Chen He: Why does he call himself a genius?

The blogger has been harassed by the work all day and wants to write a suicide note, so that I can inherit the account of the qq dazzling dance that I played as a child. I want to relax and open the “Running” on the weekend. I want to watch the hamburger while watching.

Unexpectedly, Chen Her, a happy and fascinating singer, laughed out of the chain of pigs and couldn’t stop. The only piece of chicken in the burger was laughed on the ground by me. Chen He, you lost my burger.

Telling the truth, Chen He’s entertainment talent is really great. He used his body language and his own expression pack to hold up a half-day of a variety show, and he deservedly played a funny role.

In one of the issues, members were required to barefoot on the toe plate to the end. Others looked at them and then screamed on the toe plate while running hard. The picture was fierce. I thought I switched to the sports game channel. .

Only Chen He, squatting to the blank floor on the toe plate, swaying to the end, and then sticking out the foot from time to time, screaming after screaming, continue to run in the blank after screaming, continue to stretch for a while Dip, to reciprocate, to the end, although behind, it is the one who makes the most laugh around.

In the second round, he waved his hands on the toe platen, and the special effects were matched with two satin in his hands. Chen He twisted without any idols, and squeaked while screaming, and his expression followed the ups and downs. As if I have brought my own square dance bgm, it makes people laugh.

A large piece of “Hahahahahaha” of the barrage drifted past.

It has always been thought that the so-called variety theory is not a madness to sell silly, but, according to the big situation, the burden of trial and error will be based on the overall atmosphere and changes in the surrounding environment, grasp the scale of a relaxed and humorous atmosphere, and freely.

This can be done without pre-designing or pre-arranged, or it can be used without a problem.

Therefore, there is no clever mind, very high emotional intelligence, and people who bring their own funny talents. It is very difficult to be entertained by nature and without being added.

Obviously, Chen He can hold it.

In the course of eating seafood, don’t eat the stuffing while eating, only he has a dumpling and eats the scent.

The subtitles at the moment are: What are you winning or losing in front of eating?

It seems that only he got the essence of the variety show, understand the director’s intention, know what the audience wants to see, he has no idols, do whatever he wants, and does not regard himself as a big star, just like a child, happy to accept the program group Arrange the most fun and most exciting places to let everyone laugh.

Chen Hefen’s clear game and reality, there is no strong victory, especially how to play in the show, how to bring guests to play, how to suddenly throw a stalk in the cold, let everyone laugh, then everything It is logical.

In one issue, Chen He was torn off the brand name by the hand knife, and then lost the delivery volume. After the program was torn off the brand name, there was no lens, and he had to take the camera with himself. Chen He quickly found a mirror, so that he could photograph it. I myself, and then I am so mad that I am arrogant and handsome, and I call myself a genius. It seems that only he can come up with such a singular armor and use his own radiant heat to make the most of it.

Because tearing off the brand name will be blocked, the guests are very serious, they are deadlocked, and no one wants to lose the chance to show their face. The scene even fell into a shackle. At this time, Chen Heyi rushed out and said that he came out and shot, Chen The appearance of He made everyone relax in a moment, all focused on him, saying that he was neurotic, that he was a stunned lens, and then everyone laughed.

The rescue of the little prince is really not a name. When everyone is happy, Chen He is a green leaf, he is said to be fat, he is said to be hiding, he is said to be treacherous, Chen He smiles, and the atmosphere only wants to love him. many.

When everything is tense, Chen He looks at the situation and sacrifices himself if he doesn’t agree, so that everyone can let everything continue in laughter.

Chen He is a pistachio with a particularly high emotional intelligence. It seems to be a guest in the male. In the entertainment circle, anyone in the entertainment circle may find the same style to replace it. Only Chen He’s own charm makes him no one to replace. .

And he is also smart, not arrogant, not smart, not out of the limelight, not annoying.

It is the kind of true IQ that is really true. Every time, as long as he has a special identity, he can rely on his own analysis of the situation to find a way to defeat him.

Because of his clear thinking, detection ability and search ability are very powerful, analytical ability is also strong, talk about where the loopholes, analyze who is what identity, the head is the road.

The difference between the court and the killer, he analyzed who and Ma Dong who had inexplicable out, so he asked the mirror clues over and over again, other guests began to be impatient, asked Chen He is not crazy, why not ask.

Chen He did not answer, insisted on continuing to ask, when asked about the fourth time, the answer jumped into the mirror – Ma Dong is a killer.

Then he smirked away.

In each episode, Chen He has been assigned an identity. It seems that he has no identity. The game is not fun, because his master who does not take the usual path has an identity, and the game can only be played.

Because this means that when Chen He needs to use the information resources to be unequal, he has to find a way to find another way, to sneak into the war, and to rely on him to try to win some singular armor. It also means that all his routines are based on the direction or true of the game. Or a false voice hits the West, relying on him to find the key to the loophole in the obvious situation, and then the audience expects him to turn defeat into victory.

Some people have such charm, he stands on the right side, the audience thinks that he should win, it should be.

He stood on the opposite side, the audience did not feel out of position, did not feel ugly, did not feel pretentious, but felt very interesting, very cute, this thing should come to him, he can hold this kind of thing.

Survival in the cracks is more than enough, and people can’t pick out the problem, it will not cause disgust, it is a super power.

Chen He has.

Anyway, he is humorous and clever. How can he play it right? Everyone follows it and there is nothing wrong with it.

He understands the director’s intentions and is willing to play.

The director also loves to find him to cooperate with him. Anyway, any special things are placed on him, and they are not out of the ordinary. The audience is also tolerant.

Personality charm, this thing, God to eat rice.

Chen He also brought his own physique to see through.

Every time someone else plots, he can be seen by him.

Every time someone else secretly forms an alliance, he can also be seen by him.

Every time someone else “worked”, he will always be discovered by him.

Then he smiled long and looked at the smug expression of “you stupid humans”, and then left with a casual, a “Let them go” look like a warm boy.

However, he is also really warm, gentleman, still atmospheric.

Because of his humor, he is also a gentleman, and because of his character, he has no intention of saying something deliberately, and because he can always take off the sense of distance quickly and make people feel good, female guests He is extra-tolerant and extraordinarily relaxed. His attitude is always friendly, respectful and friendly.

Taking care of Di Lieba, the hot bar game did not play well, he even said, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, it is the game.

Partner Li Wei and Chen He together, we all feel very relaxed and relaxed.

I am sorry to tear off the nameplate of any female guest.

Zhang Tian’ai appeared, and Chen He quickly said: “Let’s go, let’s stay in the painting, and we can’t move for centuries.”

This kind of girl’s beautiful rhetoric, who can be unhappy?

In the carriage, everyone has been full of praise for the scenery, Chen He did not forget the mission, and quickly stalked: I am so handsome with my handsome guy, everyone will be especially good.

What is wrong with him? Everyone is happy, who is he?

He fell to the name of the female guest, but he also really understood the real purpose of the show, not to win, but to entertain.

He said, it is the process of enjoying the game.

So I always feel that Chen He’s randomness doesn’t matter.

But does it really matter?

Running men to finish the work, went to an exotic country like the Czech Republic.

When the Chinese and Czech wars tore up the famous brand, after the four rotations ended, everyone proposed to let Chen He go to the fifth round, Chen He said, etc., and so on, it seems to be a coward.

However, the ninth round against Chen He was the Czech Sanda champion, and the audience was stunned.

Chen He has also been exclaimed: “no nono”.

The guests created the feeling of the boxing champion, and hammered and beaten Chen Chen, and the whole audience laughed.

However, when he really teared the brand name, Chen He did not fear the opponent’s two-handed hammer and swing kick. A giant who threw down the Czech Republic, tearing off the opponent’s famous brand when both sides fell.

Everyone is incredibly exclaimed, great, great.

Chen He is the kind of person who will not drop the chain at the crucial moment, surprise everyone, and bring his own story to the climax of the audience.

After winning the game, I didn’t forget the funny and funny people, and went to the fan group to cry out. “Genius He” resounded the audience, and Chen He returned to the team to accept the hug.

The people who have been funny have suddenly become serious, and the value of charm has increased greatly. After three seconds, they are returning to civilians. Is there a cooler character than this?

Telling the truth, this paragraph is a two-second shot of the country’s glory. The starling looked back at 10086 times.

Looking back at Chen He’s performance, he found that he is a small brother who is good at solving problems, good at surprises, and good at unexpected.

The ministers of various countries glimpsed the killer period. The emperor ordered all the people to be surrounded. The guests were on the line, frightened, surprised, worried, fearful, and all the state.

Chen Chi, while eating cakes, said, “Oh, don’t surround me, don’t surround me, I won’t run.”

Then I laughed happily and laughed like a child of more than one hundred kilograms.

In the game, I don’t care about winning or losing. When I see the big ball, I have to find myself. I don’t want to be tempted. I don’t want to entangle myself. I quickly turn around and set off others to be heroic and bear the show.

As the saying goes, comedy is never written from people who have no worries, just like humor is not the gift of a person who is not hurt.

I want to thank Chen He for always giving us a feast of joy.

Today, Chen He has lost some of his arrogance from graduation, and he is getting more and more mature and even trying to suppress his own light.

However, the charm of his own expression pack, the generosity of the green leaves, the charming atmosphere of the appearance, always inadvertently let everyone fly with him.

Everything is because of his vividness, sometimes whispering, and sometimes exclaiming.

He claims to be a genius, we all believe.

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