An article tells you about Mark Zuckerberg’s wife

In 2012, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg married Priscilla Chan, a Chinese-American girlfriend of Harvard.

Regarding Chan, she has many identities, Harvard students, pediatricians, philanthropists, and Zuckerberg’s best known wife. Why does Zuckerberg choose her as a wife? What kind of qualities does she have?

Speak with facts. Now, in October, Chan announced the creation of East Palo Alto Elementary School and served as CEO to make efforts and contributions to alleviate the impact of poverty in the Bay Area on children. The school joins more than 50 families and communities to provide free schooling opportunities for some students at the beginning of the fall season. At the same time, these schools provide their families with services ranging from mental health to prenatal care.

You know, even though Chan was born in a place dubbed “The Birthplace of the American Dream”, her growing environment is different from other Catholic cities. “I always think that my identity is special. It is like an outsider. After all, my family does not have other people’s ceremonies,” said Chan.

Although Chan’s parents did not go to college and they only worked in Chinese restaurants after arriving in the United States, like all Chinese parents, they hope that their daughters can do better, have a good university, and have a good future. At the same time, “Mom told me that everyone is different. You don’t need to change. You have to accept the differences around you.”

During his Harvard student career, Chan had the opportunity to participate in the Phillips Brooks House Association, and in an association’s social service he saw some impoverished children living on the street because they were unable to attend school, and even being bullied.

In 2010, Zuckerberg and Chan began the charity of their first education project and donated 100 million U.S. dollars to public schools in New Jersey. After trying, Chan realized that she was not alone and she could do a good job in this area. So she set up a team to learn about children’s management in the community, and finally conducted a charity event on children.

At the end of 2015, Chan gave birth to Zuckerberg’s first child. After that, she knew that education reform could not wait.

“Before I had Max, all my experiences would only give me a strong sympathy, and I feel that children have so many opportunities and should not be delayed. All families will want to give their children the best. Chen said. “But after I had Max, I had this idea every day.”

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