After reading the legs of Wei Yuan’s not P figure, I feel cured.

I heard that people who are afraid of regret have paid attention to Miss Seven

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In recent days, Wei Wei attended a conference, and the photos of the PS did not flow out, which made the netizens stunned.

At the press conference, Rose was wearing a bright orange suit with a black printed T-shirt, a chocker, a western-style hot pants, and simple thin-strap high-heeled sandals. This is actually nothing wrong.

It just looks like the whole, it can’t set off the temperament she deserves. Especially the head of the ball, this sprout seems to be unsuccessful. The orange suit is also a bit rustic.

The last time Jiang Yanying was also defeated in an orange suit, this color really sees who is going to kill, unless the makeup of the whole body is impeccable, the gas field can be held when it is fully open, otherwise it is easy to lose.

Ok, this is not the point.

The point is that everyone found the real legs of Rose without PS. This is the next fryer, it turns out that ~ look at the legs, I think it is Jiang Xin. This leg type and standing position is exactly the same as Jiang Xin’s “Ode to Joy 2” conference, but the legs of the goddess are obvious to everyone and never covered.

Rose’s usual legs are like this:

It’s thin, beautiful, and straight. The reality we can imagine is a bit fatter at first, and the skin is a bit rougher, but the reality is still a bit big.

In two days, the photo of Yuan Wei Airport without PS was also revealed. It feels like this is normal, the ordinary young people usually look like, the overall dress is naturally casual, in fact, this is not bad.

I just used to see the refinement map. I suddenly saw such a real photo, but I was not used to it.

The legs are not so beautiful, and it seems that the muscles are a bit loose, and should not be the appearance of the legs of the vest line queen who loves sports.

Usually, we are used to muscle tight, no extra fat, and the legs are thin and straight.

After reading, are there children shoes that have been cured?

It turns out that I am not bad at all, haha, but the girls with thick legs really have to work hard to lose weight. It’s really “a fat to destroy all” ah ~~~

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