A formulator’s domestic product for 40 pieces of cream/pre-makeup depth analysis

Compared with the domestic skin care market, there are many well-known brands, and the domestic cosmetics market is relatively quiet. Although there are many make-up brands, there are not many well-known word-of-mouth products. In the category of isolation/makeup, it is even less pitiful. I barely selected 10 products, which were divided into two parts.

31, Kazi Lan Huan moisturizing cream

Content: 35ml Price: 99 yuan

ingredient: abridgement

甄垚 Comments: This cream has two colors, pink and tender purple. Soft pink is mainly for pale skin and tender pink for dark yellow skin. The small partners interested in this product can choose according to their skin color.

This cream has no sunscreen effect, the paste is generally malleable, a little difficult to push open, with a slight concealer, color correction effect, the skin is white after application, slightly a little makeup, has the effect of brightening the skin, than some high price The cream should be thick and suitable for use on oily skin. For dry skin, use moisturizer. A lot of plant extracts have been added to the formula, but the amount added is not large, and it has the effect of slightly nourishing the skin, and only plays a supporting role.

32, natural hall snow run white multiple sunscreen cream

Content: 30ml Price: 108 yuan

ingredient: abridgement

甄垚 Comments: This cream is divided into light green and lavender, light green for reddish and acne-prone skin, and lavender for dark yellow and uneven skin. This cream has many effects such as sun protection and color correction.

In the sun protection, the use of chemical sunscreen OMC, Uvinul A Plus, and physical sunscreen titanium dioxide, together to complete the sunscreen task, sunscreen index SPF30, PA + + +, looks good, for the autumn and winter day commute can be, but in the hot advanced not enough. Mainly because the consumer is not enough to mark.

This cream is suitable for dry skin in summer. It is a little oily for oily skin. It is suitable for oily skin in autumn and winter. It should be moisturized for dry skin, otherwise it will be easy to dry. The ability to conceal is general, with a color-removing effect, which can brighten the skin and whiten the effect. The skin with white skin is more natural and the effect is OK; the black skin is white and unnatural, and the makeup is heavy.

33, MAOGEPING (Mao Geping) clear through the Ze Ze isolation milk

Content: 25ml Price: 109 yuan

ingredient: abridgement

甄垚 Comments: This isolating lotion does not have a sunscreen index, but from the formulation, the chemical sunscreen Tinosorb S, OMC, Aliklin, and the physical sunscreen titanium dioxide should be added. However, the sunscreen index is not marked. It may be that the sunscreen needs special characters. The application is troublesome, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it is simply sold in isolation milk. Strictly speaking, this approach is not compliant. Although the brand of Mao Geping is not a big seller, it still has a certain reputation in the make-up brand. It is a bit like a miscellaneous brand.

This isolating lotion is generally hydrated, suitable for dry skin in summer, and mixed skin that is not so oily in autumn and winter. There is no coloring material in the formula, there is basically no color correction, concealing effect, and it has the effect of slightly brightening the skin tone. This product is more like a mild sunscreen with a moisturizing effect. It can also be used as a makeup lotion.

34, Mary 黛 水 水 水 采 采 采 采

Content: 35ml Price: 118 yuan

ingredient: abridgement

甄垚 Comments: This product, from the recipe composition, is the same as his name, is a makeup before the milk, no sunscreen effect. The whole body is moisturized, suitable for dry skin in summer, oily skin will be a bit greasy; mixed skin in autumn and winter can also be used.

This makeup lotion is smoother, similar to lotion, easy to push open, more hydrated. There is no color added to the formula, and there is basically no color correction or concealing effect. It has the function of adding mica and titanium dioxide to brighten the complexion and has a pearlescent effect. After use, it can make the makeup easier and more compliant. This makeup cream should be used together with the subsequent makeup products. It is not recommended to use it alone.

35, Han Shumei muscle brightening color isolation cream

Content: 35ml Price: 139 yuan

ingredient: abridgement

甄垚 Comments: This cream has two colors, clear green and soft purple. Qingying Green is mainly for the skin redness, acne marks and red blood skin; soft purple for uneven skin tone, dark yellow skin.

This cream does not have a sunscreen index, but from the formulation, chemical sunscreen OMC and physical sunscreen titanium dioxide should be added. Marking the sun protection index requires a special word certificate, which takes a long time. Some merchants quickly launch the product in order to adapt to the market, and hit a side ball. This is a lack of rigor of a big brand.

From the composition of the formula, this cream is more hydrated, in addition to large oil skin in autumn and winter, most of the skin can be used, hot season, more suitable for dry skin. The texture is light and thin, easy to smear, has a certain color-removing effect, and tends to have a natural makeup feeling, which can brighten the skin color and have a poor concealing ability. Used as a base makeup, it can make the subsequent makeup easier and more compliant.

Today, we continue to analyze the domestic product isolation/makeup milk, and choose five products from them, all of which are products launched under the brand of skin care, and some are actually sunscreen.

36, water password snow muscle repair skin isolation cream

Content: 50ml Price: 68 yuan

ingredient: abridgement

甄垚 Comments: This kind of isolating milk sells a lot on a certain treasure. I don’t know how the offline sales situation is, and the three colors of kung fu are natural color, purple color and green color. Natural color is suitable for skin with dark complexion, purple is suitable for red blood, red skin, and green is suitable for dark yellow skin.

This sequestering cream adds chemical sunscreen OMC and physical sunscreen titanium dioxide, which has sun protection function, but it does not label the sun protection index. It may also be used to circumvent the supervision of special characters. Many domestic brands are this routine, as they are still well-known. The brand still does this and gives a bad review.

The biggest feature of this isolating milk is that the skin is white after application, but the makeup is a bit heavy, the white is unnatural, and the small partner who doesn’t mind the makeup feels like white can have a certain concealing effect. Relatively suitable for oily skin, dry skin will feel dry and have floating powder. The paste is not easy to push open, it is a little sticky, and it is slightly thick on the face. A small number of small partners may lick the mud.

37, beauty skin whitening sunscreen

Content: 40ml Price: 69 yuan

ingredient: abridgement

甄垚 Comments: As you can know from the name, it is just a sunscreen with a cosmetic effect. It uses a variety of chemical sunscreens and physical sunscreens. SPF40, PA++, UVB protection, UVA protection is poor. There is no problem with daily commuting, and it will be tanned for a long time in the strong UV season.

Domestic consumers use white aesthetics. In order to meet this demand, a large amount of physical covering ingredients such as titanium dioxide will be added when designing the formula. This is also the case for this sunscreen cream. After painting, it looks very white, too whitening, resulting in a comparison of makeup. Heavy, unnatural, and even some white, like a white and do not mind makeup friends can try.

This sunscreen cream is thick and difficult to push open. It should be tapped when used. The concealer is generally easy to remove. Oily skin will feel oily when used in summer, and dry skin will feel dry during autumn and winter. Compared with Japanese sunscreen products, there is still a big gap, but the price is not expensive, mass consumption.

38, Polaiya 靓 white muscle dense as porcelain whitening cream

Content: 40ml Price: 116 yuan

ingredient: abridgement

甄垚 Comments: This cream is divided into three colors, fresh green and soft purple, fresh green for reddish skin, soft purple for dark yellow skin. It has a face-lifting effect and no sun protection. The formula structure is more like a BB cream.

This cream can also moisturize, dry and cold season is more suitable for oily skin, dry skin should be moisturized, otherwise the skin is easy to dry. It is more suitable for dry skin in the hot season, and it will feel a bit oily when using oily skin. It has a whitening effect on the face, although it has a little makeup, but it is not too strong, and the concealing ability is general, it is a bit difficult to push open.

This cream contains niacinamide and many skin care ingredients that look tall, but the amount added is limited and the skin care is limited. The truly added moisturizing ingredients are glycerin and beta-glucan, which can increase the moisturizing effect of the product.

39, 佰草集薄如蝉翼丝滑妆前乳

Content: 30ml Price: 180 yuan

ingredient: abridgement

甄垚 Comments: Herborist has a simple formula before makeup. It is a typical pre-makeup formula. It has a very light texture, easy to apply, smooth skin feel, no too strong moisturizing effect, and no too strong oil control effect. The core function is smoothing. Skin, make the subsequent makeup easier, more docile, not greasy and heavy, not oily.

This mascara has a slightly brightening effect after skin smear. It is more natural. It is suitable for a girl with a good foundation to create a nude makeup. Basically, there is no concealing effect, and the effect of color correction is not obvious.

This makeup lotion is lighter and smoother. It’s just that he doesn’t have oil control effect and his moisturizing effect is not big. The oily skin relies on him to control the oil and prevent the skin from dissolving. He can’t do it; the special dry skin relies on him to moisturize the skin, so that the subsequent makeup does not have powder and floating powder, he can’t do it, but he smoothes the skin. The effect is very good, as a makeup before the milk is still good.

40, Marumi chocolate silky slip cream

Content: 40g Price: 187 yuan

ingredient: abridgement

甄垚 Comments: Marumi’s eye cream is very famous. What is the effect of this cream? From the formulation of the formula, there is the addition of titanium dioxide with physical covering effect, so that this cream has a whitening effect. In the degree of whitening control is better, more natural, not false. A variety of colorants have been added to the formula to help adjust the skin tone, but it is not very noticeable, with a slight repair effect, lasting power, and concealing power.

This cream is delicate, light, breathable, docile, and feels good and feels good. It has medium moisturizing degree, is not greasy and heavy, and will not dry or float. No sunscreen effect.

In summary, together with the analysis of the 5 domestic isolation / makeup pre-milk analysis, a total of 40 products were analyzed. For the concept of isolation/pre-makeup, there is no unified definition in China, which is quite confusing and the effect is very different. The next article is a detailed analysis of the cream/makeup before the article, and there is a little fuzzy partner. A thorough understanding of whether you want to isolate the cream / makeup before the milk.

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