2017 new graduates experience the process of entering the deep household

The following are all my own practice. After receiving the application form on August 30th and getting the household registration card on October 17, I finally got it. So share the detailed steps with everyone, I hope everyone will take a detour.

The first step is online information assessment and reporting.

Select the individual declaration and fill in the information. After completing the application, you will be asked to choose the agency to apply for (this must first pay attention to the public number of the Shenzhen Talent Exchange Service Center, and there is a talent introduction appointment under the public number). The agency’s application should be consistent with the appointment on the public number. When I did it, I didn’t look at the public number. I directly ordered a nearby institution. Then the public number did not have this institution, so I could only withdraw the re-selection.
Note that once you choose to rely on relatives and companies, there is no way to transfer to the agency, so you still have to choose clearly.
It is good to fill in the agriculture when you fill out the account in agriculture. When you report it, you will directly switch to non-agriculture in Shenzhen.

Step 2: Receive the “Application Form for Graduates of Higher Education Institutions”

A general appointment will send you a message telling you when to go to the institution you made the appointment to submit the information, half an hour in advance to get the number.
Prepare the information: copy of the ID card and the original, graduation certificate and the original and copy of the degree certificate, the original and copy of the account page and the home page, the most important thing is the money 260 grandfather. On the spot, you can get the “Application Form for Graduates of Higher Education Institutions” and there is a guide.

The third step: the registration certificate

My registration card reorganization is to find someone to help me, so I am not clear about the specific operation process, this is not worrying, and it is also very fast.

Step 4: Return to your hometown to apply for a residence permit

This is particularly difficult, I am looking for help from my family, because the old family needs Shenzhen to issue a permit to move, but Shenzhen has no way to move the permit, anyway, it is all kinds of communication. Only solved. It is usually on the spot to get a migration certificate. If you fill out the agriculture at the time of the bid, you must not handle the farmer’s turn in your hometown, or you will be very troublesome.
Required information:
Original and photocopy of the “Application Form for Graduates of Higher Education Institutions” (this must not be given to the original, as subsequent registration is required)
A copy of the ID card, a copy of the original registration card and the original, the original and copy of the account
The reason for the migration certificate is to write “Large (middle) students graduated. The migration address depends on whether you are a relative or a company or an agency. I am the agent of the high-tech zone, so the migration address is: Shenzhen No. 10, Nanxin Road, Gaoxin, Nanshan District, Shanghai.

Step 5: Check in

The registration address should be clearly indicated below the application form. The registration address of the high-tech zone is in the Nanshan District Administrative Service Hall. Because I didn’t pay attention to this, I went to the talent market in Luohu according to the process of Du Niang. Nanshan here does not need an online appointment, go directly and then take the number just fine.
Information to be prepared:
Original and photocopy of the new registration card, original and photocopy of the migration certificate, graduation certificate, original and photocopy of the degree certificate, original and photocopy of academic qualifications.
The academic verification suggestion is to get a few dollars in the school letter network, the time to get more than 2 years, if you are in the organization, it is not worth more than 100. It must be remembered that the academic qualification verification is not the student status verification. I just mistyped and verified the student status and changed it to the scene.
A staff member will help you check the materials, and you will get a “graduate introduction letter” and a “home information card” on the spot. If you are in Shenzhen, you will also get a “farm to non-index card”. . It was done in five minutes, especially fast. If you have time, you can go directly to the agency where you took the application form and take the homepage of the account book.

Step 6: The police station settled

After the registration, you can pay attention to the “Shenzhen Household Administration” public number to make an appointment. The fresh graduates can choose any police station in the city to handle the application. I chose the Nantou Police Station near home.
Prepare the information: the original and photocopy of the ID card, the original and photocopy of the migration certificate, the original and photocopy of the “Graduate Letter of Induction”, the original “Home Information Card”, and the original “Agricultural Conversion”. on. The most important thing is a photo receipt and an ID card photo (each photo studio can do it, get ready in advance).
You can get your own household registration card on the spot and get a new ID card after ten working days.

At the beginning, I really didn’t know what to do with the account. Then the bumps are finally done. In fact, it is okay to think about it, and all aspects of the steps are easy to understand. If you don’t need an intermediary agency, they have to collect two or three thousand. In fact, the information and services also need to run on their own. They just help you get a “home information card”.
Get it yourself, you can also get a new skill~~~