Can “Fanghua” box office exceed “War Wolf II”? At least 2 billion is no problem?

First, why is Fanghua called Fanghua?

Fanghua is youth.

The film “Fanghua”, which should be called “Youth”, is actually about the youth story of a group of young boys. The specific youth is from 1975 to 1981, and the life here runs through the youths who are almost 18 to 24 years old.

This period of time is mostly consistent with “Ordinary World”. Only the latter is written by a small person. This is the ordinary world. What Fang Hua describes is the ability to enter. Military division The young people of the cultural troupe are a bit “high on the”.

Perhaps it is not the level of the art group, but the story of which art school, maybe the readers of “Fanhua” will be a little more; similarly, the film may also be higher at the box office. From the perspective of the audience, “Fanghua” is not grounded, She is worse than the “Ordinary World”

Everyone can also see from the movie’s English name “Youth”, which is clearly called “Youth”. As for why it is called Fanghua, it is estimated that for the sake of artistry, in addition, the word youth is used too much. When applying for the title and movie name, it will be renamed.

The so-called “washing the lead, showing the Fanghua”, Fanghua, what a wonderful period of time, the beauty of the director of the 50-year-old Feng Xiaogang, will certainly use a shower shot to describe her, there may be his first love. In the large courtyard of the cultural and art troupe in the 1970s, Feng Dao forcibly joined a modern swimming pool that could be used for diving. In fact, Feng Xiaogang himself had a five or six-year experience in the cultural team in the late 1970s, where his youth

In the puberty period of Xiaobian’s own self, in that era (1995-2001), there were also countless works to describe youth, and the impression was deep. There is a book called “Flower Season Rainy Season”, and a series of dramas about “The Sixteen-year-old Flower Season”

Now it’s time for Feng Dao to recall his youth. He chose the author Yan Gewei. The same name novel “Fanghua” As a script, through the depiction of the youth story of the boys and girls of the Cultural and Art Troupe, it shows the baptism of the destiny of a group of young people who are worthy of Fanghua. “Fanghua” is a movie at the end of 2017, which is temporarily ranked sixth in the box office record of China throughout the year.

At that time, China did not have a class. It must be said that there is only one. Workers, farmers, intellectuals “The three classes, the so-called class is not very obvious. The protagonists have embarked on different life fates in the transformation of the times. The most commentary on “Fanghua” comes from Couple protagonist family background With the future Life track Contact. This is due to human nature, not just in Fanghua. In this article, the focus is not on “the dragon, the dragon, the dragon and the phoenix”, nor the sympathy of the so-called “the mouse’s child will make a hole.”

We tell by conscience that their times are not bad, they have more rights to self-selection.

In the early 1990s, Liu Feng, the male protagonist, knew that South went to Hainan to make more money. One of the heroines was Lin Dingding, the lead singer of the cultural and art troupe, who chose immigrants and married the local tyrants; the trumpet player Chen Can turned into a real estate agent. Of course, we don’t know how to accumulate his original funds. It may be full of hardships; Hao Shuwen naturally made a wide wife, which is also a common choice. After all, the next generation needs to be taken care of, and the rear of men must be stable. In addition, in the movie The first person called “I” to tell the story of the whole process of the heroine Xiao Suizi, in fact, eventually became a writer, similar to the writer of this film is also the original author of Yan Ge.

To be fair, as of now, there is no class in the present China, but the class has almost completely developed. Although young people choose more, the difficulty is obviously increased.

Hukou, social security, education, qualifications, background, industry barriers, local policies, etc., have further consolidated the barriers of the class. It can be said that the current era is more complicated and difficult for young people in youth. Although the economy is more developed, The actual choice for it is much less than what you seem to see. . Despite this, fortunately, technology is developing more possibilities, and channels for breaking through barriers are increasing. In the simplest case, the current success is not only from the original “one-day life”, but also not completely dependent on the relationship to succeed.

Every era has her characteristics, but the fragrance of youth is always worthy of praise. Youth means vitality and vitality represents possibilities.

Fanghua is youthful, meaningful youth, that is, Fanghua. This movie name is getting better.

Second, “Fanghua” is a breakthrough in Chinese movies.

The film “Fanghua” also has a lot of film reviews. The most talked about is the humanity and inhumanity. It seems that other movies are not about human nature.

Director Feng Xiaogang’s first box office broke the 1 billion masterpiece. It is subversive. Perhaps this is what he claims to be the masterpiece of the mountain. He has made many changes. There is a change, very prominent, that is The ending of the movie

Chinese movies have always had a happy ending, and the result is definitely good. Good people have good news The bad guys are not brought to justice, or they are subject to moral condemnation for a lifetime.

In foreign movies, many of them still let the people who have done bad things go unpunished at the end, or the ending is gone.

Feng is no exception. He is the director of China and has grown up in this environment.

Feng Xiaogang, after graduating from high school, entered the Beijing Military Region Cultural and Art Troupe. Everyone noticed that he also entered the cultural and art troupe. He also opened his youth prelude around 1975, almost the same as the film “Fanghua”. Therefore, at the beginning of the film, the protagonist’s appearance in turn is actually Xiaogang’s deep memory and memories from his colleagues in the past, especially during his first job. The young Feng Xiaogang, what he did in the art troupe is Dancing beauty design jobs.

In 1985, he transferred to the Beijing TV Art Center. Artist After that, he was introduced by the good partner Ge You, participated in the Shanghai Film Festival, and officially began his career in film art.

Here, in 1990, he participated in the series of drama series. The Story of the Editorial Department It describes the story of ordinary people and almost makes him a household name.

Since 1994, Feng Xiaogang has officially started to be a film director. He always wanted to shoot. Youth collision with Time backgroud s work. In 1996, Feng Xiaogang’s film “Life in a Wandering Life” was shot shortly and was stopped by the Film Bureau. The reason was: “ The script is too provocative, chasing… exposes ugliness without lashing ugly, violates socially accepted ethical standards, and misleads the public to appreciate aesthetic taste… At this time, Feng Dao, there is still a lot of youthful blood, this is called to stop, it is a sap.

In 1997, Feng Dian, who was not discouraged, produced the “Party B Party”. This time, it was good, and it was a good one, ushered in his film era.

In 2000, Feng Dian, who was unwilling to reconcile, adapted the previous defeated “Life in a Wandering Life” into a “Sigh” and finally rewrote this “unbearable” film.

In the new century, Feng Daoyi Year-end comedy Well-known, among them, in 2009 and 2010, “If You Are the One” and “If You Are the One 2” made a big splash.

In the “Old Cannon” of Guanhu in 2015, Xiaogang played the “father” of Li Yifeng and created a conflict between the old and the new with “Wu Yifan”. In the play, he is the protagonist, and he was shortlisted for the Best Actor Award in the 10th Asian Film Awards.

Ok, take it back, don’t introduce Feng Dian’s life.

In short, in Feng Dian’s film style, regardless of internal or external reasons, the final film is ending with a beautiful finale. Including 2004 “A World Without Thieves” Ming thief has a thief road, but Xiao Gang’s director deliberately Let a Jiangyang thief (Andy Lau plays) Finally, kindness In order to protect the ignorant boy silly root (Wang Baoqiang ornaments), and died under the knife of the head of theft, Li Shu (Ge You played).

This is a perfect ending : Good people always have good news, the wicked people sneak into the wall, the bad guys who are suddenly germinated, end the life to wash away the sins of the past, and leave the audience with a sad and happy.

This kind of reunion ending routine has finally changed in the last work “Fanghua” before Feng Guide’s 60-year-old birthday. The last scene of the film is a description of the sound. In 2016, these young people were in the middle of the flower, and they had a party with Xiao Suizi’s children, but there was no more. Feng guide disregards the original Everyone regrets and regrets The description was left to the end of the hero and heroine. They are never married, this is not the kind of “perfect ending” that the audience prefers. This breakthrough in imperfect endings is a small step in Feng Xiaogang’s acting career, but it is a big step in the breakthrough of the Chinese film “Happy Reunion”.

At the same time, the changes in the world are great. The life and fate of other protagonists in the same period, the film did not have a flexible description, but gave a label. In fact, it is far from the case. There are not so many washing utensils, and more are cups. This is true. Where are so many happy endings?

In fact, the daughter of the military chief Hao Shuwen Married to the deputy commander of the military region Chen Can After that, the latter has been doing real estate business and constantly taking the land. In the early 1990s, a serious real estate crash broke out in Hainan, who can guarantee that Chen Can will not lose his blood. Even if the business has no loss, will they really be able to grow old? Obviously not, there are too many changes in life, not just for Liu Feng and He Xiaoping. Who can’t escape

Lin Dingding Is it just a wide-ranging Australian lady after a blessing? Her indulgence, self-interest, self-interest, a few boats, and the naked pursuit of money, others can not see? Let’s take a look at whether contemporary girls are more step by step. Ding Dinghua ? In the 1960s and 1970s, Lei Feng’s “Liu Feng” was learned a lot. In the 1980s, He Xiaoping was also a good-hearted person. In the 1990s, he participated in it but “love can help”. Xiao Suizi, who is outside the house, sees the old man falling and not helping, has become a common phenomenon . In the new century, why? Chongyang Meiwai, constantly changing boyfriend, money first Lin Dingding, but more and more?

A little more directly, as the narrator of Xiao Suizi, the times will give her a lot of challenges, and she is doomed to her many lives. She is more than just a female writer who teaches her son in China. She wrote forty years.

Far from being so smooth, the changes and impacts that the times bring to everyone are enormous.

Feng Xiaogang left a lot of imperfect endings in the movie “Fanghua”, especially the hero and heroine. Declining career Unfortunate marriage ,as well as” Good people are not good news The status quo of the elderly is a bold attempt by Feng Guide himself.

Times, once and for all, flicked the young people’s Fanghua, let them go up the mountain to the countryside, learn Lei Feng to do the best, use Hainan’s real estate to give her darling, so that the hard-pressed Lin Dingding escaped, let Xiao Suizi see death It became a cold-eyed spectator, once again using the joint defense team and other means to strangle the middle-aged people’s livelihood, so that the elderly are still working for the grandchild’s down payment, and so on, countless, this is true. Fanghua does not only mean people who have Fanghua.

At the end of the year, the 60-year-old director finally put a “difficult life” into the big screen, and the emperor moved to the big screen, which was simultaneously released in China and North America, and changed the repression of “sighing” and wrote more realistic. Chinese life, Replace the beautification with reality It is worthy of praise, support and encouragement. Everyone gave the old cannon a praise!

Third, “Fanghua” box office can exceed “War Wolf II”? At least 2 billion is no problem?

After watching the movie “Fanghua”, most people will say that “Fanghua” is about human nature.

actually not . Movies are all about human nature. Even people are not even a movie? Some people have a personality, a common character, and a personality. This is the so-called human nature. From the movie, what we see should be something other than human nature. Human nature is too big It is like you go to work, life, entertainment, marriage, baby, pension, etc. You can’t be too lazy to say that this is life.

The novel “Fanghua”, the reason why it is impossible to achieve the “Ordinary World” response level, just like this movie, even if the box office is over one billion, I have always felt a sigh of relief, mainly because Describe the choice of object

The Military District Cultural Art Corps, from the current perspective, is ” Elite schools “It is not a group that the poor people can participate in. That is, the quality of the film’s protagonist group is too high and not grounded, so the resonance is greatly weakened.”

In fact, Feng Dao also wants to shoot modern dramas, but he has always been self-defeating. Private Order I thought that grasping the appetite of the young audience is actually just a funny reverie.

Shooting modern drama, Feng guides a little, age is also the reason for one hand, modern drama, Feng guide is not as good as Guo Jingming. Today is a time of diversification, you have to concentrate on one point and go all out. After graduating from college, I wanted to have the material life of Gao Dashan on TV. Then there will be various setbacks and bridges that are arguing for family. This is one of the characteristics of modern drama. Guo Dao’s victory is over, and Feng’s thinking can’t keep up. Small age In the grasp of the current era, far better than Feng.

However, this Feng guide, and chose the cultural team in the seventies. If it’s not a literary group, but a certain Art School The change and the youth in the art school, this is the real literary and artistic work, Popular movie

Followed by the second, Feng guide beat the kind of Liu Feng Joint defense team “It is also possible that the defense team can decide how much the black car is fined, have the power, and can also collect money, and watch people eat. Such a good unit is available all over the country. In connection with this, naturally there will be various people who are trying to find ways to The defense team works.

In addition, in the movie Cavalry company, Vietnam veterans, doctors and nurses in field hospitals, 16-year-old martyrs And so on, they all have their own collectives. Although the group is not as tall as the art troupe, there are more children from ordinary people.

the above, Any one group If it is the object of the movie description They are all more grounded than a tall cultural team.

In the 1980s, there were also many special diagnoses of the times. The simplest ones were about five or six years. The “shopping malls” all over the country just appeared, not called shopping malls, but “ cooperative “, many graduates are also vying to enter cooperatives, Fashionable, national unit

In the early 1990s, encourage the sea, the times encourage everyone Breaking their own iron rice bowls, they have started business in the sea and work in the south. ,How is the result? Are these people still not yet? What is the current situation? This can also be described as a movie is not a problem.

In the late 1990s, state-owned enterprise reform, workers Laid off The times let people who have already passed Fanghua once again enter the market tide and take a shower.

In the new century, the requirements of the times will be even more. There is a story of seventy yards. I don’t know how it turned into a “practical horse” or “grass mud horse”. How can I be confused to play hide-and-seek games when I am locked in; buy a car and get a little money, how can it be done? The black car, the fine sky price is second, the key grievances, Shanghai has a “black car” itself in the “barb” move, simply bite a finger to prove innocence; there is a coincidence of the probability of a lottery, there is a The boy went to the university campus to soak the horse. The sports car drove up and hit the two female students. The two girls were still dead. We only knew that the boy’s father was Li Gang. His son himself said, what happened to Li Gang’s later? This is a coincidence, how many Li Gang in the country? I am afraid that the number will not be counted.

All of the above are minor things. Let’s not talk about it. For more than 30 years, the times have taught you not to have a second child. Are you born? Ok, the times will look at your birth background and take corresponding measures to make you feel better. You are not born? That’s better, now encourage you to be born. But you Fanghua has passed away, you can’t live, you can only have grandchildren or grandchildren. You can’t have both grandchildren at the same time.

The times are also changing. In 2015, the era sent the prices of first-tier cities to the era of 50,000 yuan. So, you have to buy a house, buy and buy. Unfortunately, in 2016, the era doubled the high price of big cities and sent it to the era of 100,000 yuan. You can’t afford it. When your PhD student graduates in 2018, can he have a monthly salary of 20,000? The price of the house where you rent a house is 100,000 yuan. Even if you are a doctoral graduate, your purchasing power may be only 1/20 of the original. You are already 30 years old. Where is your Fanghua? You are not going to recall your past youth, but to smear your 40-year-old, 50-year-old and 60-year-old, or 70-year-old?

Therefore, the times are hard.

Director Feng Xiaogang was daring this time. He used the last work to interpret the changes of the times. He profoundly symbolizes the killing of this generation of young people by the guy of this era. Until now, even the people of Fanghua’s dead have been exhausted. Hua, including the youth of their children in youth.

This director is very impressive this time, and the daring is a little bigger. In his last movie, a shuttle . Not only passed a variety of audits, but the box office ushered in a red, valued. Respectable Feng guide.

But then again, this movie The topic is not grounded This hard injury is also the reason why the novel “Fanghua” is a lot different from “Ordinary World”, although the background of the times is similar.

The picture above shows the deadline for the movie “Fanghua” 6:00 PM, January 3, 2018 The box office is close to 1.3 billion. Specific to the final box office, there can be a 2 billion, almost the same, absolutely not to 5 billion, because it is not grounded.

Although Xiao Gang is a maverick, he dares to be realistic, but The rich man writes the suffering of the poor, this is its biggest fatal wound