AcFun’s first women’s big-name trials started!

Today, I am coming to be a big brother.

In many film and television works, we often see a lot of “men’s clothing.” Whether it is Xu Xian in the classic New White Snake legend or Lin Dongxia’s oriental unbeaten; the men’s clothing combined with the man’s heroic and woman’s gentleness, explains a different feeling. With what kind of girl can men’s clothing, the men can not pursue a cute little skirt? I! Partial! want! Whether you are setting the flag for women’s clothing, or reluctantly saying that roommates are forcing themselves, or that they are just curious to wear this, these excuses! fake! fake! all fake! Touch your own conscience and tell the true thoughts of your heart, that is, I want to wear women’s clothes! ! !

The AcFun Women’s Daxie Committee (established two hours ago) announced the official start of the “First AcFun Women’s Big Selection”! Hidden in the plaid shirt striped T-shirt under the buzzing heart, I ordered you with AC mother’s skirt, seal release ~

Prize display

The comment area prize is the comment area of ​​the event page.

stamp Seriously, you lose (・ω・)ノ- ( ゚- ゚)つロ

You can go to the event page to participate in the registration and comments!

Participation rules

  • Submission time


  • Voting time


  • Result announcement


Instructions for Authors

  1. Participating users need to upload images or videos before the submission deadline, and Add to tag Women’s clothing “, the registration label is invalid if the group label is not added.
  2. Submission title for: [women’s clothing] +xxxx, for example [women’s attire] ac mother.
  3. The submitted picture or video must be out of the country. If you use other people’s photos and videos, you will be disqualified.
  4. At least one photo in the submission needs to be exposed above the shoulders, and it is forbidden to make strange mosaics and stickers.
  5. The event is based on the principle of voluntary participation, and any commitment to women’s clothing comes from subjective desire for women’s clothing.
  6. The partners who participated in this event must be at least 18 years of age, and the uploaded works should not be too explicit or sexually suggestive.

Come and sign up~