70m2 Nordic wind small size, half a pack took only 60,000 to install the same with the model, friends could not help but help me drying new house

My object is to marry at the beginning of this year. Both of us would like to sober up the Nordic style. So according to this style, we installed a new house and saw many cases on the Internet. The original budget was 80,000. Half a package, did not expect to spend only 60,000 to do down the effect is particularly good, friends come to my home and all like to die, in the circle of friends to help me dry.


This shoe is very satisfactory, does not occupy a good place to accommodate, over the quarter and do not wear shoes on the above, put slippers and commonly worn shoes below, the bottom can also be hidden into the shoe does not affect the appearance.


Due to the size of the apartment area, we finally chose an open kitchen. We made a bar counter outside the entrance. Although the open kitchen also has inconvenient places, but fortunately the hood is awesome, the problem is generally Not great.

The window facing the patio can also help the kitchen ventilation, leaving no taste.

The storage of the cabinets is more than sufficient, and it will not appear crowded. Two people will turn around in the kitchen.

living room

The collocation of the living room is very normative Nordic style, mainly in the combination of three colors of black and white gray, fabric sofa is simple and generous and resistant to dirt, wall paintings are also very common, like you can find yourself ~

I like to grow plants in the room so that the house looks fresh.


In fact, the table can also be used as a work table, you can spread on the tablecloth! Small-sized units are to make full use of space.

When two people in the family are free, they will sit down and have a good meal together. They can watch TV while eating.


The bathroom uses this mirror cabinet to not only obtain a large mirror, but also some toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, and the like behind the mirror.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is facing south, and there is no gorgeous decoration. Even the desk lamp has not been put, but we do not have the habit of watching things at night. The soft packs on the bed are particularly comfortable and the cracks are recommended~

Second bedroom

The second bedroom was made of such a bay window with a cabinet, which could also contain a lot of things, but we have not yet had plans for the baby, and no one stays in the family. Therefore, the side is not used for the time being. What is your opinion? Can you mention me?

I have a very beautiful and beautiful short, so now the whole side is its paradise.


In fact, this study is also part of the side, specially made to work at home after the convenience of the double, the bookcase above also put some scattered things.

I don’t know how you feel about this decoration? I personally feel it is still quite comfortable to live, although it is not gorgeous and complex but it is worthless! I didn’t expect 60,000 to be able to exhibit this effect. What ideas do you have to discuss with me in the comment area?

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