“Alice’s Spiritual Judgment”: Although it is a tragedy, it is not worthy of sympathy


The following content involves serious spoilers. Players who have not played should be careful to choose whether to continue reading.

The game is not a new game, but the traditional Chinese is indeed officially added in the past few days (and only supports Chinese on the Android side, iOS is still Japanese), is a court debate type with a reversal of referee and projectile AVG game, I played from yesterday’s intermittent play to today, in order to save time and check the Raiders finally ended the game in the afternoon, after a long sigh, the child is really not too calm…

A small introduction to the story introduction and the individual:

At the beginning of the game, Alice wakes up and finds that she doesn’t remember anything. From other people, she knows that the white rabbit died in the audio-visual classroom. The Queen of Hearts was taken to the spiritual court for trial because she had bullied the white rabbit. The rabbit decided to execute the Queen of Hearts and judge again. White Lotus Alice naturally disagreed with such innocence without any evidence, so she began a long road of forensics. She met the caterpillar teacher, the twins, the Cheshire cat and the ghost. Scared of the dead March rabbit (March rabbit is really scary).

In the end, Alice confirmed the innocence of the Queen of Hearts, and also shakes out the red heart secretly loves the caterpillar teacher (you can Alice), and also found that the white rabbit classmates committed suicide. The story is in the last chapter through the combination of reality and environment. Alice remembered everything, and all the names related to Alice in Wonderland are behind a real person with a Japanese name.

Yu Zuo Chunmei is also a white rabbit. She has known Alice since she was a child. Because some things in the family have been such a friend from Alice, and Alice has always had a sense of superiority because of the dependence of the white rabbit. Someone asked the rabbit. The situation was ignorant, after Alice and Cheshire cats played together, I think this is a true friend, plus the white rabbit is now the Queen of Red Heart bullying Alice does not want to involve himself, so far away from the white rabbit, heart gray The cold white rabbit finally chose to commit suicide, and the red heart queen bully white rabbit was also planned by the white rabbit, the purpose is to let Alice notice her…

Maybe I don’t know Lily. I don’t like this white rabbit very sympathetic. The so-called poor person must have hatefulness. Alice is also a white lotus in my opinion. No one is clean. The death of the white rabbit gave the Alice Ribbon a psychological shadow, because she felt that she had killed the white rabbit, so she lost her memory after fainting and launched this illusory self-spiritual trial.

The ending is like this. If you can’t say sadness, you feel very sad. It can be a useless expression to rely on one person. But the white rabbit can hold the red heart and the photo of the caterpillar teacher to threaten the red heart and explain that she is still in the bones. Not weak, but still do not die, do not die, force the rhythm of things.

Game features:

First of all, because it is an AVG game, the plot takes up a large part, and the plot cannot be fast forwarded. It can’t be saved in the middle of each chapter. The background can only start a long Tap from this chapter… But these plots also bring reasoning. With a lot of hints, you can easily solve it (not).

The game uses physical limitations, the wrong answer to deduct physical strength, running maps to buckle physical strength, and sometimes can not find people running pictures to run GG … … but this does not prevent us from exploring this game, because the reasoning game is to Play to the end, the sadness of this process is only understood by myself. It is possible to play for a day without a strategy. I have been playing for a long time before and after watching the Raiders, and I have been crazy about the screen (read There is no way to do it, screaming face).

Personally, there is only one ending in the game, and there is no ending. If I count the death, I have nothing to say, but there is a hidden plot, which is why the Queen of Hearts was later threatened by the white rabbit.

In general, the process of reasoning is very thrilling with music. I hope everyone will like it~

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