Aged nonsense

People always can’t let go of things about youth, and so do I.

I opened the document and stared at the computer screen for a long time. I found that I couldn’t remember the first time I listened to Guo’s boss.

It must be a long time ago.

Our generation is no more than a child nowadays. At the age of elementary school, we are holding a smartphone to go to school. The entertainment life is rich and horrible. I got my first smartphone when I graduated from high school. Before that, the biggest source of entertainment was listening to the cross talk.

As a Tianjin native, the most unique condition is that we have a dedicated radio channel called Crosstalk Radio. In addition to the daily 10:00 to 11:00 and 2:00 to 4:00 pm, the two doctors are selling drugs in other occasions, and the radio can be heard at any other time.

So throughout the middle school era, I was spending a lot of enthusiasm for cross talk, and the cross talk was almost as good as a few.

The old comic dialogue is the most delicious, that is, even if the sound quality is already rough, you can still laugh with the sound. The new comic dialogue, such as the work of Feng Gong’s teacher, is funny, but it looks more like a small piece in the form, and it is inevitable that it will be boring after listening for a long time. There is also a period of song-like comic dialogue that really can’t control my appetite. Every time I hear it, I feel uninteresting.

Later, Deyun Society quietly fired up, and the radio station played the old Guo’s paragraph more and more frequently. The traditional paragraph, Taiping lyrics, and the opera learned to sing… Lao Guo put these together in the modern comic dialogue, there are also burdens and real kung fu. Many people have become fascinated by this, so I think this is why I can’t hate him so far.

When the heart began to be impetuous, he reminded people of the original heart of the cross talk.

Later, all the Deyun clubs have their own works, Xu Deliang, Wang Wenlin, He Yunwei, Li Jing, Cao Yunjin, Liu Yuntian…

These people are my youth.

In the same year, Kim recorded a slogan for the cross talk. The propaganda word was what I forgot. I always remembered his sentence, “Hello, I am the comic actor Cao Yunjin.” It was a taste that couldn’t be described. It sounded like a stream of water, and I couldn’t help but think of a good-looking son in a light-colored coat.

I thought that this group of people would always be busy and prosperous, until later, the sea of ​​sang.

One day I continued to open the radio, but I didn’t hear a crosstalk from Deyun.

For the next few days, Deyun was like never seen before, and it never appeared in the mouth of the host.

The most recent one from their appearance was just a new host who said “what kind of society.”

In a later morning show, I finally heard the voice of Lao Guo.

It is a song called “just good.”

This song is like a transition, and gradually pulls Deyun Society back to everyone.

It seems that nothing has happened, and Lao Guo’s paragraph can appear on the show every day.

Only everyone knows that everything is different.

Later, I went to college. Every day in the dormitory and classmates, I was a day, and gradually let go of the habit of listening to the cross talk.

However, Tianjin people have a fascination with cross talk, and it doesn’t matter whether they listen or listen. It is in their hearts.

After four years of ignorance, I was preparing for the test in the darkness when I graduated. The mobile phone got a radio software, just to see the old Guo’s cross talk in the recommendation. When I heard the big truth, the tears came down.

The feeling of remembering youth is more sour than when I first heard “The Years.”

When Guo Cao and the two began to tear, at the beginning I was watching the game with a heart-warming mind. There have been too many things seen in these years, and it is not surprising who wins and loses.

Only one day suddenly remembered the phrase “Hello everyone, I am a comic actor Cao Yunjin” in the cross talks of the year, and my heart began to get sour.

I have never thought about it at the time, they will come to this step one day.

There has never been an eternal world.

I have been knowing to make a small transparency that silently sees the answer. Yesterday I couldn’t help but put up the “Jingmen” that built the brain hole. I didn’t expect to get some approval, thank you.

Others say that it makes sense to write this thing.

Nothing is meant.

As the little brother said, the word meaning has no meaning at all.

That is my youth, I want to give it an ending in my own way, nothing more.

Regarding the past, write it down a little and remember it here. The first time I wrote this flow account, it was the last time I mentioned it.

As some respondents said, Deyun is not the original Deyun.

But I know that the cross talk is not dead.

Only this, enough.