Behind Dunkirk

First of all, to sort out the background and reasons for the Dunkirk retreat, from the German blitzkrieg in September 1939 to Poland, to the Dunkirk retreat in May 1940, the Germans spent less than eight months sweeping Europe. This was preceded by the defeat of 3 million troops in Britain, France, the Netherlands and other countries. The Gallic rooster relied on his own Maginot line to see the North War as if it were innocent. French officers and men were singing and dancing in Paris, and finally they were unbearable in front of the German mechanized forces. one strike. The last 400,000 British and French troops were huddled in Dunkirk, the port of northern France, waiting to be destroyed. If Hitler stopped the advance of the tanks and switched to the bombing of Goering’s air force, 400,000 British and French troops would vanish. Churchill’s start-up of the generator program is intended to do its utmost to evacuate the British soldiers of Dunkirk. At the time of retreat, the French army has no priority, only to see the part or even worse to resist the German attack. Among them, the most intelligent one is the Montgomery of England (hence the reputation of the war)

Break down a few stories from the above background:

1. Hitler believes that although the French are not noble Germanic people, they are not inferior people like Jews and Slavs. Therefore, the attitude towards French prisoners of war is very good. Therefore, the weakness of the French during World War II was also cultivated by the Germans.

2. The German Defense Forces are very strict, and we have to separate the German defense from the Gestapo SS. The Jewish massacre and concentration camps are all done by Hitler and Himmler’s SS, and the IDF is still in the campaign. Those who have their own ideas, such as the German army colonel Stauffenberg who stabbed Hitler and the indirect participation of the desert fox Rommel, of course, are not beautifying the Germans just to make a distinction.

3. The Germans entered Paris and entered the Nanjing with the Japanese army. They are completely different concepts. It is hard to imagine that the German army was strict and had no crimes against the citizens of Paris. Moreover, the formal German Defense Forces combat troops did not have a large-scale rape of atrocities, and a few cases were also punished by the German military courts. This is in stark contrast to the Japanese army’s actions in Nanjing and the Soviet army in Berlin and northeastern China. (excerpt)

4. This point is the most important point. Why Hitler stopped the attack of mechanized tanks that made the British and French troops tremble, and the British and French coalition forces got valuable time to evacuate. Hitler’s own statement to the army was to retain the strength of the tanks for the attack on the Soviet Union. The east battlefield. But from a year later Hitler’s private secretary Hess flew alone to the UK to see the clues, and later Hess was killed in a German prison in 1987 (the British media said suicide). It can be speculated that Hitler wants to be in peace with the United Kingdom. In fact, the United Kingdom also had the preparation that the Duke of Hamilton would meet with Hess. After Hess flew to England, Hitler did not blame Hess for the crime of defect. Hess is very good to Hess’ family. Hitler is acquiescence. Hitler wanted to be in harmony with the British on the west side (with the support of the United States), so that his army could devote himself to the battle of the Soviets on the Eastern Front.

5. Dunkirk retreats against the Red Army against the encirclement, the fifth time, Jiang Gong mobilizes 1 million troops, the Red Army has a force of up to 100,000 troops and can not guarantee a gun per person, while the regular army opposite Jiang Jun’s American equipment After the defeat of the cofferdam, it was hard to start the Long March with less than 80,000 troops. During the period, hundreds of Kuomintang troops were defeated, and the remaining 6,000 people were left in Shaanxi. This compares the British army, although it is better than the French army and the Red Army. The difference between the griffin.

6. After the Normandy landing, the British army attacked Berlin with the help of the US military. It was hard to watch the Soviet army who first entered Berlin and put a hammer and sickle in the Berlin Parliament building to ruin Berlin women. The Soviets and Martin Bowman made an ulterior motive. The Soviets did not know how much wealth they had to get away. Nazi No. 2 war criminal Martin Bowman traveled to South America Paraguay, and these British troops can only look in the eyes. In the mouth of Churchill, the Dunkirk retreat was a great victory only for the propaganda of wartime, and could not cover the softness of the British army.