempting to use the dead station and defending the area to avoid the short board. The result was cracked by the Shanghai team with a simple high and low position.

The Shanghai team has two insiders. One person stands at the free-throw line. One person slips the bottom line. The two inner lines of my Liao are all in the low position, and they are all scattered by the bottom line of Yabsele, and the three-point line is Shanghai. The team opened the original position of the Disciplinary Committee through two simple conduction balls. Liu Xiaoyu falsely passed the free-throw line. (At this time, if the big man catches the ball on the line, once the free-throw line is completely undisturbed, the pass line can only be pre-determined in advance. ) The Disciplinary Committee was deceived, and then Lu Wei got a three-point shot.

This ball I personally think is the best defensive arrangement for my game in Liao, Frederick’s 45° position catches the ball, and Yaboselai’s fake cover is opened horizontally. At this time, I resolutely implemented the regional double bag arrangement. (The pass route between Yabsele and Frey in the strong side is completely covered by Lao Ha), while the position of the weak side of the censorship is very good to cut off Frey’s passing route, forcing Fo Lei gave the ball to Zhang Zhaoxu, who was not threatened on the line. Zhang Zhaoxu could only return to Frey again, and then performed a high double screen with Yabuselle. As a result, all four of my Liao people rushed to the three-point line and successfully defended. This offense.

  • The following is the second stage. I think it can be divided into the first half. In the first half, I succeeded in defending Liao. I used the defensive thinking of Frei when I was there. I decisively doubled and cut off the passing route. In the second half, I failed to defend the Liao because Shanghai opened Yabu. Sele’s attacking core, directly point to point burst, my Liao’s double-team defense is useless. Below I intercept two iconic rounds:


Xiaoyu controlled the ball, Allen stared at the top of the arc, Lu Wei gave a pick-and-roll to Yabusele, and Wei Meng prepared to make up the Abu Sule.

Wei Meng repaired Yaboselai, the weak side corner was missed, Xiaoyu widened the ball to find the opportunity to vacate, but Wei Meng made up the defense in time, the Shanghai center faked the real attack, was actively defended the small bundle and Back to the Wei Wei Bao Jia, while Lao Ha and Bai Lan control two easier pass lines.

The Shanghai team center can only pass the ball to Yabusele, who is nearby. At the moment, Abu Sile is in the open position and can shoot, but I feel that Shanghai’s tactical arrangement did not arrange for him to shoot at this position, so he passed it to Lu. Wei, then Lu Wei couldn’t get an opportunity to face the old Ha, called a pick-and-roll, and I continued to perform the double-team.

After Lu Wei put the ball into the inside, I quickly revolved in the Liao, and Allen Xiao Cong Bailan successfully held the ball.

This round we can see that the opportunity of Shanghai is actually in Yabusele, but now that Frey is not using the advantage of Yabsele, let Abu Salai take the shot, but continue to use Frey when he is Arrangement, Shanghai should have not yet adapted to the impact of Frey’s departure, and my defensive strategy is very reasonable. It is very reasonable for me to open the score.

From the third quarter, Yabsile’s offensive percentage increased significantly, and several personal assaults caused the killing, which made our insiders struggle. For example, this time, the Shanghai team’s bottom line came in and handed over to Yabusele’s hand. On, then a person with a ball assault, squatting hard and hard, the result [actually] caused a foul of Bailan (personal thought should be blown on Wei Meng), causing Bai Lan six offense to leave, let Guo guide realize that In the last quarter, I couldn’t get on the pace faster, and the position was better and more honest. Because Lian Ming faced the assault of Abu Sele, there was no height and no power, and it was properly destroyed. . .

In the fourth quarter, I was basically a twin tower. In this arrangement, Wei Meng’s position is not strong, and the round-shifting consciousness is too bad. The problem of dragging the whole team’s hind legs is very obvious. It has already been reflected in a few minutes (already analyzed above), and if you don’t defend it, you can’t hold Abbesse’s body if you are honest, you can only try one of them when you are blocked. I tried the twin towers today and I don’t know if I can use the twin towers next time. . .


In fact, it is true that Fredette’s departure is not necessarily a bad thing for Shanghai. Frey is not there. The original anti-pick and detachment tactics were arranged in white, and at the same time, Yabusele is really tricky.

First, he can directly launch the charge from the backcourt. You want to use the double-guard guard to cut the pass route to reduce the number of times the Abu Sele receives the ball.

Secondly, his face frame attack is very strong. It can completely break through the ball like the 3rd position. There is no chance of double-balling without stopping the ball.

Third, his range is far enough, and the hit rate is stable enough. If you put the defensive focus on him, he can attract heavy soldiers and the “cat” will act as a fixed-point shooter in the corner. At this time, Liu Xiaoyu and others will have enough breakthrough space. .

Looking at this game, this year’s Shanghai is really terrible. I personally think it is more terrible than Xinjiang. It really has the hard power to impact the champion. To be honest, I was convinced.


As for the attack on my side of Liao, hey, I can only say that Guo Ailun’s current status is not worthy of the start of the team of my level in Liao. This game, but he can play a little more, it will not be controlled by Liu Xiaoyu alone. Ah, I expected him to play more on the offensive end before the game. He used Shanghai’s guard line to consume more. The result was turned back by others. I said that this game I lost in his state, I think it’s not an exaggeration. . . . .