Agent for Love (2)

“How come you haven’t gone yet?”

Lu Yao walked out of the bedroom with a sleepy eye, looking at his arms tied to his underwear, and Liu Chen, who was taking out a hearty breakfast from the kitchen.

Liu Chen saw her wake up and quickly put the plate on the table. The water on the handle was rubbed on the apron. Some of them said with restraint: “Ah, you wake up, I made breakfast for you, you see this cup, classic Italy’s 1983 red wine, mild and smooth, very suitable for breakfast drinks, and this avocado from Congo, rich in protein, then, the main event came…”

Before I finished, Lu Yao said, “Oh,” he said, “I was asking why you haven’t left yet? Didn’t you let you roll yesterday?”

Liu Chen opened his mouth and couldn’t speak. After a long time, he said, “You know… I am being chased, the injury is not good, and going out is dead…”

Lu Yao went to the table and picked up a cup of white cold water. He took a drink and said, “Then go to the neighbor’s house. He is a man. I heard that it is a novel. You two are together, maybe there are still Common language…”

Liu Chen shivered and took a pistol from his arms, and he slammed it on the table.

“What else do you want to say?” Liu Chen asked.

Lu Yao looked down at the pistol and said, “Oh, let’s stay, anyway, you are almost the same as you are.”

After that, she yawned and turned to the bathroom to start washing.

When she came out, the table was full of breakfast for a plate. Lu Yao blinked and curiously asked: “Are you sure this is breakfast, not a full house?”

Liu Chen licked his hair and put on a smile that he thought he was very handsome. He said, “Yeah, sweetheart, come and have breakfast…” Before he finished, he squatted back and had one more face. Only slippers.

Lu Yao took a foot and sat at the table to start eating.

Just want to move the chopsticks, she stopped again, Lu Yao looked at Liu Chen and said: “Is there no poison here?”

Liu Chenqi’s body shivered. He slammed the pistol and shuddered and said: “I have a hundred kinds of women who solve your nerves thicker than the Milky Way. Do you have the means to poison them? Who am I? Yeah, the light is just right, the gentleman is jade…”

Lu Yao interrupted him again: “Oh, that’s good, I thought you would be fascinated, not all in the movie…”

“What movie do you watch?” Liu said in the mouth of his mouth, but his eyes could not help but shine.

After a gust of wind and clouds, Lu Yao drank the last bite of milk and licked his stomach and said, “Well, I can’t see it. You cook very well.”

Liu Chen looked at it with a stagnation, and the plate was almost empty on the table, and he couldn’t speak.

Lu Yao went to the front of a large mirror and looked down at the number on the scale. “Oh,” he said, “How come so fat?”

After I finished speaking, I took the slippers from my feet and stood on the ground with bare feet and slipped the slippers.

“Everyone blame you!”

I thought about it and added another sentence: “You don’t leave, wash the bowl, who will cook the dishes.”

After half an hour.

Liu Chen put the plate back into the cupboard, almost cumbersome, and went to the living room to lie on the sofa.

“I am going to work. If you are not in a hurry, help me to clean up the house.”

Lu Yao put on high heels and took the bag and opened the door to get out.

At this time, lying on the sofa, Liu Chen, whose eyes were closed, suddenly moved his ears. He slammed his eyes open and jumped up and went to the door.

Lu Yao was standing there motionless, and a pistol with a silencer was placed outside the door, and it was placed on her forehead.

Liu Chen’s eyes widened. Yesterday, and what he said today, it’s all from the show. Plus, if I have a month’s holiday, how can someone really kill him?

Lu Yao slowly stepped back, and the man with the gun followed slowly.

First exposed is a pair of hands, white and slender, a pair of women’s hands painted with red nail polish, then a woman wearing a leather coat, painted with red lips, came in, saw Liu Chen, and also cast a fascination towards him. eye.

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