7 tips to help you learn efficiently.

The reason why Xueba sometimes became a schoolmaster is not because of their talents, but also how different they are.

Rather, they are paying special attention to methods and efficiencies in the process of learning, and they will maximize output.

Let’s talk about the 7 tips that can improve your learning efficiency. I hope to be useful to you.


Compared with long-term learning, short-term segmentation learning is more effective.

Knowing that there has been such a hot question: How to learn efficiently for a long time?

At that time, I also answered this question and got a lot of approval.

Looking back now, this goal is actually very difficult to achieve.

Why do you say that?

Because it is easy for people to have a feeling of disgust for a thing that has been repeated for too long, let you stay in the study room for a whole day, fully open your brain, and ensure that the efficiency and output are maximized every moment. I think, almost no one can do it.

The best way is to spread the same amount of tasks in a planned way to one week, every day of the month.

For example, if you plan to remember 1000 words, you want to recite them all in one day. It is simply an idiotic dream, but if you take this task to an average of 100 back-to-day and 10 days to complete, this effect will be It’s much better than you want to eat yourself as a big fat man in a day.

University life, full of impetuous atmosphere everywhere, what “ten days to get four or six levels”, “half months to get IELTS”, “a year to help you achieve financial freedom”, such books, too much .

Only if you have a clear understanding and planning of yourself can you guarantee that you will not be poisoned by the impetuous and quick success.

It is good to be able to eat a big fat man, but how do you guarantee that you will not be killed because you eat too fast?


Form your own fixed study time.

Many people want to study and study, all on the rise, or as a last resort.

For example, people who see the whole dormitory go to school, and they don’t read it. It seems that they are a little unwilling to go. There is a heavy sense of guilt in their hearts, or a final exam is coming. If you don’t stay up late, you will hang the southeast branch in minutes.

But do you know? This way of not fixed learning has a strong uncertainty, and the brain needs to mobilize more energy and attention to drive you to learn.

That’s why I suggest that you schedule a fixed amount of time to study, because only if you fix the time period you have learned can you not distract the energy and attention you have left.

At that time, the brain will automatically remind you to read.


Use cards instead of blindly focusing.

Most students will use a variety of color pens to mark the focus on their own textbooks, but studies have shown that such methods are ineffective and cannot be linked.

By recording these important information through cards, you can not only connect the information, but also the cards are very light and easy to carry around, no matter when or where you want to view them, you can take them out. .

When I was studying, one of my classmates was very good with me, but he had a very bad habit of reading. He liked to use a pen of various colors to make the book colorful. I asked him what you are doing? He said that he is focusing on the key, I then asked him, you painted the whole book, how to distinguish which is the focus, which is not the focus?

He does not know how to answer.

Sometimes a lot of things, not the more the better, the appropriate reduction of a little color and focus, may yield different results.


Change the mindset of learning, from coping with exams to teaching others.

Most of the exercises we have done and the books we read have been written to cope with the exams. As long as we can get high scores, we have reached the goal set by the school, the teacher and the parents. Even if we don’t understand a concept, we can get high scores by rote memorization, we will not take care of it. It is up.

But if the exercises you have done and the books you read are not for the exams, but for the ability to pass on to others, you may not be satisfied with only a half-bakedness.

Because others may question, they will ask questions, they will doubt if you are half a bucket of water, you will despise in your heart and you don’t understand.

In this way, you can force yourself to work hard to figure out the various logical relationships and deepen your understanding of the concepts.


Practice, practice, and practice.

If you want to ask why Xueba is a schoolmaster, most of them will tell you:

Do a lot of exercises.

This sentence they did not brag and perfuse you.

The acquisition of any skill requires a long and sustained effort. When you first start doing exercises, you will suffer a lot of failures, just as I just started to play with knowing, and the answers I write often do not like.

But I did not give up at that time and persisted. Later, whether he was collecting materials, writing articles, or managing fans, he had his own experience, and he wrote his own answers, and he became more and more familiar.

The same is true for doing exercises. It is really difficult and painful at first, but only if you practice, practice, and practice, you can find out your shortcomings and then overcome them.

The real warrior dares to face the bloody reality and then makes a change.


Prepare everything before you start learning.

The sense of ritual is very important.

When you are engaged in one thing and the more ritual feeling you put in, you will find it harder to give up.

So, the next time you want to learn, you may want to make the learning atmosphere a little more formal.

Prepare your favorite pen, book, bring a bottle of warm water, eye drops, a ruler, and so on.

As long as you are learning, you may need to spend some time to prepare them one by one.

So when you are studying, you will not find an excuse to say that this is not taken, that is not brought.

Because when you think about yourself for this study, it’s hard to prepare for so long, the heart will not give up!

So you suddenly feel refreshed and continue to learn.


Keep your body in top shape.

Don’t laugh, the state of the body has a great relationship with learning.

When your body is very fragile and sick, after you have dealt with the body to cause you trouble, there is no extra time to learn and self-improvement.

Therefore, in order to become a schoolmaster, you must first have a healthy body.

This requires you to go to bed early, eat regularly, exercise more, exercise a healthy body, add a mentality to become a schoolmaster, with the right skills, I believe, you can certainly make progress.

Everyone has any effective learning skills, welcome to exchange messages.