A hooded sweater that doesn’t pick a figure, won’t take a quick look at the clothes here.


In the winter, putting the sweater inside the jacket is really not enough! Especially the hooded sweater, not afraid to be in the major show or a variety of street shooting, it is indispensable. The loose and comfortable sweater not only combines fashion and functionality, it can be easily controlled by any body, who is beautiful!

[Hoodie style]

1Oversize Hoodie

Oversize hooded style sweaters should be the style that many sisters love. Watching the street shooters are playing the “invisible bottoms”, using knee boots instead of pants, really good legs, and very Sexy. The loose version also has the effect of covering the meat! Very thin.

2 short hooded sweaters

A small girl can wear a slightly short sweater, and a lower waist wears a high-waisted item, which plays a very good role in pulling the body proportion. Or put a hooded sweater into the bottom of the suit, you can also create a high waist effect, the overall shape looks more slender.

3 zipper hooded sweater

In addition to the direct hooded hoodie, the simple but not monotonous zipper sweater can also make your fashion index soar. In fact, no matter what the zipper or hood, as long as you like, how can you do it!

[With the hooded sweater]

Match one: hooded sweater + coat

I want to make the bottom of the winter wear, and the hooded sweater + coat must not be less. In this season suitable for mashups, you can feel free to try this way. Temperament white coat casually take a black hooded sweater, so that your return rate instantly skyrocketed!

Match 2: Pilot cotton suit + hooded sweater

Pilot cotton clothing is a classic item that has always been popular in the fashion circle. The cotton clothing is loose and soft, and looks warm and deeply rooted in the heart and hooded sweater to keep you cool and handsome.

Match three: denim jacket + hooded sweater

A casual denim jacket mixed with a hooded sweatshirt makes it easy to keep your look eye-catching. The northern sister can wear a lamb-wool denim jacket that is not only suitable for winter, but also wears a different taste.

Match four: jeans + hooded sweater

Nothing is safer than this one, so you won’t go wrong. If you wear a pair of ripped jeans, you can make your style cool!

Match five: skirt + hooded sweater

If you want to be both sporty and feminine, try a skirt with a hooded sweater that can knock out different sparks and make it fresher.

Hoodie sweaters have so many styles and matching methods, do you still have reasons to refuse?