A 50-square-meter small restaurant sells only 25 kinds of dishes, but it can earn 1.2 million a year! How does this restaurant play?

A small restaurant of only 50 square meters can make a yearly income of one million. Many people think it is incredible, but at the same time think it is bragging! However, in a farmer’s market in Jiangyan District, Taizhou City, Suzhou Province, a small restaurant was opened. The restaurant area is more than 50 square meters, and the annual income has really reached 1.2 million. How did this restaurant play?

01 Sell ​​only 25 kinds of dishes, so that “less is more”

In his farmer’s market, there are more than a dozen small restaurants, each of which has more than 50 dishes, more than one hundred and eighty, and only 25 in his home.

Why choose to only make 25 dishes? The reason for this is:

Although there are only 25 dishes, it basically covers 80% of the ordering style of the surrounding consumers. Although the dishes have reduced the dishes, they are very easy to purchase and get extra discounts.

These 25 dishes, for the chef, cooking is also relatively easy, always fry these dishes, wait until the time is long, naturally it can make perfect, and the taste will be better, so the speed of serving It is also faster.

25 dishes are generally home-cooked dishes, such as tomato eggs, sour potato, small fried meat, wood whiskers, etc. are the same class of dishes, grades also let everyone who enters the store without any pressure.

Moreover, the “scale purchase” of the 25-course raw material of the purchaser can be one or two dollars cheaper than the surrounding stores, so the number of turns is far higher than the surrounding small stores.

02 Use “free” as a bait, you can have a home.

While the menu is cheaper than other stores, there are free foods in other stores that are not available in the store. A small dish of pickled radish, a small dish of fried peanuts, and a millet porridge and egg soup that can be used free of charge.

These free foods cost more than 30 yuan a day, but the feelings for customers are exceptionally good:

A piece of money has not been spent, the table has been placed on two small plates, two bowls, seems to account for the big cheap, but in fact, the more than 30 dollars, as long as three or four diners, It is enough to get back.

03 “The face is bigger than the sky, you must give it to you”

Although it is only a small shop that can’t be ordinary, but walks into every one of the restaurants. Customers are all gods. “I not only want to give them cheap and delicious meals, free food, but more importantly, give them enough face.”

How to give face?

In addition to enthusiasm and sweet eyes, there are two magic weapons:

One case is to give them a meal when they are out of the house and when the shopkeepers are sparse. Fume

His big pocket usually has three kinds of smoke – White sand of about 5 yuan, double happiness of about 10 yuan, and Liqun of about 15 yuan . He has been trained to be able to judge which grade of smoke is given to the person in front of him, and the movement is extremely natural.

Another situation is that whenever an acquaintance invites to eat, it will either Send two bottles of beer, either a dish of cold dish or a stir-fry The flowers don’t have much money, but they give enough face to the customers who are doing the East. These treats are an important choice for the guests.

04 Fast response, digital management of customers

In order to increase operating income, the store has been from the beginning Takeaway food delivery service As long as the point is 30 yuan, you can send food for free in a square of 2 kilometers.

Although there are not many people who order food in small places, the frequency is relatively high. In order to increase the speed of food delivery, according to the frequency and amount of customer consumption, the customers are numbered according to 1–N, and each number corresponds to The customer’s name, phone number and usual meal delivery address. At the same time, the dishes are also numbered 1-25, and rice is the default one bowl of rice.

Reach “put everything Numbering, digitization Not only can it reduce errors in communication, but it can also improve the efficiency of delivery. He explained.

and, WeChat replaced the phone and became the main tool for the restaurant. . The customer only needs to say in the group, “No. 16, order 3, 9.” The staff in the store knows who to send to, where to send it, and what to order is No. 3 tomato egg and No. 9 wood meat. .

and also, Be sure to add these strangers to a group, because eating will follow the trend, and when someone clicks, many people will follow. This is the “inspired demand”, as the developer hires migrant workers to line up to buy a house.

So he made different classifications for different people.

05 Doing business is more about being a human being

There are two big ones next to the restaurant. Community and a kindergarten Kindergarten usually leaves school at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, but people in small county towns usually have to leave work at 5 o’clock. This is an interruption of more than one hour in the middle, which has become a worry for many parents.

To this end, deliberately opened up a place in the living room on the second floor of the hotel, arranged like “Flipper” Like, you can let those children play in it, but they won’t fall, just go to the upstairs and look at it from time to time.

The enthusiasm of the store manager has been welcomed by many parents. Nowadays, many residents around the city often leave their children in the store for an hour or two.

These children are all looking at it, can’t they charge?”

“There is no need to pay for it, and many parents take the dinner when they pick up the children, or they can pack it directly. Some even don’t want to eat outside, but after a long time, they will consume more or less.”

There have been a lot of people who have been talking about Internet thinking all the time, but it is really rare to use it in practice to help companies create revenue.

Like a small place like him, a small shop like him, a good business can earn four or five hundred thousand a year, a few can reach seven or eight hundred thousand, but like him can exceed one million, there are still few .

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