Briefly describe the history of dubstep

I have been busy writing songs recently, and I don’t think much about theoretical things. I will only talk about this issue a little bit here to maintain the integrity and continuity of the theory.

As everyone knows, I don’t like to talk about the history of dubstep, not because history is not good or not related to the theory, but these things are not only helpful to the big V, but for us to understand the current dubstep is not so big, so Everyone should not be confused by too many historical questions in the question and answer. Some people like to talk about history in a plausible way because they only know this one, and the real theoretical research needs to continue to pay attention to the present, otherwise those seemingly high. What the “historical electric V” that is forced to talk about has become useless knowledge for us.

The historicality mentioned here is not to explain the development process of dubstep, nor to simply enumerate famous people, but to briefly explain the concept of historicality, to provide a new perspective for everyone to look at dubstep, and to define the concept of dubstep before. A way of emphasizing and supplementing.

When dubstep was still in the UK, dubstep basically represented darkness, depression, and spiritual confusion, just like the foggy weather in London. This is also the earliest definition and initial impression of the word. Later, the reggae elements gradually merged, the yellow-green tone of the leaves, the red enthusiasm gave the album cover some Jamaican temperatures, dubstep had the habit of using the scorpion head to say “ma hey bow dow” to do vocal. When Skrillex in the United States led the so-called brostep, dubstep became a roar of monsters. Monster bass became a new synonym for dubstep, and dubstep gained unprecedented development.

Later, when homogenization became more and more serious, the shoddy works surged, and the aesthetic fatigue was generally intensified. People’s enthusiasm for this style gradually faded. The early Skrillex department bass was also developed to some extent, although trap and other styles. The addition of elements gives people more creative directions, but some small ideas are not enough to change the overall situation. It is not always a way to go early in the early days of Skrillex. During the period, producers including Au5 have been insisting on their own unique styles, giving dubstep a good medicine that has been broken up by people with various sounds, but this style is mainly characterized by freshness, many like drug. Friends still can’t get what they want here, and many of my friends, including me, have started to use a lot of music including deathstep and brutal dubstep, but I have already listened to tens of thousands of songs and I have chewed wax. I found the feeling of chasing centipede crazy in the past. After several serious aesthetic fatigues, I haven’t listened to even electronic music for a long time.

Until a year ago, a new style entered my sight. At this time, people no longer pursued the timbre of the sound, but began to work hard toward the clean high-frequency bass, which is equivalent to reverse thinking. After a period of exploration, many authors have become familiar with this style and mastered this kind of creative routine. In addition to the large-scale use of high-frequency bass, it must also comply with the main bass rules. This is not new. I discovered the magic of this approach when I studied En5 in Au5. It can make the audience’s attention more focused and make your subject clearer. In today’s fast food era. The practice is undoubtedly more in line with business rules. Then the first thing to solve this kind of song is how to make the main bass, followed by the unprecedented emphasis on the rhythm, using a number of slightly similar but different bass cross combinations, using repeated techniques to enhance the sense of movement, the main part is completed It is. The dubstep, which is mainly for high-frequency, will inevitably have low-frequency missing, so a heavy subbass is especially important. This style of jumping and swing is very strong, many are similar to the kind of riddim dubstep, its appearance time is not short, just a lot of people have not begun to pay attention, recently I posted a “dubstep revival plan” in the post bar is very big The extent is also related to this. The channel that particularly likes to recommend this style is the famous DubstepGutter, which is the only recommended channel for audio subscriptions. Different Heaven et al. explored this earlier. The previous Never Say Die Vol. 4 is full of this feeling, but the most famous is the Red Lips of Skrillex, which was suddenly resurrected last year, although he has long been used to putting it on the scene. This kind of song, but this one is undoubtedly the most successful. The current trend is also necessarily this style, and this is the same for the new dubstep song I plan to release next week. In summary, we can see that there are many innovations in dubstep. Of course, there are still many undeveloped ones. For example, the number of songs taken in 3 months has suddenly increased. This practice suddenly appeared when I created experimental works some time ago. Some of the ideas come along, and the better quality songs such as Space Clouds, The Uprising, etc. are very interesting songs. This kind of tempo is very bright, not to mention the law of “dance”. At present, in the “fashion world”, our impression of dubstep is the situation described in this paragraph. We will not know where the future works will go, but after decades of experience, dubstep has experienced countless glory and will continue to The concerted efforts of all the world’s electronic music enthusiasts will give you more fresh energy.