Can’t you be a woman after 80 in Nanjing?

1 When you see the news description “middle-aged woman born in 1988”, you smile like a fool. When someone tells you that the internationally-born woman was born before 1992, you are shocked like a nerd.

2 The company’s colleagues are getting younger and younger, and singles become a kind of capital in your eyes. If you are married, you are simply embarrassed to show off.

3 You see that the classmates bought a set of houses in Hexi, they are very jealous, but they tell people that they still like the city. In fact, you can only afford Jiangning or Pukou.

4 You pay attention to a few beauty fashion public numbers, but there is very little time to watch, and you will be able to collect it if you have to teach you two minutes to wear it quickly.

5 You plan to go to Taiwan for half a year. After a long delay, you won’t have time to go through the passport. The farthest place to go in half a year is to pick up a strawberry from Surabaya.

6 When you take maternity leave, you don’t make money, full of guilty feelings that can’t create value. After going to work, the baby is entrusted to the mother or mother-in-law, and is filled with another sense of guilt.

7 There are also acting schools in the workplace. Colleagues take food in the office, shoot brightly lit office buildings, and send friends. Five minutes later, the boss came to the appointment and came to praise. Wit, as you have long been aware of everything: this is not a food, it is overtime.

8 What makes you sad is only weight. Your weight has never returned to double digits. You tried to lose weight. As a result, you met a former colleague and touched your stomach to ask if you are pregnant with a second child.

9 You forgot how long you haven’t seen the evening sunset on weekdays, but you have to go home last night in the subway. When you are the busiest, go home early and late, your baby has never seen a mother for a week.

10 The boss said that after 80, he was so sullen that he could not. Your heart said that this palace has not yet taken off.

11 You graduated 211 and always have a sense of superiority. I went to the Kindle in the e-book, but most of them read the beginning and never saw the end.

12 You seem to be getting harder and harder to remember, often seeing the middle of a book, completely forgetting what you said before. I like to store, and finally I can’t find where I can hide things. More often, if you want to say the last second, you will remember the format in the next second.

13 You decided to go to work with your meal. As a result, you went home every day and got tired. At noon, you still depend on the takeaway brother to feed.

14 After the shower, you bend down to clean the leaking hair. The moment I stood up, it was a little dizzy. I don’t know if the temperature in the shower was too high, or the wet hair was too shocking.

15 When you are in love, what is the other half of your argument is what to eat and what to watch. After getting married, upgrade directly to playing a few DOTAs per night and who is mopping today.

16 I am not obsessed with you, not the predecessor, nor the incumbent, but the sales lady of the intermediary and the extension. Yes, there are still questions about whether you need a loan. You really want to say: Ok, let’s borrow a billion.

17 Passing through the flower shop, you have a flash of your eyes, only the boring people will buy flowers for themselves. As a result, just turned the corner, see the taste of the duck neck in the promotion, spending 50 yuan, send a gold foil rose. You bought a duck neck, a squid, and you were given a rose, a local gold. The next second, tears will come out. What’s special, the taste of the duck neck can not eat. The collagen on the face is gone.

18 Every day in your life, you have a very ceremonial feeling, and you have become a life winner in other populations.

19 However, what is the winner of life? It was just a self-made chicken. Lonely is capitalized in those days when overtime is overwhelming.

20 I don’t know when to start, you will convert the price of skin care products into children’s tuition fees and snacks. Give yourself a mask for occasional occasions, you feel extravagant.

21 The 90s around are in love, the boyfriend’s family is ordinary, and it is still a long distance relationship. Once you have been in love, you actually persuaded.

22 You have two groups that you can never block, one is a company group and the other is a parent group. There is a boss in the first group and a teacher in the second group.

23 The 90-year-old small meat fairy, the weekend sun-baked red restaurant, the movie ticket, and you can only sit at the door of the child training class. The gathering with girlfriends has been pushed from year to year, and for three seconds, you have doubts about life: Is it the life of your child, or is your child kidnapping your life?

24 Yes, in front of the child, you are omnipotent. You will be hand-made, Go will accompany you, music scores can be understood, will do a number of journals, will be a blackboard, parents will talk, Austrian tutoring to primary school is no problem, English grammar listening reading is no problem.

25 Others laugh at you too plainly, and do not buy new clothes in season. You smiled and didn’t talk. The child finished the class, you bought him a Starbucks cake, but he was reluctant to buy one for himself.

26 Before the schimmel lacquered piano in Deji Square, you walked for three seconds. The girl who plays the piano is very elegant, but you have a realistic question in your mind: Do you want to learn the piano lesson? Forty minutes and 180 is not cheap, learning the piano really destroys childhood.

27 Very inexplicable, you have become a frequent visitor to major hospitals. When the child is born, the child is sick and goes to the children’s hospital. You have gone to the provincial Chinese medicine for cervical spondylosis and went to the People’s Hospital for skin allergies. But you are still uncomfortable, with pain in your eyes, pain in your throat, dizziness, and sometimes you feel like you have to be scattered all over the place.

28 You are scornful of the health knowledge in the elders, but you are not immune to the headlines in the news, “The parents of young fathers are dying, and the family has just had a second baby.” After reading it, I immediately forwarded it to my husband. The two men tested the fatigue value one by one and felt that they were on the verge of death.

29 You don’t know what songs the young people are listening to now. The singles in your headphones are not Li Zhi, Cheng Wei, or Li Zongsheng. The first “hill” is written by people in their fifties, but you think that the words are all you.

30 You think of 18 years old. Standing on the balcony of the suburban university dormitory, the moon is cool, and Nanjing is unknown to you.

You think of 23 years old. In that year, you were a lost youth, lost in postgraduate studies, and lost in love. You are like a weed, how can you grow up and you can’t get into the favorite university, you can’t walk into the other’s heart.

31 When you are young, you believe that you are different from others. You think that you are working hard, and the world will give you concessions.

Unexpectedly, it took only a few years for you to be brainwashed by life. The three views have also been ruined for several rounds and turned into a less lovely middle-aged woman.

32 Can’t you be a woman after 80 in Nanjing? Oh, you laughed. Roman Roland said that there is only one kind of heroism in the world, that is, after recognizing the truth of life, still love life.

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