Data talk: What kind of programmer is the most sought-after?

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Today’s article is based on 100offer’s data from October last year. “What kind of programmer is the most sought-after? 》.

The following sections focus on three parts:

1. What kind of programmer is the most sought after?

2. How do Internet companies attract outstanding programmers to join?

3. Some typical cases in the programmer’s job hopping.

First, what kind of programmers are most favored?

We are divided into two points. First, let’s look at the factors that affect programmers’ salary increases.

1.1 What kind of programmers have the highest salary increase?

Android, iOS, and web front-end salary increases are higher than other languages. For a single programmer, to get a higher salary increase, choosing a popular language and workplace is the cornerstone of success.

The impact of the work city on programmers’ job-changing salary is not small.

1.2 What kind of programmers can get the most interview invitations?

The two most directly related factors are: the programming language used and the city of work.

Mobile development and web front-ends are in great demand, so this type of programmer can get more interview invitations.

The Beijing Internet industry is more developed, so programmers in Beijing are more sought after. The two factors of negative correlation are: working years and the initiative of job hunting.

Each active job seeker received an average of 5.6 interview offers, and the number of passive job seekers was 8.4, indicating that passive job seekers are not eager to change jobs because they have more skills in the market.

Programmers who have worked for more than 5 years have received more interviews from programmers who have just worked for about 2 years. I think this is mainly because there are fewer job opportunities for programmers with rich work experience.

Second, how can Internet companies better recruit talents?

First look at the salary factor:

1. The most effective salary increase should be between 10% and 60%. The offer programmer in this range is easy to accept. At the same time, the programmer’s salary increase of >60% does not show a correspondingly higher acceptance rate. The possible reason is that such offers are mostly opened by the local tyrants in the financial or traditional industries, and the programmers may not catch a cold. The local tyrants are going to cheer.

The picture below is Interview Invitation The relationship between acceptance rate and offer salary:

Remarks: “Eight scale 0.6 ~ 2” in the figure indicates the ratio of offer salary to current salary, ie 0.6 means offer salary is 0.6 times of current salary.

2, from the distribution of interview invitations, it is still more consistent with the normal distribution.

Second, the company needs to consider at least two issues:

  • Who will send the offer? Professional HR, or a senior engineer, or a CEO, CTO personally?
  • How to send offer? What content does the interview invite to write, to move people with emotions, or to take money?

From the results, individual interview invitations and appropriate salary are the most influential factors. The personalized interview invitation can not only show the strength of the company perfectly, but also reflect the sufficient attention and strong demand for the other party.

What is more surprising is that the interview invitation from the engineer/co-founder is actually negative. The only reason to think of it is that many CEOs or CTOs are still in the initial helpless period, So sad…

Finally, it is the reason the programmer refused:

The most reasons for refusal have nothing to do with money!

The most reasons for refusal were not interested in the product, the work place was not suitable, and the salary dissatisfaction was ranked second and third respectively.

Third, some typical cases in the programmer’s job hopping

In October last year, we selected 200 of the approximately 2,000 programmer applicants for auction, more than 30% of which were programmers of first-line Internet companies. The companies participating in the auction included geek startups such as Nice and Strikingly and Baidu. Big companies like Netease and reviews.

Distribution of people and companies involved in the auction

Relationship between 200 candidates and interview invitations

At least 189 of the 200 programmers who received the auction in October last year received at least one interview invitation, but unfortunately there are still 11 programmers who have not received an interview invitation through 100offer.

Empty said no truth, give two real chestnuts:

  • Most popular programmer

Mr. G, who has won 47 offers, is the single-period auction winner with the most number of offers!

The 47 companies that threw out the olive branch are all in Beijing, including the first-line Internet industry and various stages of startups.

Mr. G graduated from a prestigious university in China and has 5 years of work experience. He is currently the team leader of the first-line Internet companies in China.

Mr. G not only has a strong technical background, but his job-seeking attitude is a perfect embodiment of “a self-cultivation of a programmer”:

  • I hope to make progress with the cattle and do something to change the world.

In this way, Mr. G is also favored by many companies.

  • The highest amount of offer

The small D who works in a well-known company in Silicon Valley has received the highest paid offer: annual salary of 97w – Slightly smaller than the salary of the small D currently in the United States.

The company that has such a high salary is a domestic startup company M. It is said that the M company that has received thousands of dollars in venture capital is now in the limelight. The market segment of focus is the same as that of Silicon Valley, which is small D. It is in need of a technology such as small D. Talent. It is no wonder that the CEO of M Company personally sent a sincere invitation letter.

In October last year, our products went live soon, and now the number of users has increased by n times compared with the original, and is still growing rapidly. It’s a job-hopping season, programmers who want to change jobs may wish to try 100offer