Cat’s Revenge – Fable Story

In a beautiful autumn, there are many falling leaves.

There is a log cabin in the depths of the forest where a grey-haired grandfather lived. The log cabin is unique because the old grandfather alone runs the only fruit shop in the forest. The good business of the grandfather was good, and the good animals in the forest. The small animals in the forest like to visit his shop. They also like to sunbathe with the grandfather and chat. They brought all kinds of interesting things in the forest to the grandfather. They often took the old grandpa with a beard and made them fly. Life would never be as lonely as autumn leaves.

Of course, there are occasional poor kittens and fawns to discuss white food. At this time, Grandpa always generously prepared a lot of sumptuous food to entertain them. They never had to worry about getting blind and being left out in the old grandfather. Gradually, the grandfather’s cabin became a love lodge in the forest.

Among these small white animals, there is a white stray cat that has been here for a whole year. It lives with the grandfather and lives like a father and a daughter. The old man took care of the little stray cat, played it during the day, slept at night, and the family lived better than honey. Until the white cat found his “black cat prince”, the grandfather reluctantly married it.

There is a saying that there are unexpected circumstances. One day in the early morning, the sky was not open. The little creatures in the forest were still immersed in a beautiful dream. Grandma’s cabin suddenly caught fire, and the fire spread quickly. In an instant, the fire became a raging fire. The sound of squeaking went a long way, and the log cabin could collapse at any time. But what’s even more frightening is that Grandpa is old and his ear is heavy. He is not even aware of it at all. He is still drowsy and sleepy… It’s time for a tragedy to happen. On this occasion, it’s just a small one. The stray cat doesn’t know where it’s coming from. The fire reflects its fat, heavy stomach — it’s already pregnant. The little stray cat came to the chalet and anxiously yelled at the log cabin, but the old grandfather was still unaware that in the flames of the sky, the stray cat rose into the flames despite his bow and came to the grandfather’s bed. Again and again, he awakened the sleeping grandfather.

A disaster finally passed and the grandfather escaped with luck. The fire burned the cabins clean. However, in the rubble of dark smoke, the grandfather searched for it and left no corner, and he couldn’t find the kitten…

Soon after, the grandfather built a new wooden hut beside the original log cabin. He still ran up his old business and opened a fruit shop. Now that the grandfather is taking care of business, he often cherishes his gratitude and cares more carefully for those critters who come to seek food. More often than not, he can’t help but think of the little stray cat. Sometimes he fantasizes that when a small stray cat suddenly rang up in front of a log cabin to discuss the call for white food, how wonderful it would be!

Afternoon on this day, the sun lazily basking in the hut, grandfather was nap in the house, half awake, he vaguely heard the sound of a kitten, the grandfather thought he was dreaming. Unexpectedly, in front of the hut, the stray cat actually appeared in the sight of the grandfather, behind it, followed by two cute cat babies that were chasing each other. Grandpa suddenly opened his eyes and licked himself, haha, not dreaming. His little cat returned.

Now, Grandpa and Kitty live happily together. When looking at the cat mother and cat baby who are free to play in the sun, the grandfather told him in his heart: “This is a gift from God!”

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