A little emotion: you have to rely on yourself to find a job!

Last week, we were invited by a listed Internet company to talk about career development as a guest in their presentation at a 211 college. I feel a lot of contact, just talk about it, the words of a family.

1 The teachers in the employment centers of some colleges lack a sense of responsibility.

For this company, with their fame, many mainland colleges can’t wait for them to preach the school, but the attitude of the employment center teachers in this institution has always been indifferent. It is not our personal feeling, after work with the company a lot of work. People have the same feelings when they communicate. And this view has been informed to other companies under the group.

Although this effect is not direct, it will be very long-term.

2 All the students have a strong desire for knowledge and an obvious anxiety about job hunting and workplace issues. Whether it is to preach the interaction at the time, or to communicate privately after the meeting.

We can fully understand their anxiety and lack of confidence, no matter how good in all aspects of the school, after entering the society is a new person. For the company’s environment, interpersonal, departmental responsibilities, the road to the future, it is completely black and white.

3 The university’s education for career development is seriously inadequate. This is a 211, a pair of two or four in the third- and fifth-tier cities in the Mainland, which is even more evident!

In short, looking for a job, many times, the school’s employment center is really unreliable, but also depends on yourself.

In the follow-up, we will continue to follow this company to participate in the presentations of domestic universities, share the experience of the workplace as a guest, and share new developments with you.