Four dice

“When the biggest injustice is today, contract workers and regular workers, doing the same job, the treatment is very different!” Zeng Qinglin said seriously. This has been strongly refuted by Kong Dezheng: “Formal workers are prepared by... Read More | Share it now!


“I’ll write you an affair!” “Go! What do you mean? May I die?” “That is not, this is your greatest praise. Only people who really have a history of being famous are qualified to make me write an obituary in advance.... Read More | Share it now!

labour is the honour

Labor is glorious. It is also glorious to get paid through labor. There is a class of people, light labor, no pay. For example, Xiong Hua’s daughter-in-law. Xiong Hua’s daughter-in-law is doing housework at home every day. In addition to doing... Read More | Share it now!

9 divisions of Chinese society

In history, there are various social strata and status hierarchies. Is there any real life? Although there is no fixed standard and authoritative argument, the version issued by a private master is not i. This is a model of the latest class division of... Read More | Share it now!