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This is the first two days when I saw a question raised by a parent in an “chicken blood” forum, which caused a resonance among the parents, indicating that this is not a case. Mathematics is indeed a discipline that has caused many people headaches. For a long time, although I have resisted acknowledgment in my heart, although she has shown great interest in most of her studies, she has also been a child who is not interested in mathematics.

It is reflected in: she can not take a nap, looking at the ceiling of the kindergarten to ponder a noon, and back to it, in the morning, the first “Mu Lan Ci” (391 words) seems to be completely familiar; They are all staring at the pinyin wall charts behind the classroom water dispensers. They have learned to pinyin. The first thing to go home is to ask for English. They are willing to do a few more pages than the teacher’s prescribed homework, because it’s so fun…etc. To start learning mathematics, find reasons to delay the time, left uncomfortable right to go to the toilet, hehe, all kinds of reluctance.

It is said that interest is the best teacher, so every new concept and the introduction of each type of thinking type, she almost learned much slower than I presupposed, and the error rate of doing the problem after the completion of the study is not low. Everyone can read the math tweets I have written, almost all of which have twists and turns. In this regard, I am also puzzling, friends joking, I remember that Dad has a domineering “fruit mathematics will not be bad.”

Ok, it won’t be bad, it’s a small rise, mathematics is very important, right? So I also tried to constantly change my mathematics counseling methods to stimulate children’s interest in learning. Recently, I found that the following methods are quite effective, especially shared, you can also try.

1 combing children’s knowledge blind spots and conceptual misunderstandings

I recently found some small and really serious questions for the fruit treasure to do exercises, divided into three categories: number and calculation, graphics and space, common sense and thinking logic.

In the process of doing the problem, I found that her first two questions are well mastered, and the correct rate is over 90%, but Common sense and thinking logic This part is only 80% correct. So she sorted out the wrong questions: Calculate date and time (more than 1 hour calculation), Permutations (With combination) These two types of questions are the worst, and they will go wrong almost every time.

It’s easy to find a blind spot of knowledge. It’s not the ultimate goal to explain the child’s understanding on the spot, because it’s probably an illusion. If you don’t fully understand the concept, the next time you change the same type of vest, the baby is likely to It’s awkward.

2Using piecemeal time, more examples of life

So I wrote down the two easy-to-follow questions that I combed out, and chatted with Guobao on the way to send the baby to school in the morning and in the shade of the morning run in the morning.

Topic 1: Xiao Ming’s classmates

Me: Xiao Ming is a very hard-working child, just like you. I got up at 7:30 in the morning, brushing my teeth, washing my face, eating breakfast, etc. I spent an hour and a half before I went to school. What time did he go to school?

(first practice more than 1 hour time calculation This question is exactly the same as the one she did wrong, just changed the word ↓↓↓)

Fruit: (Contemplative half day) 9 o’clock?
Me: (The child didn’t know the difference between “one and a half hours” and “half hour”, “two and a half hours” and “one hour” at first. I thought it was one thing. First tell them, if the question is to The expression “1 hour” is definitely not replaced by “two and a half hours”. It takes so long, you add the piecemeal time for half an hour, become 8 points, plus 1 hour, 9 Isn’t it easy to count right?
Fruit: I know.
Me: Xiao Ming is more tempered, get up at 7:30, and arrive at school after 1 hour and 45 minutes. What time is it?
If I used the method of adding 45 minutes first, I quickly calculated that it was 8:15, but I forgot to add that 1 hour…

I (balabala finished and asked): Xiao Ming is always late for the temper, the mother intends to punish him, pick him up after work, let him know the taste of “late”, kindergarten 5:20 after school, but the mother only 1 hour and 15 minutes later To pick him up, when will Xiao Ming wait for her mother?
Fruit: (very good count) 6:35, poor Xiao Ming!
I’m good. Today’s heavy rain, kindergarten 4:45 informed parents to leave school early, but the road is very blocked, the mother only arrived in a little while, the teacher to take care of Xiao Ming to what time?
Fruit: (contemplation for a little while) 6:15?

After confirming that she has fully figured out this type of question, she will proceed to the next step.

Another blind spot of knowledge: Permutations This is almost a small test. In the picture below, her answer at the beginning is 3, because the yellow and yellow lines, black and black, gray and gray…

How do I do this?

3, in one place, to integrate people and things that are closest to children

Topic 2: Sun Wukong has several names

Me: You don’t particularly like the collection of Golden Horn and Silver Horn King in Journey to the West? After Sun Wukong cheated their baby gourd, he returned to the hole and said what he called?

Fruit: Sunwalkers, grandchildren, grandchildren?
Me: Yes, if you let him keep coming back and yell, guess that Sun Wukong can make a few names?
Fruit: (careful)…6?
Me: Don’t guess, seriously count.
Fruit: Sunwalker, grandson, grandson… (懵圈)
Me: You fixed the “surname” first. He can only name “sun”. How many names are there?
Fruit: Sunwalkers, grandchildren?
Me: Very good, see if you missed it?
Fruit: No. Now he can only name “walk”, how many times?
I: Walkers, grandchildren.
Me: Is there a leak? (No) Well, then he can only surname “the person”, because “Sun” and “Line” are all listed, how many?
If you are a grandson, you are a grandson.
Me: How many names are there?
Fruit: (certain) 6 kinds!

Me: Well, there is a child in your class whose name is four words, called ABCD. How many kinds of names can his name be reversed?
Fruit: (seriously thought for a long time) don’t know…
Me: I think he can only surname A. How many names are there? The three words behind BCD, we just used the “Sunwalker” to do the experiment, there are several combinations?
Fruit: 6 species.
Me: What are the names of the children named A?
Fruit: 6 species.
Me: Is there a leak? (No) Then he can only have a surname B, and there are several ways to call it? (6 kinds); When is the surname C? (6 types); when is the surname D? (6 kinds) So, how many are called?
Fruit: four six twenty four! so fun!

Topic 3: Beautiful clothes that are not worn

(using her favorite Journey to the West has sparked interest, and the idea goes back to the wrong arrangement.)

Me: There are 3 pieces of clothes and 3 pants (skirts). How can I wear them every day?

Fruit: Suppose you can only wear yellow clothes first, there are 3 ways to wear them.
Me: Yes, I can only wear a yellow shirt now. No matter how beautiful the gray clothes and black clothes are, I just don’t wear it.
Fruit: (grabbing said) Now it is stipulated that only gray clothes can be worn. Other clothes are beautiful and I don’t wear them. There are three kinds of wearing methods.
Me: Is it finished?
Fruit: No, the last rule is that you can only wear black clothes, and there are three kinds of wearing methods, so there are nine kinds of wearing methods in threes and threes!

At this time, I will come up with an interview question from a small hot public elementary school in Wuxi, which was sent to me a few days ago by @小延妈, asking her:

Xiao Ming has two roads from home to school. There are three roads from school to park. I would like to ask Xiao Ming how many different ways to go through the school to the park.

It is the same as the above idea. Fruit treasure is easy to answer.

Topic 4: The whole family will shake hands together

This question, sure enough, she didn’t want to answer 6 times.

. This question type is easy to be confused with the above arrangement of the combination of questions, but also full of abstract, so I am ready to let “The whole family mobilized” to visualize the abstract topics.

Me: Dad, Mom and the three of you shake hands together. Only two times between each two people, how many times do you hold them? Think better and answer.

Fruit: I will hold it with my mother first, and then I will hold it with my father. It will be 2 times. Mom first held it with me, then with my father, and again 2 times…
Me: (interrupted) You have already found me a hand, I can’t find you when I shake hands, I can only find my father.
Fruit: Oh, then you only have 1 handshake. Oops, Dad can’t shake hands alone! Because we have all been with him.
Me: That’s right, so we can only hold 3 hands in total. understand?
Fruit: I understand, it’s fun! You will test me again.
Me: Then you will add 姥姥 and 姥 ,, you see us 5 people, every two people hold a hand, can hold a few times?
Fruit: (I have a word) I will hold it first. I am looking for my father and mother, and I have held it for 4 times. Then I am a mother. I can’t find me. I can only find my father and grandfather, and hold it 3 times. Then I can’t find me. Mom, can only find the grandfather to hold 2 times; then hey, can only find the grandfather to hold 1 time; hahaha, grandfather can not find someone to shake hands.
Me: How many times?
Fruit: 4+3+2+1=10 times!
Me: Why is this different from the topic of wearing clothes?
Fruit: That is the handshake between the clothes and the pants. This is the whole family sitting in a circle to shake hands.
Me: You have to be right, one is grouping, one is not grouped, and the subject of clothes is that the clothes are standing on the left and the pants are standing on the right. If we don’t group hands like our family, it’s very likely that two of them are tops. You need to go out with your bare feet.
Fruit: Hahaha, Mom, math is just too interesting.
Me: (Thinking in my heart) Children, have I set the way?

After this time, she did not worry about the math problems every night, the efficiency is very high, I hope this state can continue to continue.

Mathematics is a grounded, aesthetic subject that comes from life and serves life. and so, Let the children realize the beauty and practicality of mathematics in life, not the high and boring numbers. As long as parents are willing to find ways to find ways to find out the child’s knowledge blind spots, integrate into the people’s things in life, and use the less formal chat method to follow the temptation, they will be able to make children interested in mathematics, and then fall in love with mathematics. Oh.

– END –

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