Advantages and disadvantages of major credit cards in 2017

Today, talk to you about the advantages and disadvantages of major bank credit cards.

Credit card consumption has become the daily consumption habit of most people in the moment. Many card friends can use credit card discounts and benefits to the extreme, but it is difficult for those credit card white cards to choose which bank to apply for. Xiao Bian carefully sorted out the credit card rankings of the major banks in 2017 to see the advantages and disadvantages of these bank credit cards.

Credit Card Rank NO.1: Industrial and Commercial Bank

Netizens claim that the first line of the universe – not taking the usual path. ICBC credit cards are approved by the local card department, not the credit card center. ICBC credit card approval is based on its own system star rating. If you have a savings card at ICBC, your chances of obtaining a card will be much higher.

Advantages: no fees, quick withdrawals, free SMS reminders, free of interest for up to 56 days, and non-full interest payments.

Disadvantages: The amount of the card is basically low. It can be said that there is basically no discount, and the points are not very useful.

Credit card ranking NO.2: Construction Bank

It is considered to be a relatively friendly bank in the four major banks. The card is also relatively easy, and the quota is not low.

Advantages: low application threshold, free card car wash, relatively favorable merchants, mileage can be exchanged, no quota is used, and the annual fee is waived after 3 times.

Disadvantages: no SMS notification, short interest period.

Credit Card Rank NO.3: Agricultural Bank

There are many merchants in the ABC card cooperation, and there are many joint-name cards. It can be said that it is a relatively intimate bank.

Advantages: a lot of activities, more outlets, faster withdrawals, 56 days interest-free period, free SMS reminders, professional services for credit card customers.

Disadvantages: high threshold, low quota (Shenka 500 is too much), long approval time, no points.

(This qq co-branded card is a personal one I prefer, because it is free of annual fees. And the amount is super super fast, fixed every 3 months. Basically, it will be normally swiped and will not be rejected)


Credit Card Rank NO.4: Bank of China

Bank of China is the lowest of the four state-owned banks, with 15,000 outlets nationwide and institutions abroad.

Advantages: points value, more outlets, SMS reminders, and many promotional activities.

Disadvantages: Shenka Gate is high, can only apply for two times a year, pays great attention to deposits, and affiliate cards need to be repaid separately.

Credit card ranking NO.5: China Merchants Bank

In 2014, the number of card issuance is the highest in the country, and the development momentum is very strong.

Advantages: The service is particularly good, the amount is relatively high, the amount is humanized, the activities are many, and all card bills are combined.

Disadvantages: Some online shopping quotas are only 500 yuan, 20 yuan, 1 point, most online shopping without points.

(China Merchants Bank is a small editor of my favorite bank, just like it to raise the amount of violence, said to mention, very capricious)

Credit Card Rank NO.6: Bank of Communications

Bank of Communications credit card activities are more and more close to the people, the activities of the most popular Friday are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Advantages: Bank credit card refueling, supermarket shopping cash back, watching a movie for 10 yuan a month, 56 days long interest-free, Alipay, online payment limit.

Disadvantages: no points concessions, complicated operation by stages, each card needs to be repaid separately, and the SMS fee is charged.

Credit Card Rank No.7: Everbright Bank

One of the more popular banks, the number of credit card users is more, and the activities are also very strong.

Advantages: The card face is beautiful, the threshold is low, the activity is many, the brush is free of annual fees, free SMS reminder, online shopping has points.

Disadvantages: The commission fee is very high and the outlets are few.


Although the credit card is good, after buying and buying unscrupulously, remember that you must pay back on time!

Otherwise the consequences are very, very, very serious! ! !

If you don’t know where to do the card, you can privately trust me or pay attention to the Alipay life number.