After the nut 3, the hammer is released, why do you have a diaper? !

Yesterday was a normal day, and it was usual that I was still struggling to change my mobile phone before the year. I am not Huawei powder, not millet fever, not charm blue control, but also proudly do not like vivo, OPPO. what should I do? I can’t afford Apple! I was so cold for a while, thinking about changing my phone for a while.

Coincidentally, yesterday, a friend who preferred the niche said that today is the Nut 3 conference, and half an hour, buy it.

I also stumbled as hot. Still not decided.

Today, the news about Luo Yonghao and the hammer ugly 3 is overwhelming.

It is said that the hammer mobile phone is a feeling.

At the Nut 3 conference, Lao Luo revealed that at the Beijing Bird’s Nest conference on May 15 (the sixth anniversary of Hammer Technology), in addition to the new Smartisan OS system, the next generation of super flagship mobile phones will also meet with you, if there is no accident, it is T3. !

Life is tough, he said frankly: “We hope that the next step is not just a beautiful mobile phone. We have to do some cheap mobile phones, sell some mobile phone sets, and make a few friends during this period to keep the team going. go ahead.”

On the official subscription number of the hammer mobile phone, the new product launch conference was summarized in 18 sentences, 8 of which were selling edge products.

At the end of the conference, Luo Yonghao responded to the doubts about the long-term absence of the hammer flagship, but also laid the groundwork, saying that Hammer Technology will continue to bring exciting highlights on May 15th, to release some “people scare the urine” Something, even want to give every guest present a diaper.

Luo fat, I want to say, Chinese people patriotic goods, if you really have confidence, diapers, please use my mother and baby domestic new brand – card Meng!

I am looking forward to that day, Ka Meng and Hammer, together at the Beijing Bird’s Nest conference, witnessed the birth of this revolutionary product that will change the industry shape in the next 8-10 years!

Luo Yonghao said before that this product will be revolutionary on May 15th, please prepare your diaper to witness.

Why prepare a diaper? ! I want to release some things that make people scare. I even want to give diapers to every guest present.