Answer: IKEA talent development concept

Hey, as HR of IKEA, I am very happy to see everyone’s comments wow. I want to talk to you about the landlord.
At IKEA, our philosophy is “Everyone is Talent.” So, at IKEA, we and our colleagues are our “Pipe Life”. On the basis of respecting everyone’s interests and personal planning, everyone has a clear career planning and development plan (and target positions). We will spare no effort to provide resources for everyone to help them grow quickly. Whether you are part-time in society, part-time in school, full-time in 32 hours a week, or full-time in 40 hours a week, we provide a full range of support to help employees achieve their career goals. So in our store, you can see that some colleagues have worked as department managers from interns, and have developed from full-time professionals to full-time professionals.
We are committed to providing customers with a wide range of beautiful, practical and cost-effective household items. We not only sell products, but also sell a life concept – to create a better home, a better life for the public, and children can grow up in a more comfortable home.
And in order to achieve such a goal. In fact, we use fast communication methods and focus on close cooperation between teams to provide customers with a good shopping experience. In order to make our colleagues quickly become the mainstay of the mall, for this reason, newcomers will feel a variety of information.~ So if you want to develop rapidly in IKEA, then you need to have the ability to learn quickly. And the strength of colleagues who can hold a huge amount of information to contribute their own strength. As long as you are willing, we will support your career development in IKEA with a transparent promotion and development approach.
Speaking of interns’ salary and benefits – although the hourly salary system is adopted, students who continue to work at IKEA for six months will receive the same benefits as full-time staff, including annual leave, sick leave, festival awards, etc.~~
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