Chapter 170 of the head of the king’s diary: I have 23,000 eos, and I will earn a small BMW when I go up once.

I really swelled up. I used to live in a hotel for 7 days. It’s awful now. It’s a shame. Since playing the currency, it’s over 5 stars.

The preferred super 5 star, less than 5 stars hotel does not live, does not meet the tonality of our currency circle, I am a leeks head, can not give money to people, face it.

EOS this rocket is really out of control, since the break of 100, wow, as I expected, exactly dozens of dozens.

I have 23,000 eos. When I go up, I earn a small BMW. When I go up, I earn a small BMW. How many BMWs are opened, and I am dying.

The market value of the position has approached the 5 million mark. Tomorrow, it will win 5 million, then break 6 million in 3 days, break 800 in 7 days, break 10 million in 15 days, and break the 10 million. I will start Xiaomi.

Haha, bragging is fun, it feels really exciting. If I look at my diary for the first time, I will definitely think that I am a printing machine. I earn millions in minutes. Oh, I sometimes feel that I am dreaming.

I said yesterday that a lot of people were taken off the car by eos. The five people who started to work with me today are my colleagues, and five of them are players in the currency circle.

Now there are 2 people with eos in hand, and the other 3 people are not in the car. You think that people who are around me every day are not in the eos car. Human nature is really difficult to control. (In addition to the small sample, I still have a lot of fan feedback, 50% of the currency people get off the bus frequently, not in the eos car, it is convincing)

I summed it up, not in the eos car, there are three kinds of people, I collectively call them “currency cults”, because they learned that martial arts is not a martial art, that is, nine yin white bone claws, and even more hard to practice sunflower Collection. (No derogatory, purely ridiculous)

The first one: 蛤蟆神功Ouyang Fengpai, who practiced 蛤蟆神功,eos at 30, always think that eos will reach 20, I want to wait until 20, I am entering the field, squatting on the ground, gasping, 咕嘎咕嘎Looking at the eos, I did not expect the eos to roar and rise to 130 in one breath. The more they grow up, the less they dare to get on the bus and completely get rid of the gang.

(Practicing the students of Shen Gong, you are getting out of the car, this is the weakness of human nature, the psychological reference is constantly being pulled up. Can not blame you, you must blame the greedy little devil.)

The second type: Jiuyin Baigu claw plum super style, this Jianghumen school people feel that their own cattle fork, nine Yin white bone claws frequently shot, thrown at a relatively high point, waiting for the eos callback low suction, I know you It may be 9 times to do 10 times, but as long as you are wrong, you will be completely taken off by the eos and you will not be able to absorb it anymore.

(Students who practice the nine-yellow white-claw, you think that you are a rational framework to guide, in fact, the relative high point of eos in your mind is itself a perceptual behavior.)

The third kind: K-line god god K-line god assistant, if you say that the gods and the nine-yin white bones are still saved (not pure short-term thinking), the K-line god assistant is completely unhelpful.

K-line god assistant is short-term thinking as a martial arts internal force to practice, want to practice magic, lead the knife from the palace, use the sunflower book to describe it again, but often follow the k-line to get on the train, short-term watching is very enjoyable, but in fact not making money Tired, the Sunflower Collection is such an effect.

(Practicing the students of Sunflower Collection, my only suggestion is to cherish life and stay away from the Sunflower Collection)

Amaranth dumplings, remember, don’t play short-term, we will be the “two scorpions in the eyes of smart people”, eos take it, take it, don’t move, eos short-term break 200 is easy, 100 dollars is not a dream.

Now the market is shorting the voices of EOS and people, and then the face will be swollen by EOS. In 2018, it is the world of EOS. The general trend of the EOS Ecology is not clear. The picture has three points of flowers and embroidery, which is difficult to become a big device.

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