Darker than the middle-aged man’s greasy floor, can only burn it?

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Xiao Wang, a professional household buyer, has been very uneasy recently.

He had been very excited to go to the pre-accepted pre-acquisition room in the previous year, but when he opened the door, he was desperate. The solid wood flooring that the developer had uniformly equipped was actually a dark red color that was still greasy than the middle-aged man:

“This is already my sixth set of red oil floor room… I would like to have a Mediterranean/Northern Europe/American/French style. Is it only… … Burning the floor?”

In fact, it is not just domestic developers who like to use it. Developers on Earth seem to like the red oil floor tiles.

Mediterranean people:

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Nordic people:

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American people:

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French people:

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Also used well.

So don’t worry, I’ve summarized four methods that can help you solve the aesthetic problems of deep red floors.

First, refinishing paint RMB 100 / square meter

This scheme has relatively large wear on the floor, so it is only suitable for all solid wood or three-layer solid wood flooring, the price is between RMB 100 to 180 in one square meter:

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However, this method also has requirements for your family’s flooring species.

If it is oak pretending to stick mahogany flooring, then grinding a mill, the inside of the wood color will come out, like what color can be re-brushed:

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However, if it is a real dark-red mahogany floor, even if the floor is polished, or dark red, please continue to look down.

Second, shop full house carpet RMB300 ~ 700 / square meter

The advantage of paving a full-house carpet is that it does not require any effort. If you cover the floor, you can pretend that it does not exist:

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However, this cost is relatively high, better polyester should be 300 yuan / flat, wool carpet at 700 yuan / flat price to go up, silk carpet does not say, 30 square meters of handmade carpet in 30 ~ 60w or so, are interested Can poke >>> Silk handmade carpet <<<customized purchase.

Well, you can continue to look down.

Third, use the correct soft assembly color

Remember that there are no ugly colors in this world, only ugly ones. The most beautiful but hot oil in the hot pot.

Let’s talk about the color scheme of the red oil floor from the introductory paragraph to the advanced one to the old driver.

Basic entry plan

If you don’t like too much color, and the collocation ability is weak, then use White wall + minimal furniture

Just like Locke’s house described in The Fountainhead, the entire room is almost empty, with only a few essential items.

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In this way, there is only one dark red in the whole house. Actually, it is also quite good-looking.

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However, there is also a small tip to keep in mind, that is, the baseboard should be white, which can effectively increase the height of the house and reduce the proportion of the red floor in the line of sight:

Picture from houzz

You can also add a few beautiful color chairs, the Nordic wind successfully

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Advanced multi-furniture collocation scheme

If you think that a large white wall + a few chairs are too simple and want to add more functional furniture, keep in mind that Large area with brown , Or use MCM The furniture during the period can be decorated with a little red, blue and yellow.

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Zebra sister said before, MCM is born for the red oil floor. From 1933 to 1963, a large number of outstanding architects ran across the border to design a large number of furniture, many of which were highly saturated yellow and blue. They were very lively and were placed together with the same highly saturated deep red. , there will be a kind of subtle retro sense, not at all awkward.

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For example, Wright, yes, that is, Wright, who built a water villa to get rheumatic disease for generations of homeowners, likes to use red oil bricks + MCM software:

Picture from pinterest red brown furniture + yellow chair

Red-brown furniture + red chair Picture from pinterest

Giorgio Armani’s own floor color is soy sauce red, in addition to a large area of ​​brown wood to increase the overall sense of the structure, plus a few Hermes yellow to do high saturated color embellishment;

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He also used a polar bear specimen to attract the eye. In addition to the entrance, the bear basically felt no presence of the floor:

Above 4m in height can learn this wooden shelf on the wall Picture from pinterest

Oh, I wrote before >>> Ansiyuan Stone Lion

<br But too much like a large white teddy, I still continue to keep the link, please try to go to the North Pole to buy the original.

Taobao does not know what fur teddy bear polar bear pictures from Taobao

The old driver’s ultimate color scheme

If you have no feeling for the white wall, you may want to try the red green gray blue paint.

The principle is Mainly brown, add wall paint with color furniture, do not exceed three colors in the line of sight, and must use carpet or furniture to cover the ground.

For example, with a dark gray wall, the whole furniture is brown-red, two grey chairs, and a large white carpet. The house has only brown red + gray + white:

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Like the following living room, painted a light blue wall paint, although the use of the same color chair sofa and natural wood furniture, but it is not good, because it is forgotten to cover a large carpet cover:

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Like the White House’s green house, the design is more correct. Furniture accessories all-white brown yellow + white, paintings have a green counterpart, plus a large piece of carpet to block the floor block, you can complete the red oil floor + green wall with:

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If you want to try red pig liver is OK. Use only red and gold-brown furniture. The carpet is also red. Add a big white door to get:

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Fourth, version plan

The above method, whether it is grinding the floor, paving the whole house carpet, or just making a color match takes a lot of time.

And your home may have been completely renovated, that’s okay, Zebra sister has the final solution:

Don’t look down at the floor and ignore it.