China’s first airport duty-free shop applet officially launched online, you can buy duty-free goods at home

Many people who go abroad like to go shopping at duty-free shops at the airport, but sometimes the flight is too late. Recently, the hoist program found that the small program played global tax-free quietly on the line, the small program is the first airport duty-free shop applet in China.

Open the global duty-free small program, there are a lot of big-name makeup skin care, small programs mainly include 5% discount, exchange rate inquiry, skin care and make-up. The user can find the product to be purchased in the small program and place the order directly.

Playing the global duty-free applet is a mode of online ordering and offline delivery. The user first purchases the product in the small program, adds the individual’s name, passport number, mobile phone number, flight number and flight date, and then pays the order online. The user can go to the airport to pick up the goods and pick up the goods at the designated location. The delivery voucher can be viewed in the applet “My” – “My Appointment Order”. Users need to make an appointment in advance, and they need to book 4 days in advance.

Playing with the global tax-free applet has greatly improved our efficiency, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time in duty-free shops. Especially for some people on a business trip, the itinerary is very tight. If you want to go to the duty-free shop, there is no time, you can use the small program to place an order directly, and you can pick up the goods at the airport.