Dedicated to all the two youngsters who dream of becoming superheroes

The second year of the year, I am 17 years old.

One day, I walked in the wind and came to a girl on the head. It was our class. Because I have been busy with my studies before, I rarely communicate with the opposite sex (I have been since I was a child), so that the impression of the girls in this class is very vague. When she wiped past my left shoulder, I suddenly had a strange feeling. The feeling prompted me to look at her more, or maybe four eyes, or even more. My instinct feels so good, I want to look at it again.

Now recalling that the sun was suddenly so gentle.

Anyone who has experienced vicissitudes can guess the end of the story.

A natural boy who meets a beautiful girl has no endings, and is not together. The former one only appears in film and television dramas, and the latter one is bloody reality.

What’s more, as long as she said this, as long as she said a little bit, I can’t understand the tough guy. The ending is more sad than not being together. If we say three years, even the 800-character college entrance examination composition will be inconsistent.

Damn, is this fucking a class, and who is going to say it?

This is not the saddest thing. The saddest thing is that I read the senior year after the college entrance examination. She is a freshman.

During that time, I often imagined that I was walking on the street or being bitten by a spider in the classroom or being thundered. In this way, I woke up and became a Spider-Man or a Flash, a good martial art, and I was in the world. The girl likes me to die, especially her.

I want to talk to her, no one can stop me. If I stop me, I will kill him. Jesus will stop me, and I will kill him alive.

However, until I was a freshman, this kind of thing did not happen. I did not talk to the girl again. The main reason was that I and the girl were busy studying and had no time.

Until graduation, I used to make up for the 800-word college entrance examination essay. When I graduated, I couldn’t get rid of even a five-word quatrain.

This makes me feel desperate, Miss Dong!

I also imagine that I have super powers, I can move in an instant, I look at her in the past and disappear instantly. She doesn’t know, I know the name and the name.

I am so excited when I think about it. Sometimes I think of myself hiding in the bed.

But this is not a good thing. My thoughts can only show that I am a lazy person. I always want to do it once and for all. Once I get to the sky, I wake up and have a girl chat with me. This is a disease.

Moreover, if one day I have super powers, with my cultivation, I will first catch the girl, find a place where no one sleeps, to solve my many years of hatred, to sleep several times. Thanks for not having super powers.

Later, I was a little older and walked on the small road in the country. I said to myself, if I did it, I would be a passer-by. You can’t have super powers and live well!

However, this is not the case.

Suddenly one day I had a phone call with the girl and said a lot of words. It seemed that I had said everything I had left before, like a love in a distant place. I can’t figure it out. I am very excited. I am excited to fly home, see a movie and have a cup of coffee, or my mother can’t figure it out.

I started to imagine again, if I had the super power to read the mind, it would be absolutely invincible.

Things didn’t go according to my expectations. What lover lost for many years was re-circular, and Tianlei’s fire and other fires did not happen.

This makes me feel desperate, Miss Dong!

Until one day I was bitten by a mosquito, and after I woke up, I was immersed in it, and everything was all I thought.

Why do you want to live a good life, think about having super powers, seriously think, not conflict.

So I went to see the Women’s Federation 2 in the middle of the night alone.

When I saw the anti-Hulk armored gods screaming in the streets of South Africa, listening to the sound of mechanical assembly and transmission, I saw the head armor closed, and the two eyes radiated a scorching Light, I am very unspeakable and say “sleeping”! The buddy next to me has never seen such a big world, and said two sounds, the tone has changed.

After reading it, I walked alone along the street, passing Yulong Road. There were fewer people and fewer cars. Only the big trees were so quiet.

It is night, the moonlight leaks under the forest, and the sparseness is like snow.

The picture in the movie is still echoing in the mind, so I can’t help but disappoint the world. How can there be no superhero in reality?

Just as I was upset about this problem, suddenly there was a girl who was chased by a group of gangsters. Seeing that the girl was going to collide with me, the gangsters behind me looked at me and yelled at me.

I didn’t think about it. I just took the shield behind me and threw it. The autumn wind swept the leaves. The bastards were dried up directly. The shield turned around in the air and returned to my hand.

The girl has been hiding behind me at this time, I turned and asked: Girl, nothing!

The shyness of the girl’s face, under the dim light of the street, is even more beautiful, especially her watery eyes [expression] looking at me with deep affection and admiration.

My shield fell to the ground.

I found myself very ill, but I saw the world, did not show uncomfortable, stretched out my left foot, stepped on the edge of the shield, then the shield bounced from the ground, turned three circles and then hangs firmly on me. On the back. Handsome.

At this point, I left the girl with only the broad back of the shield, not facing her, but also to calm down the tension.

I said to the bastards who were lying on the ground and complaining: Roll, don’t let me see you again, or see it once.

The bastards climbed and rolled away and disappeared in the night.

I turned back, the girl was still laughing at me, her face was like a flower, but the smile gradually became evil, horror, and then the eyes began to flash orange red.

A strong air current rushed to me, and the air flow came from the palm of the girl.

Between the electric and the flint, I have already fallen backwards, the body is almost parallel to the ground, and the airflow wipes my nose and itchy.

Then, I took a shot of the ground with my hands, the body emptied 5 meters, the shield has been thrown to the ground.

I am really grateful to you who have seen the world, otherwise I have already hung up.

Just as the shield was about to contact the girl, suddenly she turned into a green smog and disappeared. My shield was embedded in the ground, trembled and creaked.

I was half-squatting on the ground, watching from front to back, left and right, no one left, empty, and quiet at night.

“Fuck, who are they?”

Yes, you are not mistaken. This is the captain of the United States, not me. All the pictures just now are the result of my imagination being too strong.

Last time I was still Spider-Man, using spider silk to subdue bad guys;

Last time I was a Flashman, I was able to dry up all the bad guys with lightning speed.

Last time I was a Arrow, a cloud-piercing arrow, half-empty flowering, petals falling, sprinkling, all bad guys petrified.

This time I am the captain of the United States, tall, brave, intelligent, handsome.

I started again, but it was still useless. I open my hand

Machine, took the lonely road in front of me.

I now know clearly that I can never be the same as a superhero, but I will continue to do it as a superhero, not related to love.