Copyright Work Notes August 2017

Dear friends, we are now in sync with the progress of copyright maintenance in August.

In August, we received 21 alleged infringement complaints, including:

  • 17 infringement complaints on the website, delete 8
  • Sina Weibo complaints 4, follow-up communication

In the website infringement complaints, because some infringement reports involve manuscripts, the workload is relatively large, and the manuscript has always been a difficult point of copyright protection. The standards for copyright protection vary from platform to platform, and the copyright team is still following up. . In addition, the processing of some platforms takes a long time. After the initial contact with the platform, the copyright team is still following up. Please wait patiently for the successful friends. For Sina Weibo complaints, according to Sina’s complaint acceptance rules, Zhiyou, as the owner of the work, needs to cooperate with the corresponding supporting documents (copy of the front and back of my ID card and the scanned copy of the power of attorney signed by me), Sina Wei Bofang can accept complaints. When the copyright team defended their rights, they found that some of their friends stopped at the stage of providing supporting documents. In this copyright team, it is necessary to explain that all the information provided by Zhiyou in the process of rights protection will be strictly confidential, and it is hoped that the concerns of some friends can be dispelled and the copyright team can be authorized to act on behalf of friends. Thank you for your trust and support. On the road to rights, you know that the copyright team is with you.