A little new, a little old, wearing no pears on Monday

I don’t know if you still remember I’m going to work today. Column?

Maybe you have to say: Only my mother wears it every day.

Or: The whole company should be dressed like this, and the pressure in my body will be great.

However, there are several styles that are worn and worn, and they are worn as King Kate.

Then Ah Meng will introduce a few items that can be reversed in traditional dresses.

Single product one: learn from men’s clothing, match Suit vest or vest Can neutralize the excessive femininity brought by the skirts and boots below:

Bessie uses a wool vest to set the shirt and pay attention to the lace collar of the shirt. This method is suitable for people who are thin in the upper body.

Hard dresses can also be worn as vests on the outside of the sweater, so it’s very Tibetan.

Is this a belly pocket with a shirt collar?

Single product two: ribbon Bow . The bows embellished on domestic clothes are mostly used to show cute styles. It is not very good to sell them on formal occasions. Try the long ribbon that comes with this shirt, anyone can hold it:

Putting it on a neutral dress is similar to a men’s bow tie.

You have learned it now, this is a cool color:

This is a warm color:

Remember, the bigger the chest, the smaller the bow on the chest.

Single product three: I feel that the black leather skirt is too boring? Can try Bare brown leather skirt Especially suitable for hair is a warm color of the sister paper.

This kind of brown selection is thinner and not reddish.

Single product four: Silver booties

In fact, the color of the earth is not awkward, probably because of the softer cortex.

Or with a low-key metal element.

Single product five: various lengths Long skirt

In fact, as long as you master the proportion, what length of skirt can be, but to go to work, the skirt should not be too large.

Although the color is bright, the skirt is really small.

The jeans stuffed in the sister can be changed to black pantyhose and go straight to work:

Olivia Palermo is a collection of two pieces I mentioned today.

The fishtail skirt can continue to wear.

Although it is an old article, I hope you like it~

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