Comic | This “dinner” I dare to offer for free, do you dare to eat?

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Please come to my house to eat, do you dare to come?

After pushing this dung ball home,

The daughter-in-law will bury it with her.


Let’s drill into the underground show, a love,

After the event, the eggs are laid on the dung ball.

I will hatch a baby in the future.

You don’t have to worry about eating and wearing at all.

There are many nutrients in the sputum.

such as,

Have Protein, fat

And various Amino acid

Have Vitamin A, vitamin B,

Vitamin K with Linoleic acid

and also Calcium, phosphorus And various microorganism

Scientist at the University of Nebraska,

Analysis of 9000 cockroaches.

Found that compared to the ravages of herbivores,

Local 蜣螂 loves to eat more Omnivorous cockroach


Compared to the shackles of local animals,

They love to eat more Field 屎

For pigs,

屎 is a cheap food.

As early as the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period,

People use their own 屎 Pig raising

Also specially invented a Chinese character “圂 (l )”

To specifically describe the toilet for raising pigs.

Don’t because pigs love to eat,

I think the pig is dirty,

I look down on the pig,

This attitude is not right!

Sometimes for the sake of it. Salt

You aunts will eat too!

Some small herbivores,

The nutrients that have been eaten have not yet complete digestion

Just pulled it out,

More waste,

So after the pull is finished, you have to eat it hot again.

According to statistics from scientists,

Male fluffy mouse during the day,

Average will eat 201 times feces,

It is simply the perpetual motion of eating the world!

The same is true for rabbits eating cockroaches.

They will pull two kinds of cockroaches,

One is Hard 屎

can not eat.

One is Soft palate

It is a semi-finished product digested by the cecum.

Rich in variety Amino acid with Vitamin

Such a good thing,

It’s a pity to eat it all,

If you stay a little bit,

Processed into industrial food,

It is good to be able to export foreign exchange.

In addition to nutrition,

The most important thing in Bali is that

Rich in Intestinal microorganism

Can help animals digest,

Maintain the intestines Flora balance


The bumblebee wants to eat the embarrassment of her sisters.

Termites have to eat the ants,

Koalas, elephants, pandas and hippos,

I want to eat the embarrassment of my mother.

Although there are so many good things in the head,

But the cat doesn’t seem to love it very much.

There is only one exception,

That is, the female cat will eat Cub Oh,

They will also help them clean their ass.

So many animals eat cockroaches,

It’s nothing new to eat a dog.


After becoming a domestic pet,

Many owners want their dogs

Can get rid of this habit.

But the person who keeps the dog wants Attention method

If you are punished, you will be punished by the main body.

The dog will be afraid,

I will eat it quickly after the next pull.

Do not let the owner discover.

Not vice versa,

If the dog is finished,

The owner rushed to clean up.

The dog will think that 屎 is a kind of baby,

Will rush to eat.

Dialogue: Cattle

Beauty refers to: Cattle

Drawing: Appreciation


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