Children’s bilingual picture book: Chinese version of high quality picture book TOP 10

The long-awaited start, the Chinese version of the best children’s picture book you want is here.

The value of reading this matter has never been overestimated.

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The purchase channel of the picture book is not recommended, and there is no interest.

At the request of readers, the topic of this issue is about Chinese picture books. I personally rummaged through the Children’s Library in the Greater Vancouver area and finally found the best Chinese bilingual version of the children’s bilingual picture book. The children’s picture books I mentioned below have all been finished.

High-quality bilingual children’s picture books, how to use them to get the best results? The article will have an answer at the end.

The following is my selected book list (residents in Dawen area can go to the library for free to borrow):

1. What is painted?

Author: Xiao Mao

Publisher: Relay Press

Among the recommended picture books, only this one is a Chinese native painter’s work.

Can not blame the Chinese children’s writers do not give strength, can only say that the resources of my environment (Vancouver, Canada), after all, is still an overwhelming advantage of English picture books. Although there are children’s bilingual picture books in the library, there are works in Chinese, French, Spanish and Korean, but they are still a minority, mainly based on the original translations of English.

Speaking of it, there are many excellent children’s writers and cartoonists in China. When I was a child, I really liked Zhang Leping’s “San Mao Liu Lang Ji”, Zheng Yuanjie’s “Fairy King” and “Children’s Comic” magazine.

In addition, I also like Ye Shengtao’s fairy tale works “Rose and Goldfish”, “Happy People” and “Mrs. Bear Kindergarten”. Ye Shengtao is a rare writer who treats children’s readers as adults. The fairy tale works written by him are not as innocent as the children’s stories next to them, but are full of the desolation of reality. It is still embarrassing to read.

If you know other good local children’s picture books, you are welcome to share them in the message area.

I sincerely hope In addition to appreciating foreign famous picture books, everyone can turn their attention to high-quality Chinese picture books, and be a discerning Bole, don’t let them be blindly cast, and become a pity.

2. “Aliens Love Underwear”

作者:Freedman& Cort

Publisher: Northern Women and Children’s Publishing House

The “Alien Love Panties” recommended today is a clear stream in the “Bathroom Story Series”: the content is not disgusting and trivial, the illustrations are bright and pleasing, and the aliens are also very cute. .

This is a story about “pants.” Legend has it that aliens especially like the underwear on the earth! why? Let us take a look.

By rendering aliens’ love for different kinds of underwear, the author can trigger children’s curiosity about underwear, and can further promote the psychological separation of school-age children from the “diaper baby” state, so that they are willing to take the initiative to “stool training” ( Potty Training)”.

I don’t know why, children are the “bathroom jokes” that are especially fond of licking their pus. Before, there was a picture book by Japanese writers who created “What is stool?” and it was very popular among children.

3. Fat Cat on a Sleeping Pad

作者:Cox& Cartwright

Publisher: Guangzhou Publishing House

The picture style of this picture book is very cute, and the cat form is vivid.

This black and white cat, like all lazy cats, likes to lie on the sleeping mat without moving the nest, and will not move. Everyone is criticizing it for being lazy. However, behind its “lazy”, there is an unknown gentleness and patience; it has been lying on the sleeping mat for a reason…

As a cat slave, I love this clumsy and kind fat cat. By the way, let everyone sunbathe, my family’s little fat cat “Mimi” ~

4. “Tini’s Long Hair”

Author: Remy ancient Joan / text

Publisher: Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House

Although the cover is very different from the scorpion, it is a pure love story of a little girl. The author of this picture book is the French, and it is said that the French are most obsessed with a black and beautiful hairdressing.

Little girl Tenny never cut her hair. She used long hair to commemorate her father who was away from her. And her long hair is magical, just like her father was, long hair guards her silently every day.

The weirdness of others in our eyes may have the most sad reason. When we reject and ridicule the differences between others, it actually opens up another wonderful possibility.

One day, a teenager and Tenny passed by, and Tenny’s long hair fluttered…

Innocent love in a young age, as clear and soft as water waves, can heal all the wounds in people’s hearts.

5. “I am not sleepy, I don’t want to sleep”

Author: Lauren Qiao Erde

Publisher: Relay Press

Every parent has experienced this kind of “sleep crisis”: the children refuse to sleep, we don’t have to sleep.

This picture book tells us that in order to refuse to go to sleep honestly, the child can find out how many excuses are scattered.

And, in the face of these excuses, how should we break?

In order to sleep the naughty sister’s small bean sprouts, the best way is to let the gentle and friendly brother go out!

6. “Small bean sprouts say, I am a big cow”

Author: Lauren Qiao Erde

Publisher: Relay Press

This picture book and the previous one are the works of the same author (called the “small bean sprouts” series), and the story is full of hilarious British humor.

This book is about the story of a small bean sprout. To be precise, it is simply the British version of “My embarrassment is awesome.”

The scent of small bean sprouts is always a disaster. One day, my mother had to go out in a hurry, and I couldn’t find the right person to take care of the brothers and sisters. When the younger sister’s bean sprouts made a request to “call to 舅舅”, her mother’s face turned blue.

Under the repeated guarantees of the cockroaches, my mother finally went out without worry. After that, can the cockroaches and the small bean sprouts hold on to their own “absolutely no evil” agreement?

7. “I won, no, I won, no, I won”

Author: Lauren Qiao Erde

Publisher: Relay Press

When you have two palms in your house, the big game of “hand-to-hand competition” will gradually start as they grow up…

Everyone wants to be a winner all the time. However, if two people don’t give up, they will only become losers in the end. My brother must understand this truth very well, so he is so tolerant of his sister.

In fact, it doesn’t matter who wins or loses. What matters is that brothers and sisters love each other and care for each other.

8. “I am really really uncomfortable”

Author: Lauren Qiao Erde

Publisher: Relay Press

This picture book is about the experience of children during their illness. The taste of the child when he is sick is described by the author as a three-pointer.

The bean sprouts are unhappy and said: “I remember, I used to eat anything incense… Now, even my favorite strawberry milk has no taste.”

How can I help my sister feel better when I can play a hundred percent of my brother?

9. “My grandma is really troublesome”

Author: Ba Bei Cole.

Publisher: China Electric Power Press

Children have had such illusions, among them, “super power” is their favorite topic, and they are the secret source of their power.

“My grandmother is an alien”, but it is worthy of the child’s pride.

When the nursing home wants to fool the grandmother, she will give them some color! Look at the omnipotent grandmother, how to show your talents in front of your child!

What we are reading is not only a story of a naughty grandmother, but also a fantasy world in the eyes of a child.

10. Duck as President

Author: Cronin
Publisher: Hunan Children’s Publishing House

Children’s picture book stories, one can always touch us, and the other can make us can’t help. The story of this “duck as president” is obviously borrowing from the ancients (of course, the author ridiculed which president of the United States could not be verified).

Looking back at the farce of the 2016 US presidential election, see the duck campaign slogan ” I am not a politician “The competitors, regardless of their face, demanded a “recounting” protest, and people couldn’t help but smile.

People, for many years, it hasn’t evolved at all.

Politicians are still hypocritical, the people are still as stupid, and the speculators are still the same.

Surprisingly, this picture book was not banned from publication in the past, perhaps this is the benefit of freedom of speech!

To sum up, in this issue we recommend the Chinese version of ten bilingual children’s picture books, namely, “What is the painting”, “Aliens love underwear”, “Fat cat on the sleeping mat”, “Tini’s long hair” “I am not sleepy, I don’t want to sleep”, “Small bean sprouts say, I am a big cow”, “I am really really uncomfortable”, “I won, no, I won, no, I win “, “My grandma is really troublesome” and “Duck is the president.”

Through long-term reading of high-quality picture books, children’s language ability and speculative ability can achieve a qualitative leap faster.

Linguistic studies have confirmed that children have the strongest ability to learn a language before the age of seven; as they grow older, their ability to acquire a second language will decline year by year. Therefore, if we want our children to be proficient in a second or even a third language, they should be exposed to the relevant language environment as soon as possible.

We also mentioned in the previous article, if conditions permit, The same picture book is best to use bilingual and repeat reading with children.

A really good book must be endless and worth chewing. My experience is that classic works can give us different experiences at different stages of life; Long-term, immersive language environment (at least every day) 20% The above time to use the language), can help the child’s second language infinitely close to the level of their native language

Early bilingual education not only enabled children to get a useful tool in the second language as early as possible, but also provided them with a new perspective on the world. Being proficient in another language means proficiency in another classification system for the world. Language cannot be decoupled from culture; acquiring a language is equivalent to acquiring the historical culture and philosophy of life that is associated with the language.

The role of quality picture books is far more than that. It can enhance parent-child relationship and create a better interactive communication model between parents and children. In a subtle way, guide the child’s healthy growth.

I always think that reading the books you love together with your children is the greatest enjoyment in life. The value of reading this matter has never been overestimated. The older I am, the more grateful I am to be fascinated by the books I read.

In the next article, I will recommend some of the classic children’s literature I have in mind, and I have read it no less than five times per book. I am very grateful to them. In the early days of my life, let me glimpse the beauty of the world from the beauty of words. No matter where you live in the world, they have become part of my own values ​​and have become the source of unstoppable power.

Stay tuned!