A trick to get the Tencent King card sneak traffic

Open source and throttling are two ways to save money, and the same applies to saving traffic.

Before the Spring Festival, I was in Unicom New Year free traffic collection method Daquan 》, introduced several ways to receive traffic for free.

That is the way open source saves traffic, and the boys can get around 1G of traffic every day.

Today, I will introduce a method of saving traffic by throttling.

There are more and more apps installed on your mobile phone. Many applications will automatically run traffic even if they are not turned on.

Like the Tencent King card, the daily rent card, due to the sneak traffic of various applications, may not open the application on the same day, the daily rent treasure is used up.

In order to solve this situation, Tencent Mobile Manager, also affiliated with Tencent, recently launched a management function for Wangka traffic.

Under the classification of the utility tools of Tencent Mobile Manager, launched Dawang card Zone.

The mobile phone housekeeper’s Dawang card area not only monitors the use of daily rent treasures, exclusive traffic and call charges.

At the same time launched a very powerful Charge flow reminder and control function

After the charge flow reminder and control function is activated, when using mobile data.

All non-Tencent streaming-free applications cannot connect to the network to avoid sneak traffic.

Of course, it is also possible to set whether or not to allow networking for a non-streamless application, and to allow networked applications to be no longer restricted by networking.

If the phone is connected to the Internet under WIFI, all software will not be controlled by the network.

This very intimate little feature can effectively control the range of networked applications and avoid automatic background networking of applications.

Tencent Wang card users who want to save traffic can try it.

Finally, this feature is currently only available to King Card users who use Android phones.

The first time you log in to the mobile phone housekeeper Dawang card area, you need to verify the binding. Tencent Wangka

Since the iOS system does not open the management function of advanced rights, I can’t use this function.

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