[Application Process] German Master (English Teaching) Application + Work Immigration Policy

After studying in the Top 50 in the United States for three years, he moved to the Dr. Marie Curie project in the European Union. He studied at the Top 50 University of Heidelberg in Germany, and went to the University of Bologna in Italy and the internship of IBM for half a year. The Polytechnic of Paris visited the first season. Heidelberg is currently in Heidelberg. Researcher of the University Portfolio Optimization Laboratory, engaged in computer vision research.
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What I want to share with you this time is that German Postgraduate English Project Application Process

For an application for a German undergraduate course, please visit:

College student German undergraduate study abroad – German articles APS review Foundation course Undergraduate application

Before the official introduction, let’s talk to you again. European tuition-free English study abroad And more lenient than the United States Work and immigration policy (The landlord himself will barely speak German:).

The choice strategy and cost-effectiveness of studying in the country?

How can I study in Europe for free?

In addition, the number of students who are exempt from tuition fees in Europe is much worse than the Anglo-Australian-Australian-Australian education.

That is, You can spend less money to attend a higher ranking school in Europe! (Zurich Polytechnic, Heidelberg University, etc.)

As one of the science projects I know, I feel deeply responsible for letting everyone know about studying in Europe again!

German universities are divided into comprehensive universities and applied technology universities (FH), and the former is discussed here.

The postgraduate system is generally two years (European continent except the UK, other countries are the same), undergraduate Can’t apply for a master’s degree as in the US, and apply for a doctoral position (usually a work contract) after a master’s degree.

The detailed application process is introduced in the case of the Master of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Heidelberg in Top 3, Germany.

Heidelberg University – Uni Heidelberg (University of Heidelberg) The second oldest university in Western Europe (the oldest is the University of Bologna, Italy), built in 1386, in various global ranking Comprehensive ranking in the list Top 60 .

International Master Program “Scientific Computing”

0, professional requirements and transfer professional application

About the project application Professional requirements Because it is a cross-professional program, undergraduate graduates in mathematics, computers, electronic information, communication, and even bioengineering can apply.

About Germany Transfer professional application Since it is a tuition-free country, the requirements are stricter than those of the education industrialized countries. Therefore, it is necessary to provide proof of the courses, auditors, or coursera online courses of the transferred majors, to prove that you are capable and have made relevant ready.

Some projects will clearly write out which majors you want to match or how many credits you must complete for a math course, or even list the course name.

Specific analysis of specific issues, any unclear, direct English mail contact Xiaomi.

1, application materials and requirements

  • school/highschool certificate granting university access (originals or certified German or English translations),
  • university certificates and course lists (originals or certified copies AND (if necessary) certified German or English translations),
  • language certificate (European Language Level English B2 or equivalent or TOEFL iBT with score 90 or better out of 120 or IELTS with score 6.5 or better),
  • letter of motivation (German or English, 1-2 pages),
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) in table form,
  • signed statement that the candidate did never forfeit the examination claim in a master’s program on Scientific Computing or a differently named master’s program with largely the same content (sample in the FAQs),
  • further evidence for admission (letter of reference etc.) if available.

Chinese students applying for German graduate students need Extra APS review . (see the FAQ area)

In addition, apply for graduate students and doctors in Europe, Generally not needed GRE or GMAT scores.

The official website is generally very clear, again, any unclear, direct English mail contact Xiaomi.


2, the deadline:

  • For the winter term (starting October): June 15th
  • For the summer term (starting April): November 15th

Germany’s deadline is especially late, so it’s shameful Using Germany as a spare tire ,You know.

3, tuition, living expenses

The German education province Baden starts in the winter semester of 2017 for each semester of international income. 1500 Euro Tudor and fees, Heidelberg University, University of Mannheim, University of Stuttgart, Freiburg University, University of Tübingen, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, University of Konstanz and other famous schools are listed.

Universities in other German states are currently exempt from tuition fees and pay only tuition and fees for each semester.

In all of Europe, the cost of living is very low. The Heidelberg University canteen is also known as the first canteen in Germany, and the 2.15 Euro soup with the soup is often so good. If cooking is more diligent, the cost of living may be lower than that of the white-collar workers in the north.

A rough outline of further costs (per month):

  • accommodation: 350.- Euro
  • living expenses: 300.- Euro
  • public transport : ~27.- Euro (160.- Euor per term)
  • material required for studies: 50.- Euro

Specific can be browsed:

Studying in Germany – Tuition and Price

4, scholarships

The wool is on the sheep, it is a tuition-free Germany, and there are few scholarships for masters. However, with the levy of 1,500 euros in tuition fees, it is believed that the scholarships in Baden will increase accordingly.

In addition, there are a small number of scholarships available at the German government level and at the school level. For example, the DAAD scholarship.

There is almost no similar project in the United States in Germany, but the Heidelberg project offers a project similar to the PhD early bus after one year of schooling. See FAQ: The University of Saar University offers a master’s degree program


Q: How do I apply for the research oriented master track and membership in HGS MathComp?

A: The early membership option for master students is meant for students who start their master research project and have an above-average grade score. The application is done through your supervisor: (S)he has to write an application letter to the graduate school stating that

  • your grades so far are exceptional (CV and transcript)
  • your master topic can be a basis for a PhD project and
  • should you continue to develop in the same track, (s)he will offer you a PhD position in the work group.

Based on such a recommendation, the coordinators of the graduate school will decide on your master student membership within 4 weeks. Optionally, the school will also offer you a scholarship to fund your research period.

5, internship, employment

The internship policy in Germany is very lenient and can be practiced directly with a student visa.

In addition, German universities are also very accommodating, and there is no requirement to choose a few courses per semester. That is to say, you can choose to work part-time or half-time, or go to the company for a one-semester GAP internship. ( Personally feel that the tuition fee + this reason has led to the impression that Germany is difficult to graduate!

After getting a degree in Germany, I have 1.5 years to find a job. As long as you find a job related to your profession, Very easy to get a work visa (Unlike the US needs to draw lots).

Work for about 3 years (uncertain?), You can apply for permanent residence. (similar to the US green card). In the high welfare North Europe, the immigration policy is more relaxed than this.

Europe’s high welfare + 30 days of paid annual leave, immigrants compared to the legendary immigrant country – the United States is so easy, whether to make everyone stunned? – Anyway, when I was studying in the United States, it was also misleading by public opinion.

6, specialization (Specialization)

Many German master’s programs are in no direction before entering the department. Free choice of course , only need to meet the credit requirements of the general direction.

7, the course arrangement

I have said more than once, to see how good or bad a project is, you should not listen to how dazzling the project name, but should open the course arrangement one by one. For example, some education industrialized countries use the artificial intelligence and data science to develop the master’s program of corresponding nouns. However, when the curriculum is arranged, it is not changed.

The advantage of this project at Heidelberg University is that the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science co-organize. For students who want to learn artificial intelligence, they can lay a solid foundation in mathematics. Second, six professors at the Image Processing Center of Heidelberg University are computers in Europe. A large group of visions. (Of course, there are also natural language processing, data mining, etc.)

SCICOMP: List of Modules

8, about the professional

In principle, the following courses require credits or online courses.

As a guideline the following topics should be present from the bachelor education, secondary teaching, online courses or similar:

  • Mathematics:

Analysis 1-3, Linear Algebra 1-2, Introduction to Probability & Statistics, Introduction to Numerics

  • Computer Science

Programming in C++ (or C or Java …), Introduction to Information Systems, Algorithms and Data Structures, Data Bases

See: ( Q: Is “Scientific Computing” another term for “Computer Science”?)


For projects on artificial intelligence and data science, please refer to:

In addition to the schools of the United States, which schools in which schools have ML, the PHD in the CV direction is worth reading? why?

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