2017 Knowledge Payment Industry Analysis Report – Development Trends and Interpretations for the Right People

Is knowledge payment a chance or a chance? The author will start with the development of knowledge payment, suitable for the crowd and corresponding advantages from 2016 to the present and provide an in-depth interpretation for everyone.

Since 2016, the concept of knowledge payment has become increasingly fierce. As of July 2017, there are already hundreds of platforms for knowledge payment. Speaking of the payment of knowledge, many people know that Li Xiaolai and Li Xiaolai were originally New Oriental teachers. After the course was released on the “pay” platform for knowledge payment, the popularity was even greater.

The following is the trend graph of Baidu Index by Li Xiaolai. Details can be seen index.baidu.com/?

Li Xiaolai’s search index significantly increased from July to September in 2016

Li Xiaolai’s course entitled “The Road to Financial Liberalism” has so far had 170,000 subscribers, and the course income has been more than 30 million. He even created an important concept – “after-sleep income,” which means that while you are asleep, you are still earning money, and in his opinion, only people who can achieve post-sleep income can truly achieve it. Wealth freedom.

The author believes that in the wave of mobile Internet, self-media people are the most likely to do “after-bed income” groups.

Internet economic changes

1. From “traffic economy” to “content economy”

When you are in the Internet industry, you often hear the concept of “Traffic is king” or “Channel is king.” In recent years, however, such statements have become less and less, and instead they are “good traffic, traffic / fans getting harder and harder to get” and so on.

In fact, the reason why the traffic economy can realize commercial value lies in the fact that it solves the problem of information asymmetry and relies on the amount of clicks and influence. In the mode of traffic economy, cheap information is provided free of charge and attracts a large number of clicks. Profits can also be realized.

The golden age of the traditional Internet has passed for 20 years. The brutal and extensive gameplay that thrives on the traditional Internet’s traffic economy has gradually declined with the rise of the mobile Internet. So why is the pattern of traffic economy gradually failing?

We often say that it is too easy to create and consume content on the Internet, and everyone can easily publish content. However, the time and labor costs required for both the shoddy content and the elaborately polished premium content are not equal. In the same period of time, in order to attract more clicks and occupy the traffic market, merchants are more willing to choose to publish more shoddy content. Over time, high-quality content creators are unable to maintain their position.

Because it’s so easy to publish content, Bad money Caused the proliferation of content and information overload. There is a limit to the human ability to accept information. We cannot afford endless information expansion and explosions. Therefore, the decline of the flow economy is inevitable. The rise of the content economy is a trend and inevitable.

Today’s Internet environment is a From the flow economy to the content economy At the stage, knowledge payment is an important manifestation of the content economy. No matter what content you share, knowledge, philosophy of life, skills or work skills, it doesn’t matter whether your content really teaches knowledge or just appeases people’s anxiety.

What’s important is that what you actually provide is a quality content that is full of noise and is a quality content that has been screened. There is too much free and bad information, and more and more people want to see really valuable content. This is the greatest value of every content creator, and it is also the key to the content economy becoming a big opportunity.

Content economy for the crowd

2. Who is the opportunity for “content economy”?

As mentioned above, the Applied Business School mentioned that content payment and the knowledge economy are a big trend and a big opportunity. In fact, the knowledge economy is not a new concept. The publishing industry and the education industry are always engaged in the business of realizing knowledge. With the development of the mobile Internet, the online education and training business will be the first group to enjoy the flow of dividends in the knowledge economy and society.

Based on cloud computing and big data technology, it is possible to better meet the requirements of similar live delivery of lectures, user data management becomes easier, users’ convenience in online payment is greatly enhanced, and learner experience is further optimized.

Secondly, media and industry observers are also beneficiaries of the era of knowledge economy, because they themselves have excellent content creation capabilities and are very suitable for attracting users, accumulating fans, and realizing the benefits through unique knowledge.

The concept of self-media has been hot from 2012 onwards. Mimi, papi sauce, logical thinking, etc. are almost comparable to celebrities in today’s popularity. We know that whether it is Mimeng or papi sauce, the income has been over these years. In the case of millions of heads, the sources of income are mainly advertising, and Mimeng mainly relies on soft texts, while papi sauce mainly depends on advertising spots and endorsements.

In addition to advertising revenue, some self-media, led by logical thinking and Wu Xiaobo’s channel, have increasingly focused on physical or content payment. Luo Fei and Wu Xiaobo have tried to rely on the fan economy to take advantage of the e-commerce path and sell moon cakes. And plum wine, have also received millions of income. But now, logical thinking and Wu Xiaobo’s channel are more focused on content and services. They really realize the realization of knowledge through paid courses and the vip community.

On the face of it, the methods of realizing the money from the media are numerous, but we categorize it carefully. To B,To C

Realization from media

All the above models can be classified into three types: advertising, e-commerce and knowledge payment.

Among them, advertising is the most common one, and it is also one of the most easily aroused by users. Among them, the fans of small and medium-sized V are relatively few and advertisements are particularly difficult to access; e-commerce providers have relatively poor compatibility, and most of the contents are difficult to find suitable. E-commerce product cooperation and sales.

And whether it is advertising or e-commerce, whether it is CPC, CPS, there are additional risks to control costs. Once negative news or fake and inferior products appear in the cooperative merchants, it will greatly damage the reputation of the content creators and cause irreversible negative effects. Therefore, content producers must conduct a qualification review and careful selection of the cooperation between advertisements and commodities. The hidden costs among them are very high. This is why many well-known and self-respected media people still feel that they cannot make money.

3. Advantages of content payment

In contrast, content payment looks more friendly. Can be reflected in three points:

3 Benefits of Content Payment

3.1 Form long tail effect, income is stable compared to

Content paying people are very stable, mostly high-quality users who are willing to pay for premium content. The newly added users and the newly added income are proportional to each other. Because the accumulation of high-quality articles continues to accumulate, so latecomers are more willing to continue to pay – that is, they have a long-tail effect on their income. Content has played its due value.

In addition, the fee-for-content charging method is flexible, facing different channels, different users, there is room for operation and operation. For example, the “annual fee system” subscription column is a very good form of income increase.

3.2 The user’s retention and viscosity are higher

There is a “sunken cost effect” in psychology, which means that people are more likely to recognize products that they have paid a higher, irrecoverable cost. If the user has purchased a mobile phone at a high price, there will be a lot of reasons in the subconscious of the user to support this decision and recognize the advantages of this product.

This is why high premium brands always have an important reason for higher loyalty. High-quality content payment also has similar advantages.

In the age of flooding information, what information does the user think are better, free information and paid information? What’s more, it is self-approved, and information has been paid for this? Whether from a logical perspective or from a data point of view, the high quality content of subscriptions has far more user retention and stickiness, open rates, and sharing rates than ordinary free content.

3.3 Generate a positive cycle

The author no longer needs to negotiate with the partner, repeatedly confirm the content, plan changes, and other complex issues. It can spend more time on content creation, save time costs, and produce higher quality content.

Users pay for subscriptions because they believe in the author’s and author’s point of view. Naturally, they will endorse the content of the author’s continuous output, and thus trust the author more… This will form a positive cycle of incentives for both self-media and content creators. Run fans, spread personal brands and content.

Although content payment also has many limitations, it requires high quality of content, better understanding of user attributes, and certain requirements for basic operations. However, every healthy ecology should not rely too much on a single source of income. The best way is to pay equal attention to multiple channels of income. Then more and more self-resources have taken a look at content payment for granted.

Achieve series of lessons from media – application

The above is the “Applied Business School” ( ddapp.com ) The reasons why knowledge payment has become a big opportunity, as well as the analysis and interpretation of the appropriate people and corresponding advantages for knowledge payment, hope to be inspired.