Bubble Lake, Alberta, Canada – Abraham Lake

Recently, everyone is fascinated by Alberta’s famous bubble lake tour, and in the second edition, we will share the knowledge about bubble lake.

Lake Abraham, Alberta, was built in 1972 and is 32 kilometers long and 53.70 square kilometers. The name is to commemorate the indigenous people – the ethnic group of Slias Abraham, in the Kootenay Plain at the junction of Banff and Jasper National Park in Rocky Mount. It belongs to the core area of ​​the Columbia Icefield. It is a typical man-made lake. However, due to its location in the core area of ​​the Rocky Mountains, the glaciers of tens of thousands of years began to melt in the summer. During the process of receding, the glaciers drove a large amount of powder and rock particles to the bottom of the lake. Under the reflection of light, it produces a unique emerald color. It has the same color as the famous Banff Lake Louise, Petu Lake and Emerald Lake, allowing visitors to experience a unique lake and mountain tour in the summer.

Summer bubble lake

In the summer of January to March, the summer bubble lake, due to the sudden drop in weather, the frozen foam looks more like winter gems, which is one of the favorite shooting scenes of many photographers in winter. What is the cause of the formation of secondary bubbles? Aquatic grass is the root of bubbles in Lake Abraham. When these plants fall into the water and sink to the bottom of the water, the bacteria waiting under the lake are pleasant. The bacteria chew on these things, spit out methane, and turn white when it comes into contact with chilled water. Floating point, when the temperature drops rapidly in December, the lake suddenly freezes, these white bubbles have not been brought up and are blocked below the surface of the lake, which is the original reason for the formation of ice.

The famous photographer Darwin Wigget led the photographer to Lake Abraham for 11 years, which promoted the popularity of the site. He published an eGuide, “Kootenay Plains and Lake Abraham – Winter Edition” for tourists to travel on the ice. Of course, many Chinese photographers have also launched many beautiful pictures, which has caused a round of winter bubble lake tourism boom. .

Since this attraction is located in the wild, please pay attention to the following questions when you are visiting:

  1. Try to wear thicker, it is recommended to bring snow, snow pants, gloves and hat
  2. Buy a snow chain with nails, sold in most outdoor stores (English called Ice Cleats) or snowshoes (SnowShoeing)
  3. Bring your camera, spare battery and tripod
  4. Visitors are advised to buy some food at the Lake Louise service area or Rocky Mountain House. From Calgary or Edmonton’s friends, it is easier to take the 11th highway in winter. It is not recommended to take the Icefield View Avenue. The easy parking location is Preacher’s. Point, because the lake is relatively large, it is recommended that visitors can stay at other locations to find their own suitable observation point. But be careful, because the sub-lake is a personal lake, the bottom of the ice is a river, and the climate of the Rocky Mountain is changeable. The possibility of cracking the ice at any time will always fall into the water. This is also the long-term. Living in a place that locals are very worried about, so remind everyone to pay attention, try not to go far from the shore, bring a ski pole, detect forward, preferably 3-5 groups of walking on the ice On, if there is an accident, Call 911 or the nearest David Thompson Resort or the Icefield Helicopter Office for help.

(Image courtesy of Travel Alberta and Banff Tourism)