A world of exotic restaurants

In Milan, Italy, there is a restaurant called Hilton. They do not charge for the price of the dishes. Instead, they charge the customers according to the length of the meal, 1000 lire per minute. In some restaurants in Japan, a “time-charging restaurant” is set up, and a big clock is placed on each table to calculate the customer’s meal time. If the customer finishes the meal within the specified time, the restaurant will give a preferential price.

The Giulio restaurant in Pittsburgh, USA, opened a “customer-priced restaurant”. The customer pays according to their satisfaction with the food, no matter how much, the restaurant does not object. If the customer is not satisfied, you can not give it. There are a few words on the menu: “In the Julio restaurant, I believe that God will bring you good luck. So there is no pricing on the menu, you decide how much your dish is worth.” Because of the curiosity of the “customer pricing method” The 34-seat Julio restaurant has become a local hot spot, with an average revenue growth of 25% per month, but there are also very few customers who pay significantly less than the original price.

In Paris, France, there is a restaurant that gives food by weight. The price of their menu is clearly stated, but the weight of the food is based on the weight of each individual. For example, a big fat man eats three times more than a child, but they pay the same price. The seat of this restaurant has been specially designed. People sit on it and there is a pound scale on the back that shows his weight. So when they order, the waiter lists the weight of the customer on the menu. The chef is based on the customer. Give weight to food. Because this restaurant is so weird, it has attracted many customers to visit.

Japan’s McDonald’s used a “floating game method” to increase monthly sales by 16%. The so-called “emergence game method” means that the card has a bonus of 3,000 yen, 2,000 yen and 1,000 yen, which is covered with a silver film. The customer can simply tap the nail with a nail. For the customer, it is too exciting and fascinating to participate in the game while eating.

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