Brain hole: How expensive is the fifth generation machine?

The fifth-generation machine is the most advanced fighter in the world. The advanced and complicated technology is destined to cost the five generations. How expensive is the fifth-generation machine?

The F35 is one of the most advanced five-generation machines in the world. It first flew in December 2006 and cost about US$100 million. However, some media reported that although the US military equipment F35 only needs 90 million US dollars, it is sold at a high price. An average of 1.89 (91/48) billion pounds per frame:

On June 15, 2018, 189 million pounds was approximately 251 million US dollars and 1.611 billion yuan.

The empty weight of the F35B is 14715 kg. On average, it costs about $17 per gram of F35B.

This is the gold price of the Shanghai Gold Exchange. We calculate it at 270 yuan.

According to the exchange rate of 6.42, the average price of one gram of gold is 42 dollars. In other words, a F35B is equivalent to 5957 kilograms of gold.

The RMB 100 yuan bill is about 1.15 grams each, the one hundred yuan bill is 86.565 million yuan, and the 1.611 billion yuan is about 18.5 tons. That is to say, the unit quality F35B is worth more than the yuan.

Is that converted into other goods?

B2 Ghost Bomber:

71,700 kg Cost 2.4 billion US dollars (2009 currency), the average cost per gram of 33.47 US dollars, then what is the price of gold in 2009?

I have calculated the average gold price myself. I don’t know if it’s such a calculation.

That is, an average of 34.33 US dollars per gram, you can see that B2 and gold prices are almost flat. The price B2 per gram is twice that of the F35B, and the F35B is still the price.

The IpHONEx256G version is priced at $1,149 in the US, with a mass of 174 grams and an average of $6.60 per gram. That is to say, the price of F35B per gram is 2.58 times that of the manure fork, which is cheaper than the F35B.

In other words, the 37902kg manure fork is about equal to one F35B, and nearly 220,000 manure forks can buy a F35B.

The 8+1T version of the hammer R1 is priced at 8848 yuan, about 1373 US dollars, Σ (っ ° ° °;) っ comparable to the price of the manure fork in the United States is much higher. The hammer R1 has a mass of 170 grams, an average of 8 dollars per gram, which means that the price of the F35B per gram is 2.125 times that of the hammer 8848. The teacher only needs to sell 182,000 (30940kg) 8848 to change the (his) motherland. F35B is awkward!

Prada has a paper clip worth 180 dollars. The quality of a normal paper clip is almost one gram. That is to say, the Pradah paper clip is almost 180 US dollars / gram, which is worth more than gold. About 1.39 million is almost the same as the F35B, which is 1.39 tons. The price of a single gram can be more than the F35B.

How much is 1.39 million paper clips worth in China? A treasure of 1000 15.5 yuan

That is to say, 1.39 million 21,545 yuan, compared to Prada, this added value is too small.

According to the heroic weapon 888 passing through the line of fire, 1814190 can buy a F35B.

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