Anxieties in their 20s

In fact, in his 20s, it should be a positive, sunny, and energetic age.

Why can it become a state of anxiety, stress, and indignation?

It may be because it is too anxious, always eager to complete the most important thing in life in the 20s.

In your 20s, always find true love?

In my 20s, always find a job that I like and have a sense of accomplishment?

In his 20s, always buy the house quickly?

In particular, young Chinese people, in the face of the pressure to buy a house, basically leave the money for travel and love to the house.

Wuhan University has a good master’s degree, and the results are at least good. The work is also good. However, it is very difficult to buy a house in a city like Qingdao. Fortunately, a parent can help with a down payment, and the rest can save on their own. used.

If there is a good one, maybe it will be better?

Three aristocrats, then studying in Canada, enjoying the life of studying abroad, and finally graduating or choosing to return to China, but fortunately parents have already prepared the house, the work is also ready, and fully support the store.

The same is also the three aristocrats, studying in the United States, 200,000 tuition is not expensive for local tyrants, after returning to China, to go to Shanghai to find a job to give 3000, it is better to play in the father’s company, the only regret is a prefecture level The city, then opened the Chinese tour and tour.

What if nothing?

I didn’t have any help at home, I took a test of myself, how do I mix it?

Fortunately, the mainland is not like Hong Kong, the hinterland is vast, you can also go to the county, mixed with a teacher, but the next generation will have to break through again to see if you can enter the big city.

What can I do after I graduated from college? What can I change?

Technically top-notch? It is possible and probably the most easy to succeed.

But most of them, doing a few years before graduation, doing insignificant chores, sometimes making a few results may also be taken away.

Breakthrough in the network? Difficult, especially not good.

What can we do in our 20s?

It seems that this is the most difficult moment in life.

Find someone who loves, work hard on the handle, and practice the body. Is there anything more important than this?

As for the house, it has become more and more irrelevant to personal efforts, especially in big cities.