All your dreams of the North African Garden can be realized in Marrakech!

Thanks to Morocco’s visa exemption for Chinese citizens, I completed a nationwide self-driving tour with a pig head a month ago: we landed in Casablanca, a spy shadow in North Africa, and went deep into the Sahara of the desert camel bell, crossing the mountains and crossing a mountain. A maze of historic old towns and colonial towns, along the magnificent seaside roads from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean… Today I am going to write my favorite city of Marrakech, let the magnificent North African gardens paint for Morocco. The last period.

Love and beauty garden

Before visiting Jardin Majorelle in the garden of Mayor, I just regarded it as a gossip attraction. Oh, here is the love back garden of Yves Saint Laurent and same-sex couples. Every spring comes here for a holiday rendezvous, even many people call it directly. It YSL Garden (listen to the name lipstick), looking for masters in the tree shadows…

There is a long queue in front of the ticket office. This is the only attraction in Morocco that needs to be lined up. The tickets are quite expensive, 70 (garden) + 30 (exhibition) dinars, compared to world culture. Tickets for the Heritage are only available for 10-20 dinars. Well, it is really “advanced customization” in the attractions.

(Uncle YSL still looks so handsome now)
As soon as I entered the garden, I was shocked by the flourishing vitality of the lush plants. The greenery was intertwined with love, all thanks to the original owner of the garden. In 1923, the French orientalist Jacques Majorelle bought the horse. A palm forest in Lakash, he collects exotic flowers from all over the world: oriental bamboo weeping willows, jasmine water lilies and South American cacti, agave, bougainvillea… they are carefully arranged into a charming garden.

However, what really makes this garden a soul is the paint color chosen by the painter when painting the outdoor wall of the work – it is a color than the clear sky, a depth than the calm sea, set off against the green plants. It looked strong, primitive and bold, and later this unique blue was named “Major Blue.”

As the painter died in 1962, the Mayor garden gradually became ruined. Until 1980, Yves Saint Laurent and her boyfriend Pierre Bergé stumbled upon the garden and its forgotten beauty, so they invested in the purchase. And rebuilt, the French fashion masters believe that the color of the garden is like the brush from Matisse, which has drawn infinite design inspiration.

In 2008, a generation of fashion idols died, some of his ashes were scattered in the rose garden, and an ancient Roman column was erected to show gratitude and memory to YSL.

Today, the Blue Studio has become the Berber Culture Museum, which displays the Berber costumes of Yves Saint Laurent’s personal collection. It is forbidden to take pictures in the museum. I can only say that the exhibition hall is beautiful! The room is filled with angled mirrors, and the viewer seems to be in the vast expanse of the sky.

There is also a small gallery full of YSL’s declaration of love. I have specially taken a few years, you can go to the public number to find out if there is any love that belongs to you.

Palace garden

Visiting the Muslim palace is always dazzling, and the courtyard with the fountain is indirectly connected to the intricate details. Each hand-painted ceiling is fascinating, and each beautiful mosaic is fascinating. I want to take pictures.

Bahia Palace, built at the end of the 19th century, was built by the Sultan Minister. He hired a well-known architect from Andalusia, shipped white marble from Italy, and found the best craftsman in the country. It took six years. It was intended to build the greatest palace of the time.

However, the Minister’s ambition was so great that after a few hours of his death in 1900, the Sultan looted the magnificent furniture and decorations of the Bahia Palace, leaving only the empty palace buildings for later generations to appreciate.

But to be honest, I think it is like an imitator of the Alhambra. The architectural accomplishments are far less than the Moors on the other side of the Mediterranean, the kingdom of Granada… The Spanish travels are far away!

Ben Youssef Theological Seminary, one of the largest Islamic colleges in North Africa, I am just curious, how can I study at such a beautiful campus?

The tomb of Sadian, built in the tomb of the royal family in the 16th century, I was also very surprised. The exquisitely carved tombs were not discovered until the early 20th century.

We followed Google Maps and wore alleys to find the tomb. Some local people came up to say hello: Hey, are you looking for the tomb of Sadian? The door is closed, I take the door!

Don’t ignore this little trick, just play with your own – in fact, there will be such amateur guides on the way to Morocco: “Excuse me? Sorry? Japan? Hongkong? China! Your hotel is looking for it. Do you need to explain local culture?” The most touching one was that a motorcyclist rode up and knocked on the window, following us all the way to help find a parking space…

Secular garden

The center of Marrakech, Jamafna Square, is the largest and busiest open-air plaza in Africa. The dancing cobra and the flip-flop monkey are exactly the same as in the movie. The reality is, if I lift the camera, they will take care of me. .

When I take pictures in a foreign country, I will ask the locals for advice. It’s like I think this shop is very beautiful. I ask the boss if he can take a picture. He made a gesture of asking, and then he went to the hole in the middle…

Crossing the plaza is the Old Town Market, where I share my shopping experience with the pigs:

I was stopped by a carpenter who specializes in cedar. He skillfully showed me the skills of the hands and feet and used the mutton skewers, chess and honey handles. “This is my grandfather’s mastery of the craft, at least 20 Years of experience can be made, you see, do it well, how much do you think you will pay for it?”
It’s hard to reject the soft-selling skills of this kind of live production. Finally, I spent 10 yuan to buy a cedar necklace pendant. I didn’t care that it had just been polished from the carpentry’s toes… After I saw more local buildings, I always I felt that I had a window frame on my neck.

Our family pig head continues his global haircut trip. Last time in Cusco, Peru, I cut the shape of an alpaca (commonly known as grass mud horse). This time, the old town shop looks like a year, and the haircut price is 80. Also to 50 (the price of visitors is undoubted).

The young man cut very sharply, and a large pair of scissors cut from the head to the end. After cutting and taking out a big razor, he waved and asked: Do you want to shave? Count it, we Chinese people have no more beards than you Arabs.

Well, the back of the head is very refreshing. It is a normal short hair style. The top of the head stays very long. It is necessary to apply a thick layer of Middle Eastern oil to complete the overall shape… After cutting this head, it will be Looking at the two eyes, the pig head went back to work in Shanghai. When I walked into the office, my colleague said: Are you cutting hair in Morocco… He is crying.

Happy garden

When the sunset in Marrakech shines on the snowy ridge of the Atlas Mountains, we are already seated at the poolside lobby of Mandarin Oriental.

Just a 10-minute drive from the Old Town to the hotel, it is like a century-old hotel surrounded by olive groves and roses. It is a modern version of the paradise, especially when you rob the noisy market.

Entering the golden moment of the hotel, the setting sun passes through the weeping willows, stroking the pool surface, and in the elegant Berber salon and the crystal cup of the restaurant, the waiter is playing with the afternoon champagne, everything is comfortable and beautiful.

The size of the Villa is very generous and there is plenty of space to relax by the pool. The Jacuzzi that connects the bedroom has been heated, or you can swim naked and have a good privacy.

The design of the room is MO’s traditional luxury oriental style, decorated with Berber style, exquisite and comfortable.

The bathroom is warm all over the floor, and the towel rack is also heated.

The slippers here are like the traditional Berber traditional pointed shoes. The world is probably unique. We take the right to be a tourist souvenir. It is perfect if we can bring the Berber hand-embroidered cushions home.

When I booked the hotel, I began to look forward to dinner here. Mandarin Oriental invited the famous female chef in Morocco to sit in the restaurant Mes’Lalla (the name of a local olive). Her fame was heard in Shanghai, so the horse This is the equivalent of Shanghai’s court in Lakash…

Sure enough, the dishes are very modern, and it can be said that the traditional Moroccan dishes are presented in the style of high-class cuisine:
Local duck liver, with saffron broth; smoked sardines, seasoned with two flavors of onion; lemonfish and scallions in the milkfish; sirloin in the Taji pot, a knife and a smashed meat, Save a hot air…

Half eaten suddenly came outside and screamed, I thought something was going on, ran out and saw a lion on the head!
The hotel staff saw me and stuffed me with oranges in my hand: Gong Hei Fat Choi!

It turned out that the hotel specially arranged a traditional lion dance performance for the Chinese New Year during the Spring Festival. It is not easy to find such a lion dance team in Morocco. The African brothers who beat the drums are particularly hard to wake up the lion’s black girl. It’s fascinating, I also heard that when she was close to the lion’s head and talking to her partner, she was speaking Arabic…

After the meal, we went to Ling Ling, a subsidiary of Hakassan, and felt that the most fashionable people in Marrakech came here to socialize.
Unexpectedly, the most satisfying cocktail in recent days was actually in the Muslim country with the tradition of prohibiting alcohol: Ginger Cooler, with seven years of rum and apple juice, lime, cinnamon and ginger, the general cocktail is supported by acidity and sweetness. Here, it is supported by the spicy taste of ginger, great!

Self-driving tips

The old town of Morocco is full of flexible and witty streets, and it relies on the experienced and agile action of the old drivers to survive.

Parking: 2 yuan for a small place, 5 yuan for Marrakech New Town, 10 yuan for turnkey, 20 yuan for the old city, basically P can be everywhere, and each vacant lot has a witty administrator to take charge.

In order to do our business, one of my brethren directly pushed a car without a brake, and moved out a parking space.
When you are backing up, the local administrator still likes to hold the car with your hand, as if you are driving your own carriage and knocking on the trunk.

Moroccan navigation, we basically rely on Google maps, once navigation with us super close, all the way to fight with the small donkey, the fellows, your village’s asphalt and then spread the width of 10 cm? We are crossing the bridge on one side all the time…

There are often police speeds along the way, and sometimes the taxis will flash a big light to remind the police in front of them.

Our high-speed entrance to Marrakech was stopped by a policeman, insisting that we were speeding: 80 yards speed limit you opened 88 yards, we have video!
We recalled that we were very careful all the way, and there was no speeding. It was impossible to tell him.
The police said, “I should have been fined seven hundred. Now I don’t want five hundred. You will pay a fine of three hundred dinars!”
~~ We listened to the wrong tone and started to follow him: Oh, we are coming from afar, your country is so beautiful… We don’t have cash.
The police heard it and asked: Does the euro have it?
No, there are RMB.
Oh, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee! In a friendly atmosphere, he suddenly pointed to the wash bag scattered in the back seat and on the plane. Q: What is this? open to take a look?
I have a chance to say: If you like it, give it to you! Just a gift from China!
The police took the bag and saw the hand cream, toothbrush and eye mask inside. They opened their eyes and smiled. OK, let’s go, hurry to Marrakech!

Morocco is exempt from visas for Chinese citizens. The next time you want to play, you can turn over my full travel notes.

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