Decoration – waterway renovation, pay attention to these points

Xiaobei guide: Waterway reconstruction is an important part of the home improvement project. Before the transformation, all the problems should be considered clearly, understand their own use needs, communicate clearly with the designers, and then carry out the waterway demand transformation that best suits your own family. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome to modify after renovation.

This week, I will talk about the details of the waterway renovation that cannot be ignored. I believe that it will be of great help to friends who need to be renovated in the future.

Below Xiaobei will help you sort out some details that are easily overlooked in the waterway reconstruction.

▌Part 1:

Do water test before renovation

Whether it is a new house or a second-hand house, the renovation needs to be done with a closed water test. You can ask the construction team to test the bathroom to see if the previous waterproofing is qualified. If there is any problem, please contact the property in time to solve the problem. All kinds of problems can only be borne by themselves. ·

▌Part 2:

The necessary construction dimensions must be in mind

(1) The height of the basin hot and cold water: 50cm; (2) The height of the wall outlet tray: 95cm;

(3) Mop pool height: 60-75cm; (4) Shower height: 100-110cm, hot and cold water center distance: 15cm;

(5) Water heater height (gas): 130-140cm, water heater height (electric heating): 170-190cm;

(6) Small washing machine height: 85cm, standard washing machine height: 105-110cm;

(7) Toilet height: 25-30cm and so on.

The above dimensions are for reference only. It should be noted that the decoration of each home may be different, and some adjustments should be made according to the situation of the decoration.

Give a chestnut: the height of the hot water in the basin is about 50cm. If the ground is raised and raised by 20cm, the height of the hot and cold water in the basin should be raised by 20cm. The height of the basin hot and cold water should be about 70cm.

▌Part 3:

The safest way to walk the water

Most of the waterway renovations are concealed works, and the water flows down. If the pipeline goes to the ground or walks the wall, it is easy to accidentally injure the pipeline when installing other equipment in the later stage. It is difficult to find the water leak in time, and since most of the water pipe is buried, it is difficult to find the leak even if the water leakage is found. The specific location cannot be processed in time.

If the water pipe goes to the top, the cost of water change will be higher, but when it leaks, it can be found in time, easy to overhaul, and the loss is small. From the perspective of long-distance transportation, it is recommended that the waterway go to the top.

In addition, the widely used PPR pipe has a large thermal expansion coefficient and is prone to stress fatigue. If there is no expansion and contraction in the concrete, the stress is not released and the pipe is easily damaged. Therefore, the topping is also very good to provide the space for the pipeline to heat up and shrink! Some household waterways may need to pass through the living room or bedroom. If there is a ceiling, it is advisable to take the ceiling as far as possible.

▌Part 4:

Hot and cold water pipes are to be separated

The hot and cold water pipes are subject to color separation management. Generally speaking, the cold water pipes are blue and the hot water pipes are red. The purpose is to distinguish them easily. Some owners will be in trouble. They feel that there is no need to separate colors. Only one color water pipe is used. If there is a problem, it is difficult to find the source of the problem accurately. It is also because of small loss.

Commonly used PPR pipes, PE pipes, and copper pipes are both hot and cold, but U-PVC pipes cannot be used for hot water, so such pipes are commonly used with sewers. Therefore, when selecting a water pipe, pay attention to the material of the water pipe. Not all materials can be connected to hot water.

▌Part 5:

Pipeline connection should be vertical

When the waterway is laid, the pipelines are not connected vertically, or are not connected by joints. Basically, the construction team is cutting the work and reducing the materials. The construction team is also very irregular. This link also needs to be supervised. Some owners also directly The water pipe is bent. This method is not advisable. It will cause the thickness of the two walls of the water pipe to be different, and the water pressure is not balanced, causing damage to the water pipe.

For the water pipe clamp fixed, Xiaobei will not be described.


Pay attention to the protection of the drain before construction

Before renovating the water pipe, it is necessary to prevent the sewer from being blocked. Before the construction, the sewer and floor drain should be closed to prevent the entry of debris such as cement and sand. Once the channel is blocked by cement, mortar, etc., it is very difficult to clean, which will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Attached to the floor drain daily anti-blocking small coup: In order to prevent the floor drain blockage, you can take a small piece of discarded stockings and fix it on the floor drain as far as possible. This kind of dirt like hair that is difficult to clean will gather on the stockings, and then just throw away the stockings together.

▌Part7: Original outlet location to be retained

Many owners often make such misunderstandings during the renovation, blindly decorating, forgetting to keep the original water inlet and outlet position, resulting in the waterway inlet and outlet position after the renovation is covered, or the nozzle is not long enough.

Before the renovation, it is necessary to reserve some places for the inlet and outlet, especially the second-hand housing decoration, in case of future changes. For example, the hot and cold water in the sink, the water inlet and outlet of the gas water heater, the hot and cold water in the shower, the electric water heater or the solar heat.

▌Part8:Water pipe pressure test

After the completion of the waterway reconstruction, the water pipe pressure test must be done. This is an effective method to ensure the reliability of the water pipe connection in the later stage. The water pipe pressure test is usually completed by the construction team together with the owner and the decoration company.

Specific steps are as follows:

Prepare a special water pipe pressure test tool, generally including jacks, pressure gauges, water tanks, connecting hoses, etc.

1) Close the water gate rear gate valve before pressure test to avoid damage to the water meter when pressure is applied

2) Slowly inject water at the end of the pressure test pipe, and discharge the gas inside the pipe. Seal the test after filling with water.

3) The pressure should be slowly increased by manual pump or electric pump, and the boosting time should not be less than 10 minutes.

4) Raise to the specified test pressure. After 8 pressures of the general waterway, stop the pressure and observe whether there is water seepage at the joint.

5) After the voltage regulation, the pressure drop within half an hour does not exceed 0.05MPa.

At this point, if the waterway passes the pressure test, the acceptance is basically completed.

There are always a lot of hidden dangers in the decoration. Only by knowing the relevant knowledge in advance can we minimize the loss, and it is also easier to make the whole home decoration process as much as possible. Today, Xiaobei will talk about it here. Let’s see you next time.


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