“Algorithm Design and Analysis” textbook related news release

Based on the accumulation in the course of teaching algorithm, I wrote an algorithm textbook for computer undergraduate students. The textbook-related news is published here. If there is something worthy of in-depth discussion, then write another dedicated article and add an index link here.

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Open a special article to record the revision of the content of the textbook in detail. Links are listed above.


Just received the notice, the sample books issued by the publishing house have been delivered by courier. Go online and find out that the book is ready to buy. Related links are listed above.


In early September last year, the first draft was sent to the publishing house and the review was started. The first round of review was completed in mid-November. Send the manuscript source file to the publisher and start publishing. Years later, in early February, the editorial feedback was revised and a back cover presentation and teaching suggestions were written. On June 22, the proofreading manuscript was sent to the publishing house. The proofreading came to an end and the book was finally ready to be printed.

The typesetting proofreading has been submitted after the completion of the new year, and it has been done for six months. The time has exceeded expectations. The main reason is that publishers can’t proofread on the basis of latex. It is a new word-like software. Numerous details of the mistakes were introduced by this rearrangement process, and these invalid labor also fully proved the science and efficiency of latex typesetting.

In addition, you will see that there are many similar ugly styles in the word style, such as mathematical symbols, such as line spacing, which is not the author’s intention.

The good news is that the next time we reprint, we will adjust the typesetting method to be based on my latex layout.


In 2007, he began to participate in the teaching of algorithm courses. From 07 to 09, Master Chen Dao’s class took the main class and I took a 1/3 class tutorial. From 10 years, I took 1/2 class of all classes, including the main class, tutorial, and exercises. Looking at the materials taught over the years, I discovered that it was in the beginning of 2009 and wrote some of the lectures in the form of handouts. Lectures are typeset with latex, organized in a project called LADA (Lectures on Algorithm Design and Analysis), and a new version is released each year, from LADA09, LADA10, …, to LADA16.