Addictive novels – spiritual opium

The life of a person is elusive. From now on, I am no longer a child. The growth of the years has given me tremendous temper. I am now facing a huge choice.

A 93-year-old girl came to Beijing to accompany her wine and sell her laughter. She was six or seven hundred a night. However, the girl was indulged in the novels of the overbearing president who fell in love with me and in the world of emperors. I forgot. Reality, immersed in the false world constructed by the novel, it is difficult to extricate itself. After moving away from the friends, it lacks the supervision of others, wanders all day, eats it when you are hungry, and finally becomes hungry and hungry without starvation. .

This is a terrible thing. The novel erodes her mind and releases the lazy character that comes with her body. She eventually becomes a slave to the overbearing presidential novel, and the road leading to the cliff is gradually built. Not only her, but why not?

In the world of fiction, I often go to further fantasy scenes and substitute myself into the protagonist. This is an opium, a spiritual opium. I have both consumed my energy and felt that I have done something wrong, and I have a sense of existence in my mind (ridiculous is a virtual world in my own mind that no one else knows). It’s ridiculous that I can understand but choose to turn a blind eye, ridiculous!

The novel is the spice of life, but when it is put more, it becomes a spiritual opium.

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